Bryce Tagren-Quinn/Skarbek

Bryce Tagren-Quinn is currently a member of the Maquis and the Skarbek.

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Bryce Tagren-Quinn
Full Name Bryce Tagren-Quinn
Position Doctor
Codename Croaker
Species Human/El-Aurian
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Appears to be late 20s
Birthplace USS Amphitrite


  • Height: 1.88 m (6’2”)
  • Build: Slightly muscular, athletic.
  • Hair: Dark brown. Thick, has some curl, is often tousled, and gets a little messy when he’s stressed. He has a habit of threading his hands through it.
  • Eyes: Hazel, gray-green, or bright green, depending on the light.
  • Facial Hair: Clean-shaven or some stubble.
  • Body Modifications/Tattoos/Scars: No body modifications. Visible tattoos include a solid black chevron pattern with the outline of a sun along the right side of his neck; other tattoos are not visible. Knife scar on the left shoulder, burn scars on torso, a small scar along the right eyebrow, and a scarred left leg.
  • Voice: A faint, very subtle southern drawl; was raised by his father, who was originally from North Carolina, USA, Earth. It becomes more pronounced when he's talking fast or is under extreme stress.


Underneath a sarcastic and flirtatious, "charming" exterior is an individual writhing in pain: the pain of the life dealt to him, the loss of his mother, his seemingly transient nature, and the turmoil he feels in the universe. He makes up for it by helping others where he can, providing medical care to those in desperate need. It is with the Maquis that he finally feels a sense of home, of being something more, of belonging after being practically nomadic and adrift for so long.



  • Marital Status: Single
  • Number of children: None
  • Father: Paul Quinn, Human, Status Unknown, Former Starfleet Captain USS Poseidon
  • Mother: Ari Tagren, El-Aurian/Human, Deceased, Former Lieutenant Commander and CMO USS Poseidon
  • Siblings: None

Personal History

On Bryce's eighth birthday, his mother died tragically in a shuttle completing a mission and it sent his father, Captain Paul Quinn, into an emotional tailspin. Captain Quinn eventually resigned from service, took his son, disappeared, and dropped off the galactic grid for decades. Unofficial reports over the years have placed them at random, shady places, including the site of the Calesian Lunar Disaster. Bryce seemingly appeared in the DMZ a few months back with an obvious shrouded past, extensive medical training, and a chip on his shoulder, but his heart large for those that suffered. He hasn’t been entirely forthcoming with his background, outside of revealing tiny bits of his prior life as a con artist, but there is overall authenticity in his presence and his appreciation for Brunsig and his crew. They haven’t let him down yet, and he hasn’t let them down, either, tending to broken bones and providing an ear whenever anyone needed it.

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