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Do not make any changes to this area unless you are part of the Constitution Rewrite Committee.
Unauthorized changes will be reverted.
NOTE: These documents/proposed changes are drafts and are NOT in effect.
For the current Constitution that governs our group, visit UFOP Constitution.

IMPORANT: This page is part of the defunct Constitution Rewrite project from 2004. None of its provisions are in effect, but the contents are kept here for historical purposes and for reference as certain ideas are considered for implementation. The latest version of our constitution and its bylaws can be found here: UFOP Constitution.
Constitution Rewrite series

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Below are changes that have been made to articles of the CON. This changelog is used to quickly reference where changes have been made.

Wolf, revision 1

  • Article 1: Added section 3. See talk page for another suggestion that needs to be worked in, as well. --Webmaster 23:27, 16 Nov 2004 (EST)
  • Article 5: Updated the "group is open to..." section to include "sexual orientation." It's listed later in the CON, but was omitted, probably as an error, here. Either way, it needs inclusion :)
  • Article 5: Added "full time" to the paragraph which says that someone can only have one active captain character. That way it's understood that a captain can temporarily create another captain character when needs arise -- so long as they aren't playing a captain full time on two vessels.
  • "Group ID" Article: Created an article which defines the names of the group.
  • "Governing Bodies" Article: Created an article which sets up two councils and defines their voting procedures. Needs some work.
  • "Executive Council" Article: Did a complete rewrite. Please compare with the old version to get the full effect of the changes.
  • "Captain's Council" Article: Rewrote a good deal. Most importantly, notice that Commanders/FOs can vote on certain subjects. Thoughts are appreciated about this change on the discussion/talk page of that article. Compare with the old version to get the full effect of the changes.
  • "Discipline" Article: Added a section which deals with locations not on vessels. (Forums, chats, etc.)

Ians additions (18th Nov 2004)

  • Article: Inconsistancy: Have added statements relating to inconsistancies of other types of rule. This sets up the 'Hieracy of Rules' which will stop doubt over what superceeds what. Question remains as to how a BYLAW or other legislation should be altered.

Wolf, revision 2

  • Incorporated Ian's suggestions into the mission statement.
  • Did a partial rewrite (again) of the Captains Council article, to further detail who gets votes.

Ians additions (20th Nov 2004)

  • Article: Inconsistancy: was too many 'in a manner's.. simply removed one to make it read better.
  • General articles - noticed an inconsistancy with the GROUP ID article and the CON in that the group was referred to as "the UFOP" throughout. I have altered this to be: UFOP:SB118.

Wolf, revision 3

  • Changed the Mission Statement to reflect Hollis's suggestions for a "short" and "snappy" statement that can be used by the Captains.
  • Added Ian's suggestions for the Group ID article.

Ians additions (23rd Nov 2004)

  • Altered CC document in line with the hierarcy of rules to "Passing of Bylaws, Standard Rules or Procedures."

Wolf, addition

  • Created the "Ship Organization" article, which specifically creates the ships and organizes the memership into crews. It also confers power on the CO of the ship, and requires that the EC be in control of ship lists.