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Gender: Male

Position: 4th Year

Station: Star Fleet Academy

Rank: Cadet 1st Class

Race: Betazoid and Human

Marital Status: Single

DoB: 236208.17

Weight: 175

Height: 6'0

Eye color: Blue, but turns Black sometimes

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Birthplace: Earths Moon

Telepathic/Empathic Abilities: T2/E4


Father: Captain Cain, Thomas Keen (Human)

Mother: Commander Cain, Mary Ann (Betazoid)


Thomas Cain was born on Earths Moon 235004.04 he is 24 years old. His Father was an Engineer on the Moon then became a Federation Prison Stations Warden and his Mother was a Science Teacher. Tom spent most of his life living on the Prison Star Base. He joined Star Fleet as an Enlisted Crewman and was stationed at the Earths Star Dock. Tom worked as a Ship Tug Operator for two years before entering Star Fleet Academy as a PO2. Thomas was a Helm/Nav Major and a Intel Minor. In the Second year at the Academy, Tom entered Advanced Small Fighter Craft Flight School and Flight Control and Dispatch training classes. Tom has two King Charles Cavaliers, ones a Blenheim named Chico and the other is a Tricolor named Pennyworth.

  • Flight School

Tom started Off Flight school at Jupiter Station Military Assault Command Operations. He Spent a Year as a Flight Officer in Training before his training cruise was cut short and the team was called into action with a border dispute. The Pilot was killed and Thomas had to take the hot seat showing off his skills as a pilot. His Instructors talked him into changing to Advanced Pilot training. In his last year at flight school Matt took a few more classes in Flight Control and Dispatch, In hopes of becoming a "CAG" Commander Air Group one day.


  • Habits:

Every Morning Thomas wakes up 2 hours before his shift to go to the gym and work out or use the holodeck for a long run or swim.

  • Mannerisms:

Thomas tends to use his hands a lot while he talks. He also is a big on smiling and quick to pat someone on the back.

  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion:

Tazaion Meditation, Thomas spends a about 30 minutes a day in deep Meditation, normally doing some sort of yoga before the Meditation.

  • Hobbies and Pastimes:

Playing Cards, Pool and Darts. Also just sitting in his quarters and reading is one of tom's favorite pastimes

  • Likes:

A good sense of humor, Friends, Drinks off duty, Working out, and knowledgeable people

  • Dislikes:

Dishonest People, The Night Shift, and most politicians

  • Ambitions and Goals:

To Command a Tactical Air Group and maybe even a ship one day.

Current Post:

Star Fleet Academy

Awards Received: