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Crew of the USS Astraeus

LtCPeters Gold 2399.png

Lt. Commander Cadfael Peters

Early Life & Career

Starfleet Academy
  • Rank: Cadet
  • Major: Engineering
  • Stardates: 238701.01 - 236912.14


  • 236701.01: Born in Shrewsbury, England, Earth to Mary & Jonathan Peters.
  • 238701.01: Applies to Starfleet Academy.
  • 238704.07: Cadet Cultural Exchange Subspace Friend Program (hereafter referred to as CCESFP) links him up with Trill Cadet Ayiana Yorval.
  • 239109.16:
    • Receives Ensign commission to the USS Victory as engineering officer.
    • Receives Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon.
    • Assigned to beta shift out of space dock.

Service Jacket: USS Victory

USS Victory Logo
  • Rank: Ensign - Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Posts:
    • Chief Engineer
    • Engineer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Nugra
  • Stardates: 239109.30 - 239202.23


  • 239109.16:
    • Receives Ensign commission to the USS Victory as engineering officer.
    • Receives Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon.
    • Assigned to beta shift out of space dock.
  • 239109.30: Assigned to Alpha shift where he meets Ayiana Sevo for the first time face to face.
  • 239112.16: Sustained hearing loss in left ear because of ruptured eardrum.
  • 239201.07: Treated for hearing loss. See Medical Record.
  • 239201.09: Promoted to Chief Engineer.
  • 239201.25:
    • Promoted to Lieutenant JG and awarded ribbons by Commander Nugra.
      • Innovation Ribbon
      • Purple Heart
      • First Contact Ribbon
      • Explorer's Ribbon
  • 239202.23: Transfers to the USS Darwin-A as an engineer under Commander Renos.

Mission Logs

  • Choices - 239111.10 - 239201.05: Cadfael transferred to alpha shift just in time to assist the away team in placing a few bombs. A grenade exploded nearby his location, rendering him half deaf during this away mission. They were rescued in the nick of time, and transported to the Lady Adventure for medical treatment because the Victory was out of range. When he got back aboard the Victory, he was treated by Dr. Talia Kaji for all the injuries he received both during the mission and the shoddy treatment at the hands of incompetent medical staff of the Adventure.
  • What Happened At Luxix III 239202.01 - 239202.23: When he was helping with the Sunak, a weapon blast went off next to his left ear, thus resulting in the hearing loss. Even after receiving corrective treatment, he still had to rely on lip-reading and had to watch his balance to make sure no recurring problems happened as a result. He'd watched his best friend, Ayiana, recover from a coma and confessed his feelings to her before he was transferred to the Darwin.

Service Jacket: USS Darwin-A

USS Darwin-A
USS Darwin-A logo
  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Posts: Engineer
  • Commanding Officer: Commander Renos
  • Stardates: 239202.23 - 239204.03


  • 239202.23: Transfers to the USS Darwin-A as an engineer under Commander Renos.
  • 239203.02: Received EARS implant, left ear.
  • 239203.22: Met Doctor Pon Pon for the first time during a shared experience of a temporal anomaly.
  • 239204.03: Transfers to Starbase 118 as an engineer under Commander Leo Handley-Page.

Mission Logs

  • The Lost Souls 239202.23 - 239204.03: His balance was still off, and he relied on lip-reading for a large portion of his job. His balance was also still off because of the fact that he was still feeling symptoms from BPPV. He had to ask Dr. Ilyazi Malon to get E.A.R.S surgery on his bad ear to hopefully alleviate the balance problem. The surgery was successful, then he had to assist the USS Dunbar with repairs and somehow phased into a time space anomaly. After spending a large portion of his time phased in between worlds, when he finally did get back into real time he didn't feel like he got anything done. He was ordered to a physical that never happened, then shipped off to Starbase 118 Ops.

Starbase 118 Ops

Starbase 118
  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Posts:
    • Assistant Chief Engineer
    • Engineer
  • Commanding Officer: Commander Sal Taybrim preceded by Captain Leo Handley-Page
  • Stardates: 239204.03 - 239307.30


  • 239204.03: Transfers to Starbase 118 as an engineer under Commander Leo Handley-Page.
  • 238204.07: Sustained hearing loss in right ear, first time.
  • 239204.12: Met Lieutenant Vance Sheridan for the first time.
  • 239204.14: Reunited with Pon Pon.
  • 239204.24:
  • 239204.29: Received Prometheus Ribbon from Commander Leo Handley-Page on behalf of his former CO, Commander Renos.
  • 239206.01: Sustained hearing loss in right ear, second time.
  • 239207.11: Received EARS implant, right ear.
  • 239207.14: Received ribbons from Captain Leo Handley-Page.
    • Prometheus Ribbon (2nd Citation)
    • Joint Meritorious Unit Award
  • 239207.18: Met Richard Matthews, Udas, and Kellan Joran for the first time.
  • 239207.21: First counseling[2] session[3] with Ashley Deneve Yael.
  • 239209.10: Caught in another explosion. See Medical Record.
  • 239210.10: Treated for injuries sustained during explosion.
  • 239210.13:
  • 239212.12: Met Christen Meyers for the first time.
  • 239212.19: Cadfael accepts a date with Christen.
  • 239212.20: Presented 2nd citation of the Innovation Ribbon by Commander Sal Taybrim & Lt. Commander Theo Whittaker.
  • 239212.29: First breakfast with Christen.
  • 239212.31: First date with Christen.
  • 239301.20: First counseling session with Lieutenant Zinna.
  • 239302.03: Promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer by Commander Sal Taybrim.
  • 239303.20: Innovation Ribbon (3rd Citation) and Silver Lifesaving Ribbon awarded by Commander Sal Taybrim.
  • 239307.30: Transfer to Utopia Planetia Fleetyards

