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The Captains Council is the lower of the two staff bodies which has been sanctioned by the UFOP Constitution to run the day-to-day operations of the community.


See also: Constitution Article VII: Captain's Council

Generally, the CC is tasked with IC issues. The list of reserved powers for the CC is as follows:

  • Creation of "official" alien races;
  • Recognition of plants, races, concepts, weapons, scientific advances, religions, political movements or developments, philosophies or other things or ideas as being an official part of the UFOP milieu once those ideas, concepts or things have been discussed in simulated plots;
  • Serving as the first appellate forum for the discipline of commanders and junior officers;
  • Creation of new awards or discontinuance of old awards except those applicable to flag officers only;
  • Creation, alteration or amendment of the requirements for advancement to the rank of full commander;
  • To call upon the EC by majority resolution to act on any issue. If the EC shall not act within 30 days of the EC magistrate receiving word of the resolution from the CC magistrate, the right to act shall return to the CC who shall act subject to the other articles of this CONSTITUTION (including EC veto powers and discipline). If the CC does not act within 30 days of the resolution return, the resolution becomes null and void as if never passed.


See also: Constitutional Bylaw 7: Membership of the Captain's Council

The Captains Council is comprised of the following officers, each of whom holds specific voting and discussion rights based on their rank and/or position:

Captains, Commanding Officers, and Above

Members of the Executive Council, Flag Officers, Captains, and Commanders acting as Commanding Officers hold full discussion rights and 1 vote each. They may put motions to vote before the Council and second such motions.


Any officer who is not acting as the Commanding Officer of a vessel, but has officially been recognized as a Commander, has full discussion rights and will have 1 vote on the council except in votes of the following matters: discipline of officers; nominations for, or promotions to the rank of full commander; creation, alteration or amendment of the requirements for advancement to the rank of full commander. They may put motions to vote before the Council and second such motions.

First Officers

Any officer who is acting in the official, out-of-character capacity as First Officer of a vessel, as recognized by the ship’s official Commanding Officer, has full discussion rights. They may not put motions to vote before the Council, but they may second such motions.

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