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Crew of USS Ronin
Cara mini.png
Lieutenant Commander Cara Maria


  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Ship: USS Ronin
  • Position: Second Officer & Chief Counselor
  • Race: Human/Betazoid
  • Gender: Female
  • DoB: 235909.14
  • Birthplace: Zaragoza, Spain, Earth
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair Color: Black, mid-shoulder blades, prefers ponytail
  • Skin: Golden brown
  • Build: Slight, flexible, lighter than she looks and less fragile.
  • Handedness: Right
  • Telepathic status: E4 (Empathic Synaesthesia), theorised E5
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Lieutenant Commander Cara Maria is currently assigned as Second Officer and Chief Counselor aboard the USS Ronin.



Quiet but cheerful, also intelligent and has a tendency to come up with strange ideas that work. However she has quite a low confidence and can be very nervous around most (especially men due to her father) until she gets to trust them. At present has little control over her empathy and needs more extensive training in it.

She will always try to help people even if she dislikes them and usually keeps a calm head in hectic or dangerous situations, in effect cutting herself off from her own emotions. She also tries and usually succeeds in not getting angry at people. However she is likely to shrink away if someone shouts at her.

  • Quarters: A picture of her mother and herself, a small portable (and old) music player from Betazed (formerly her mother's) that can sense rudimentary thoughts and plays appropriate songs to fit. However the AI personality seems to have been implanted with a sadistic sense of humour, playing some songs at exactly the wrong moment, creating awkward situations at points, it's thought this is what caused Maria Alenaas to give it to her daughter.

There is also a communications terminal (the music player sits next to this on the desk) and a reasonable size couch with a small table next to it in the main quarters which she's separated from the bedroom area with a screen. The room itself has a relatively empty space in the centre in which she can dance and stretch to remain limber.

  • Favourite Room: None in particular, though prefers to be somewhere she knows well (and preferably somewhere that's easy to see/hear someone coming).
  • Mannerisms: Apologises quite a lot. Tends to fiddle with the end of her ponytail when nervous and rarely laughs outright, usually smiling instead, though she uses many different types of smile.
  • Physical Limitations: Physically weaker than most crewmembers, but flexible and agile, preferring speed over strength.
  • Temperament: Quiet and submissive but intelligent. Shy introvert. Tries not to be too extreme in her own emotions, especially anger. Extremely patient.
  • Habits: Tends to sink into the shadows a lot but will help anyone in any way she can, wakes up very fast and alert as soon as she opens her eyes.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: None that is distinct, is known to meditate through dance.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Loose clothes, usually cloth trousers/shirts in single colours.
  • Shoes: Prefers flat shoes of waterproof cloth.

Distinguishing Features/Characteristics

  • Birthmarks, Scars: One large slightly raised scar slanting across her upper back, medium one on upper right arm, medium down back of right leg and multiple small scars from beatings elsewhere. The large scars healed over prior to an infection taking hold, hence causing the ridged formation.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: Pierced ears, usually wears small studs with some kind of stone.
  • Face: Oval, quite small (like the rest of her)
  • Eyes: Comparatively large and spaced normally, longish eyelashes.
  • Mouth: Delicate lips.
  • Arms: Elegant.
  • Legs: Elegant (she's a dancer).
  • Carriage: Walks softly but quickly. Quite often walks/runs as if she were a shadow or cat (unintentionally), with easy strides that carry her quite fast.
  • Poses:If she has to remain still she'll loosely clasp her hands behind her back, though when she speaks she tends to use them to illustrate, apart from that her movements are quick and alert, as if spooked quite a lot of the time.
  • Voice: Quiet and soft, but light.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Acrobatics
  • Reading
  • Listening to people
  • Helping others
  • Learning
  • Challenges
  • Being shouted at.
  • Unneccessary violence.
  • Being forced into something she doesn't agree with.
  • Being the centre of attention (unless she's doing a solo dance/routine)

Ambitions and Goals

She wants to become the best counsellor she can be and help as many as she can. This came from when she completely lost control of her empathic abilities and a vulcan counsellor helped her to regain control and teach her some rudimentary empathic control. She wants to be able to assist in the same way.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Dancing, preferably to Betazed music, but other music also.
  • Reading romance/psychology books.
  • Challenging herself.
  • Learning all she can, currently focusing on increasing engineering and medical knowledge.

Medical Note

Cara Maria has Empathic Synaesthesia caused by denial of her gift from a young age and may occasionally be in pain (head), feel dizzy and collapse if not allowed to sleep. Once she has collapsed she does not need to be moved to a quiet place, though removal from the situation before this happens is advisable.

Normally the period of collapse lasts up to one day and she will not be able to be woken by external means. While not in any danger when collapsed if she does not wake in two to three days sickbay/counselling should be consulted, as the problem is mental rather than physical.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Mother:: Maria Alenaas (Betazoid)
  • Father:: Anton Mil (Human)

A single child with Betazoid mother (Maria Alenaas) and Terran father (Anton Mil) in an arranged marriage. Her father was aggressive and bad-tempered when drunk, and got so increasingly often since he lost his job and gained a very low-level one. After a particularly nasty incident he was arrested and imprisoned, the marriage dissolved and Cara was allowed to drop the name Mil.