Mission Logs

  • The Cuckoo Child - 239204.03 - 239204.17: Arriving just in time to get punched in the face during riots and landed at Leo's feet. Moments later, he heard a loud ear-splitting scream caused by some sort of demon, he lost hearing in his right ear and collapsed. His balance was once again reduced to shreds, and when shore leave followed he didn't feel the symptoms of BPPV at all.
  • The Gathering Storm - 239204.17 - 239207.04: The following mission, an explosion in Engineering caused him to black out as his hearing was once again destroyed. Dr. Pon Pon was able to revive him with a cocktail of drugs, and he accompanied the away team on an away mission. His only major reluctance was to assume the worst, in which case assuming that they'd all been killed after fifteen minutes. He refused to give up on his comatose friend on the Victory and wasn't about to give up on his colleagues. He managed to stay conscious until the away team returned to the shuttle, then blacked out from the pain as his stop-gap treatment from Dr. Pon Pon failed him, thus slipping into the bittersweet realm of unconsciousness. Once on the starbase, he was moved into the surgical deck for surgery the following morning. His E.A.R.S surgery for his right ear was a success.
  • Never Mix Your Drinks - 239207.04 - 239210.11: Cadfael makes a discovery about Golden Dew being explosive when mixed with terraforming chemicals. Once again caught on the receiving end of an explosion and sustained a concussion when a sticky-bomb went off.
  • Dish Served Cold - 239210.11 - 239212.07: Cadfael is asked to help out with engineering a concussion burst field, torpedoes, and mines to incapacitate the USS Stormcrow. Later, detects a bio-hazard which has affected 25% of the Albion. When they return home, he brings his homework to the table.
  • Tribble & Strife - 239212.30 - 239302.03: The tribble fancier's convention results in the key speaker collapsing as she gave her speech during dinner. Weaponized tribbles and chaos everywhere. After which, Cadfael sought counseling.
Sal Taybrim Captain.png
Sal Taybrim

Scotty Approved Award

Our next award is the Scotty Approves Award for most "I'm an engineer not a ___" References which goes to... Lieutenant JG Cadfael Peters!

Peters: If you have a wishing ring to wish for Klingons, use it now.

While he was an avid fan of a twentieth century card game entitled Munchkin by Steve Jackson, Peters also had limited faith in his ability to pull miracles out of his badge. oO I am still not Scotty. Oo he thought bitterly. As he tried coming up with a way to boost the power to the emitters he had around the kitchen, his brow furrowed in contemplation.

Remember, even if you're not Scotty, it doesn't mean he doesn't approve of your tribble-removal antics!

  • All Time High 239302.03 - 239303.07: Cadfael finds evidence of latinum laundering and a suspicious Omma-Saan person. Assists Major Tatash with a risky HALO drop.

Utopia Planetia & Starfleet Academy

After coming to grips with the fact that he had severe anger management issues, he was sent to Utopia Planetia in the research & development branch with as little interaction with people as possible until he could become more of a team player. Almost immediately after his reassignment, he began undertaking extension classes to achieve a major in tactical, which he discovered he seemed to have more of a knack for than components.

Service Jacket: Embassy of Duronis II / USS Thor / USS Thunder-A

  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Posts: Tactical Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Toni Turner
  • Stardates: 239603.06 - 239606.14


  • 239603.06: Transfers to Embassy of Duronis II and accompanying support vessels
  • 239605.02: Receives 4th citation of the Innovation Ribbon
  • 239606.14: Receives transfer to a classified mission.

Service Jacket: Classified + Project Capstone + USS Braveheart

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Posts:
    • Engineer
    • Chief Operations Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Oddas Aria
  • Stardates: 239610.28 - 239701.21
  • 239606.14: Receives transfer to a classified mission.
  • 239610.28: Classified mission ends -- begins serving on USS Juneau for Project Capstone as chief operations officer
  • 239601.21: Receives accolades presented by Captain Oddas Aria
    • Maiden Voyage Ribbon
    • Project Capstone Ribbon (6 phases, 3 stars)
    • Warp XV Drive Pioneer Ribbon
    • Legion of Merit
    • Orion Syndicate Service Medal
    • Purple Heart (2nd citation)
  • 239601: Transfers to USS Braveheart

Mission Logs:

USS Juneau

USS Juneau
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Posts: Chief engineer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Oddas Aria
  • Stardates: 239707.01 - 239712.26

Mission Logs

  • No Matter the Cost - 239705.25-239707.05: Arrived just in time to root out a saboteur in his department + receive the maiden voyage ribbon.
  • Cloak and Dagger 239707.24 - 239709.09: Briefly explored a base occupied by Breen and Jem'Hadar, and defended the warp core of the Juneau against a Jem'Hadar boarding party.


