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For the current Constitution that governs our group, visit UFOP Constitution.

IMPORANT: This page is part of the defunct Constitution Rewrite project from 2004. None of its provisions are in effect, but the contents are kept here for historical purposes and for reference as certain ideas are considered for implementation. The latest version of our constitution and its bylaws can be found here: UFOP Constitution.
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Monthly Captain Reporting (CC2379-0001)

  1. To promote communication and across fleet awareness within UFOP, each Commanding Officer of a vessel is responsible to submit a monthly report. The writing and submission of said report may be delegated to another officer (such as the First Officer), but ultimately it falls to the Commanding Officer to assure that the report is done.
  2. The period of reporting shall be between the 1st and 15th of every month. The means of submitting the report shall not be specified here (email or online form), but shall be consistent across all ships. The report form shall be as follows:
    1. Vessel name
    2. Commanding Officer's name and e-mail address
    3. First Officer's name and e-mail address
    4. Mission report (for possible Reporter use)
    5. Promotions, if any (for possible Reporter use)
    6. OOC Report (any changes or unique information, including but not limited to: commanding officer on leave, crew member removed from list, virus infection, splitting ship, web site moved, discipline issue, etc.)
    7. Ship assessment