Her grandmother, Miss Josephine, on Betazed is the matriarch of the Alenaas family and a recluse to society as it fits her cause. She arranges everything that goes on in the family, often arranging entire lives in order to make contacts and connections. This is not only due to wanting a feeling of control after she was jilted by her engaged husband but also on the discovery of a connection to the great Houses of Betazed. It is clear that Josephine not only wants the Alenaas' to become a great house but also intends for her to lead it.

Her mother was Maria Alenaas from Betazed, she was betrothed by her parents (mainly her mother Josephine Alenaas) to Anton Mil. She was also a victim of Anton's abuse as she was a betazoid, though she was reasonably pretty. She taught Cara about Betazoid culture and was about to organise a teacher for her empathic abilities when she was discovered and forced to cancel arrangements. She only accepted the marriage as it would take her away from her scheming mother who continually makes plans to have a web of contacts spread throughout the galaxy, her final aim being to have her own spy network and therefore a higher position in Betazoid culture.

Anton Mil was Cara's father and a Spaniard from Zaragoza on earth. He had xenophobia and was forced to marry someone alien, not his ideal choice but his parents are fiercer than him and he grudgingly admitted as the money from the dowry was waved at him. In return he didn't treat them too badly at first until he lost his job three years before Cara entered the academy, steadily getting worse since until a few weeks before the entrance exams for Starfleet.

Personal History

Currently Cara's history has been normal for any girl raised on earth in a mediocre part of a spanish city, with the exception of her father and the final incident concerning him which left her with a partial nervousness around men and the larger scars on her body. Due to her tendency to listen when people tell her information she did quite well in all of her subjects, though languages were never her strong point her mother, being a translator/linguist, helped her with the languages required to be taken at Starfleet. As a result she is nearly fluent in Betazoid and Vulcan, but can speak Spanish and English fluently.

The most notable friendship in her life so far is with Sidney Riley, however it is the most notable as it happened so quickly, Cara normally takes so long to trust that feeling a connection so soon is a very strange event for her.

  1. 235909.14: Born in Zaragoza, Earth.
  2. 237806.01:Took Starfleet entrance exams and passed.

Mirror Universe

In the Mirror Universe the beating from her father never came, instead she was pushed out the window several months earlier, catching hold of one of the balconies below before pulling herself up. Her father was arrested then and Cara was sought by a trainer for her gymnastics skills. This led to becoming calm-headed but confident in her abilites and allowing her to pursue her dancing.

Cara was a national contender in gymnastics competitions before coming across the troupe of performers known as the Swallows. The performers it turned out were restocking for their next tour of space, where at each place they performed aid would be given to those who needed it in the form of food, money or acting as a cover for prison breakouts.

The betazoid hybrid immediately joined the group to dance for them, acting as one of the main dancers with her flame fans and attractive form and face, which she has learnt how to use to her advantage along with the talent of reading emotions. As a result she is a skilled distraction and rarely shows her calm interior beneath the dancer.

The fans she uses to perform can flame along the open edge of the fan only and can be turned on or off. The delicate beauty of them also hides the fact that the ribs have razor sharp edges and points, serving as her weapons as well as tools if a situation gets nasty, weaving a calm, but deadly dance.



Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
001-Cadet4th-Teal.png Cadet, 4th Class 237806.01 - 237908.03 Starfleet Academy
Marseilles, Earth
Majors: Science & Counselling
002-Cadet3d-Teal.png Cadet, 3rd Class 237908.03 - 238010.07
003-Cadet2nd-Teal.png Cadet, 2nd Class 238010.07 - 238112.05
004-Cadet1st-Teal.png Cadet, 1st Class 238112.05 - 238301.03
004-Cadet1st-Teal.png 238301.03 - 238301.15 USS Centris-A

Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Teal.png Cadet 1st Class 238301.15 Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Counselor
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 238301.19 - 238304.23 USS Wallace & Deep Space 17 Counselor
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 238304.23 - 238308.04 USS Independence Science Officer
02-LtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant (j.g.) 238308.04 - 238309.27 USS Independence Chief Science Officer & Counselor
02-LtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant (j.g.) 238309.27 - 238312.15 Deep Space 17 Chief Science Officer & Counselor
03-Lt-Teal.png Lieutenant 238312.15 - 238408.24 USS Ronin Chief Science Officer
04-LtCmdr-Teal.png Lieutenant Commander 238408.24 - 238507.29 USS Ronin Second Officer & Chief Science Officer
04-LtCmdr-Teal.png Lieutenant Commander 238507.29 - 238509.15 USS Ronin Chief Science Officer
04-LtCmdr-Teal.png Lieutenant Commander 238509.15 - ??????.?? USS Ronin Second Officer & Chief Science Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lieutenant Commander ??????.?? - ??????.?? USS Ronin First Officer
04-LtCommander-Teal.jpg Lieutenant Commander ??????.?? - ??????.?? USS Ronin Second Officer & Chief Counselor



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