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<table style="width:100%"><tr><td>{{Heading|Service Jacket: {{USS|Garuda}}|#b8860b}}
<table style="width:100%"><tr><td>{{Heading|Service Jacket: {{USS|Garuda}}|#b8860b}}
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|style="background:#E3C06B;" width="10"|
|[[Carter Greyson/Veritas|''Montreal'']]
|[[Carter Greyson/Veritas|''Montreal & Astraeus'']]
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Service Jacket: USS Garuda

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Posts:
    • Engineer
    • Tactical Officer
  • Commanding Officer:
  • Stardates: 239106.14 - 239206.19


  • 239106.15 - 239106.25: Hospitalized from a shorted console explosion. See Medical Record.
  • 239108.02: Decorated with ribbons by Captain Cassandra Egan Manno.
    • Diplomacy Ribbon
    • Purple Heart
  • 239109.23: Discusses[1] possibility of transfer to engineering with Lt. Commander Tristam Core and Captain Cassandra Egan Manno.
  • 239109.25:
  • 239109.29: Sent message[3] to Lt. Commander Tristam Core about accepting the retraining offer.
  • 239110.05: Gets to repair a blown console while discussing[4] the impact of this transfer with Lt. Commander Core.
  • 239110.08: Transfer confirmed to Engineering.
  • 239110.14: Has a serious talk[5] with Dr. Skyfire concerning misplaced gratitude.
  • 239111.23: Confesses love for Lt. JG Raissa Moonsong while visiting her in sickbay.
  • 239111.26: Enrolled in Distance Learning Program for Starfleet Academy Engineering major, under Lt. Commander Core.
  • 239112.05: Decorated with Silver Star by Lt. Commander Nia Calderan following a quarantine on Deep Space 10.
  • 239112.07:
    • First dinner with Raissa Moonsong.
    • Experiences their first kiss.
  • 239201.06: Injured in the line of duty. See Medical Record.
  • 239201.28: Awarded medals by Captain Cassandra Egan Manno and Lt. Commander Msafiri Bakari
    • Purple Heart (2nd citation)
    • Legion Of Merit
    • Explorer's Ribbon
  • 239204.13: Awarded medals by Fleet Captain Cassandra Egan Manno and Lt. Commander Msafiri Bakari.
    • Diplomacy Ribbon (2nd Citation)
    • First Contact Ribbon
    • Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon
    • Prometheus Incident Campaign Ribbon
  • 239206.19: Transferred to USS Invicta.

Mission Logs


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