Capital Season

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The Capital season is a social season unique to the upper crust of the Par'tha Expanse. During the capital season, which runs from Expansion Week to Laelath Week, many of the nobility descend on Oscion to wine and dine, spy and intrigue, and take pleasure jaunts to Yrocyn and the other resort planets in the sector.

Being seen on Oscion during capital season is an absolute must for nobles interested in maintaining reputations as movers and shakers. Avoiding capital season marks a noble as a social pariah and can have a big negative impact on his status among his peers. Occasionally, those who had business outside the sector could be excused for a season or two, but since the Caraadians had severed ties with races outside the sector, this is no longer a valid claim. Attending to business elsewhere within the sector seldom cuts it as an excuse; during capital season, sector business comes to Oscion.

During the season, Oscion's finer resorts, restaurants, and entertainment centers are overflowing with wealthy tourists and nobles. Visitors to the planet without good political connections will find it extremely difficult to get lodgings in the finer Oscion resorts and hotels.