Carmen Rogers

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Lieutenant Carmen Rogers was a Chief Security Officer. Player ID = C237903CR0.


  • Full Name: Carmen Rogers
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: August 13th
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France, Earth
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: dark brown
  • Height: 5'6


  • Mother: Wilma Rogers - Currently Living in Iceland and Spain. A retired politician
  • Father: Bilological: Devyn Devar - Ambassador of Betazed. Had an affair with Carmen's mother, thus producing her. Currently he is *deaceased*. Along with his wife, and supposedly 2 children. Spiritual Father: Charles Rogers - Lieutenant in Starfleet, died in a
  • Siblings: Full Blooded: Ryan Rogers - A 30 year old civlian who resides on the planet Rheon with his 2 children and beautiful wife. He hardly looks like Carmen at all. Jack Rogers - 17 year old brother of Carmen. Recently finished a drug rehabilitation class. Lo
  • Spouse: N/A Carmen hasn't married yet
  • Children: none at this time

Personal History

Carmen was born in the crowded city of Paris (totally accidental, she was 3 weeks earlier) while her mother was conducting buissness there. She grew up in Iceland, and attended boarding school in England. When she was 8 years old *right before the birth of her brother Jack* her father died along with the entire crew of the USS HAMPSHIRE. Carmen was devestated, but like so many other things she worked around it. After completing boarding school she made the tough decsion to follow in her father's footsteps and enroll in Starfleet Acadamy. A few years later after graduation, and after her first assignment Carmen would meet her 1/2 sister. And her world would totally change. Along with this and her bonding to Justyn Firebird, Carmen could be called a totally differnt person. Her spunky attitude still remained though.

Professional History



Carmen Rogers was a Human/Betazoid Starfleet officer. Her father, Devyn Devar, the former Lord of Divine Peace and Protection of the 13th House of Betazed, engaged in an illicit affair with her mother, Wilma Rogers. As such, Rogers was the half-sister of Alana, Galwyn, and Arista Devar.

Rogers began service as a security officer on the USS Constitution-B on stardate 237903.18, and was transferred to the USS Phoenix-C on stardate 237904.05.

Rogers would later serve aboard the USS Independence and served as the ships HCO officer, and later a short stint as it's Chief of Security. Here, she became close friends with Johnathan Kirov. When Kirov's twins were born, he and their mother Natasha named their daughter, Carmen Alexis Kirov, after Rogers.