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Crew of the USS Chin'toka

Peters Red 2398.png

Lt. Commander Cadfael Peters



Ayiana Sevo
Former Pen Pal
Ayiana Yorval, before she became joined to the Sevo symbiont, was a regular correspondent of Cadfael's during his time at the academy through the Cadet Cultural Exchange Subspace Friend program. Little did he know that Fate had a sense of humor and put the two of them together on the same ship, the USS Victory; where they met face to face for the first time.

Peters: I used to hit the 602 every night, drinking beer, doing homework, and constantly checking my padd to see if you had responded to the most recent letter. Talking to you was the most correspondence I got that wasn’t class related. Distant friends seemed closer than anyone else… :: Pause. :: Or I should say, friend. I think you were the only one I had.
:: Ayiana seemed taken aback at Peters’ admittance. ::
Sevo: I...had no idea you looked forward to them so much. Honestly I just saw it as an extracurricular assignment. You know - get to know other cultures and stuff. They really emphasized that on us since most of the students were Trill. Not many aliens with whom to intermingle.

During their second mission together, Cadfael had noticed how uncomfortable she was during the away mission due to the EVA suit. In the aftermath, he had a ruptured eardrum and she entered a coma. He sat by her side, and even put his favourite watch on her wrist, to let her know he was there.

When she woke up from a coma, she and Cadfael exchanged news of what happened after they returned from the mission. He told her of his promotion to chief followed by his subsequent hearing loss, and she returned his watch. In that same conversation, Cadfael had stated he was in love with her.
During the following mission, he left for an away team. Just as the Victory was needing its chief engineer, he was getting transferred to the USS Darwin-A and was not able to say good bye to her. When he reported back to the Darwin, he received a letter from her stating that she started to feel something for him, beyond friendship. By this point, he has come to grips with the fact it just wasn't meant to be, and has moved on.



Leland Bishop

His relationship to Leland Bishop is that for now, they are acquaintances. After an already bad day, he encountered Mr. Bishop outside the Back 40 and the two exchanged words. They struck up a possible beginning to a friendship during the awards dinner, and Leland offered to cook at some point for him and Ayiana.


Paul Sharpe

Relationship formed after their mission, during which time Cadfael used some ingenious engineering to bring the Sunak weapons online despite hearing loss. After the mission, he was promised a drink by the lieutenant commander. During that conversation, Cadfael discovered he likes Andorian Ale, but if left to his own devices he will either pass out from excess or land in sickbay if he doesn't have a drinking buddy.


Richard Matthews

Acquaintance status formed during Never Mix Your Drinks but never actually took off. He does have a slight crush on Richard, though to up and leave without a word has somewhat lessened Cadfael's attraction. Twice.


Vance Sheridan
Former Counselor, Acquaintance & Wingman

Cadfael got clocked in the face and temporarily lost hearing in his right ear before he met Vance on the promenade. A subsequent counseling session with the man for his annual evaluation led to Cadfael and Vance joining forces in a night of camaraderie and drinks, becoming fast friends. The first attempts for the counselor to play wingman involved Cadfael made an awkward pass at Vance, which was followed by two marks. The pass was quickly forgotten and they headed to another bar.

They went to Kael's Pub, and both Vance and Cadfael found another couple of marks. The first one didn't pan out, but the second was a security officer that seemed to have a sense of humor. Vance took his leave at that point, and some followup may occur if they ever reunite. Current whereabouts of Vance are unknown.

Pon Pon
Acquaintence & Matchmaker

Pon Pon and Cadfael met during a temporal anomaly on the USS Dunbar. They reunited when Cadfael transferred to the starbase. The physical was a little bit awkward due to the doc landing on his chest, but it was quickly resolved. Afterwards, the two engaged in a bar crawl in which Pon Pon decided to take it upon himself to play matchmaker for the engineer.

Trellis Vondaryan.png

Trellis Vondaryan

They met shortly after Vondaryan was assigned to Ops, though it wasn’t until the the Vissian’s promotion they actually became acquainted. They had a quiet drink or two during shore leave and didn't really socialize much outside of work. Since Cadfael transferred from Ops to Utopia Planetia, he hasn't spoken to the Vissian and the two have fallen out of touch



Former Captain & Friend

Upon first meeting the Gorn captain, the human discovered he didn’t like toothy smiles because they made him nervous. Apparently, his performance during his first full mission was sufficient enough on the reports from several people to get the captain’s notice. Thus resulting in a random happenstance that got him promoted to chief engineer. When he later learned of the Gorn captain's death, Cadfael was saddened to hear it.


Jonathan Cumar
Friend & Pen Pal

His friendship with JC began when both men served aboard the USS Victory. They saw each other in passing, and occasionally hung out together. JC is introducing Cadfael to the concept of scuba diving in their off time, and they were separated for a time when Cadfael went to serve aboard the USS Darwin-A. To Cumar's surprise, he was the one sent to retrieve the engineer when it was known that he was coming to the starbase.

Since they've been apart, Cadfael and Jon exchange regular letters. They intend, at some point, to get together and enjoy a holodeck program or two.
Semi-formal Greyson.png

Carter Greyson
Friend & former pen pal

They worked closely together on Starbase 118, and have spent a bit of time apart working on different projects. Reunited aboard the USS Chin'toka, the pair of them are now friends working on different engineering projects in their spare time and helping Dr. Skyfire with his various botany projects relating to the BC.

LtCmdr Skyfire 2396.png

Chythar Skyfire
Friend, former pen pal

These two corresponded on a new EVA suit design which never got completely finished. They've exchanged the occasional letter since then, and Cadfael has instead set the good doctor on a wrist-mounted tricorder path. With the design completed, or at least already in existence elsewhere, they focused on a more physical friendship involving frisbee and walks along Skyfire Beach with Devlin.