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Bar logo

The bar is a bamboo hut, with a palm leaf roof. It sits on the edge of the beach and a deck that hangs over the water. In side the open air design are big fans that keep a nice breeze blowing and a long wooden bar top that has a lot of premade drinks in a blinders running and the fully stocked bar below it. The walls are covered with surf boards, other nautical tools and beach toys.

The Owner of the bar is Jimmy Hedge, a Federation retired surfing champion. He has won more Gold Medals for surfing than anyone alive to date and has surfed on over eighty-seven planets. He has always dreamed of owning a bar. He tried to once buy Quarks on Deep Space Nine but after thinking about it he decided it would be a stupid place to put a a beach bar. He looked at a lot of different resort worlds but could not find one that was just right. When Starbase 118 was being built he got some info on it and came and toured the lot wearing a Zero G suit. He was not sure what he was looking at, the Dome was half built and exposed to space. But his gut told him this was the place. The following day he sat down with the Star Fleet Engineers on the small orbital office that had been placed outside the starbase construction sit and started to design Cabo Breeze.

The bar sits onto of beautiful white sand that was imported from Risa. The Palm trees are from Earth and all the structures are hand built with real Bamboo. There is an old wooden boat that is up on the beach that belonged to Jimmy's great grandfather, he keeps it full of ice and stocked with different beers.

A few years later Cabo Breeze opened for business. Jimmy had an old jukebox from Earth restored and the complete works of Jimmy Buffet loaded into it. He has six small sailboats that he rents out and ten jet-skis. Every night there are live bands with steel drums and beach music playing while people drink and dance on the beach.

Lt. Commander Baylen Anders is often found here, it is a like a home away from home. People from all over travel to the Station for a little taste of the beach life. These people often head out into the recreated ocean and lobster dive some of the reefs right off the beach and bring back there catch for Jimmy to cook up.

Jimmy will let groups reserve the beach front for parties and banquets, He will let the Senior Staff of Admin and Ops have top pick on dates and times. He has several employees who assist him in making sure that all needs are met and that everyone is having a great time. Jimmy use to tend his own bay but now that his is getting older he sits at his private table telling old beach and surfing stories to anyone that will listen to them. In his older age Jimmy is like the fisherman, his waves keep getting bigger and bigger.

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