  • 239707.01: Transfers to USS Juneau as lieutenant commander & chief engineer[4]
  • 239707.18: Arrests[5] Ensign Hask for the attempted murder of Nyka Wyss
  • 239707.20: Receives Maiden Voyage Ribbon [6]
  • 239710.28: Receives accolades[7] from Captain Oddas Aria
    • Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal
    • Diplomacy Ribbon
  • 239712.26: Receives transfer to the USS Chin'toka as a helmsman.


USS Chin'toka

USS Chin'toka
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Posts: Chief Helmsman
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Mei'konda Delano
  • Stardates: 239712.26 - 239911.27

Mission Logs

  • Shore Leave
  • Into the Unknown 239801 - 239803.21: His first go at parking in an asteroid field with something larger than a shuttle & piloting an Akira-class vessel during ship to ship combat.
  • Shore Leave
  • Amici Novi 239805 - 239807.14: A mission to Oscion in an attempt to establish a Federation colony in the Par'tha Expanse.
  • Shore Leave
  • The Hanging Gardens: 239809.02 - 239811.12
  • Shore Leave
  • Hidden Foe: 239901.13 - 239904.05
  • Shore Leave
  • Revolution Rising : 2399xx - 2399xx
  • Shore Leave
  • Nature's Whims 2399xx - 239911


  • 239712.26: Transfers to the USS Chin'toka as a helmsman
  • 239712.30: Receives First Contact Ribbon (2nd citation) in absentia from Captain Oddas Aria[1]
  • 239712.29: Reconnects with Ishkabella Journs for the first time since her transfer off Duronis II[2]
  • 239801.28: Receives wrist-mounted tricorder bracer from Amuro McKnight[3]
  • 239803.23: Scheduled appointment[4] with Freki Azorius concerning his anger management issues with Kurt Logan
  • 239803.29: Gets told by Azorius to begin a sort of skill exchange with Logan as a form of "treatment" for the anger issue[5]
  • 239804.01: Visits SORT to look for Kurt but follows up[6] with Amuro McKnight about the bracer loan instead
  • 239804.14: Encounter #1 with Kurt & Freki in the "Working With Logan" exercises.[7]
  • 239804.25: Presented with accolades[8] by Captain Mei'konda Delano
    • Explorer's Ribbon (2nd Citation)
    • First Contact Ribbon (3rd Citation)
    • Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal (2nd Citation)
    • Good Conduct Ribbon
  • 239807.19: First Brew Continuum Poker Night[9] on the Chin'toka
  • 239808.28: Presented with accolades[10] by Captain Mei'konda Delano
    • Par'tha Expanse Colonization Ribbon
    • Joint Meritorious Unit (2nd Citation)
    • Lifesaving Ribbon
    • Legion of Merit (2nd Citation)
  • 239812.18: Presented with accolades[11] by Captain Mei'konda Delano
    • Department Chief Ribbon
    • Captain's Commendation
  • 239905.14: First conversation[12] with Dr. Elizabeth Snow regarding Kurt Logan's compliment.
  • 239905.23: Presented with accolades[13] by Captain Mei'konda Delano
    • First Contact Ribbon (4th Citation)
    • Explorer's Ribbon (3rd Citation)
    • Good Conduct Ribbon (2nd Citation)
  • 239909.24: Receives Accolades from Captain Mei'konda Delano[14]
    • Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
    • Explorer's Ribbon


USS Astraeus

USS Astraeus
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Posts: Chief Engineer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Mei'konda Delano
  • Stardates: 239911.27 - Present

Mission Logs

  • Shore Leave
  • Mission of Mercy 240002.04 - 240004.08
  • Shore Leave
  • To Seek Out New Life 240006.03 - 240009.03
  • Shore Leave


  • 239911.27: Transfer to[1] USS Astraeus[2]
  • 239912.31: Receives accolades [3][4] from Captain Mei'konda Delano
    • Joint Meritorious Unit Award (3rd citation)
    • Legacy Ribbon
    • Innovation Ribbon (5th citation)
    • Starfleet Medal of Valor
  • 240005.27: Receives accolades[5] from Captain Mei'konda Delano
    • Medical Science Ribbon
    • Joint Meritorious Unit Award (4th Citation)
    • Peacekeeper Service Ribbon (2nd Citation)
    • Diplomacy Ribbon (2nd Citation)
  • 240010.03: Receives accolades[6] from Captain Mei'konda Delano
    • First Contact Ribbon (5th Citation)
    • Explorer's Ribbon (5th Citation)
    • Good Conduct Ribbon (3rd Citation)