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Lieutenant JG
Cadfael Peters
Starbase 118 Ops

Species: Human
Gender: Male

Awards General 1Year.jpg
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Awards General Pathfinder 2015.png
Awards Special Sarpeidon 2011.jpg
Awards General 3Year 2011.jpg
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
Awards General 5Year 2011.jpg
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost PilotsSextantAward 2011.jpg
O'Brien Award.png
Prestigious Service Medallion Ribbon.png

1-year Member
Genesis Award
Neelix Award
Pathfinder Award
Sarpeidon Award
3-year Member
5-year Member
B-Plot Award
Pilot's Sextant
O'Brien Award
Prestigious Service Medallion Ribbon

Graphic Contest Runner Up
Badge 2.png
Featured Bio Team Member
Badge 1.png
Featured Bio of StarBase 118
Badge 2.png
Excellence in Training
Badge 1.png
Podcast Team
Badge 1.png
118 Wiki Gnome
Badge 1.png
Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
Badge 1.png
History Team Member
Badge 1.png
Team Facilitator - Silver
Badge 1.png
20th Annual Awards Attendee
Badge 1.png
Chat Trivia Participant
Badge 5.png
Andaris Architect
Badge 1.png
SFMJ Author
Badge 2.png
Awards Ceremony Nominator
Badge 4.png
25th Anniversary
Badge 1.png
SOTFA Taskforce Commendation
Badge 1.png
SOTFA Ship Commendation
Badge 2.png
Podcast Veteran
Badge 1.png
Pen To Paper
Badge 1.png
Put Your Ears On Elite
Badge 1.png
118 Wiki Wizard
Badge 1.png
Captain's Citation
Badge 1.png
Commemorative Coins
Per Aspera Ad Astra Commemorative Coin.png 25th Annual Awards Attendee Commemorative Coin.png


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