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USS Gorkon
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Bryce Tagren-Quinn
Position Medical Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human/El-Aurian
Gender Male
DOB 235711.12
Age 42
Birthplace San Francisco, California
Writer ID T238909AT0

Awards & Service Ribbons
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Unity Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon

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1-year Member

Awards Ceremony Nominator Elite
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Bryce Tagren-Quinn is currently serving as a medical officer aboard the USS Gorkon.

Appearance & Presence

  • Height: 1.78m (5'10")
  • Build: Slim, athletic
  • Hair: Dark auburn (more brown than red). Thick, longish, often tousled (and gets a little messy when he's worked an extended shift or under stress). Otherwise, clean and neatly styled.
  • Eyes: Hazel green
  • Off-Duty Clothing: Clean, fashionable with a bit of roguish flare. Lush blazers, oxidized silver rings, crisp undershirts, sweaters in social settings, and sweats, shorts, and t-shirts when running.
  • Nicknames: Bry (reserved for friends and family), Vea-Nevra (by his El-Aurian grandmother, believed to be a term of endearment between grandparent and grandchild), Doctor T, Doctor or Doc T-Q (given by Loxley), Doctor Babyface (given by a patient, Tzim-Shah), and Doctor Q-T Pie (given by a former fling/ex, Gexena - see Relationships).


Bryce considers himself a doctor first and an officer second, and has a way with his patients that mirrors his biological mother’s approach: he is personable, sensitive, empathetic, listens, and follows the platinum rule. Is a stickler when it comes to confidentiality but will sometimes "over-engineer" a process.

While on duty, he has a calm and methodical approach and doesn't fluster easily. It is worth mentioning that he can, at times, become hyper-focused on a task (almost to detriment). He has been called an "absent-minded professor" before. He can also be direct at times and come off as a pompous jerk, but if he is it comes from a place of genuinely wanting to help versus being malicious. He is conscientiousness, organized but also flexible depending on the situation.

While off duty, his thoughts tend to drift and wander. Under the visage of a calm, collected physician is a troubled soul. He may appear to be in his early-to-mid-20s by standard Terran years, but there is an older soul with a breadth of experience that can, at times, haunt him if he is allowed alone too long with his thoughts.

Work gives him purpose and focus.

Sometimes he will go off in verbose tangents, but his mind will work a variety angles a minute.

He is artistic, loves oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies, and has a penchant for exobotany and plant systematics. Also has an affinity for whiskey but will only drink socially. Is a bit outdoorsy; likes rock-climbing, running, and hiking. Has a lopsided smile and an infectious, hearty laugh. Is warm and friendly overall but is slow to open up, really open up and trust. Because of the nature of his work and his past experience in a variety of working environments, he can sometimes be mistaken as an extrovert but he is a true introvert.

Physiology & Medical Notes

Physiological Notes

No one could really anticipate how he would mature given his unique lineage. When Bryce was a child he, like his biological mother Aribelle Tagren, developed and grew at the same rate as any full-blooded Human. At about the age of 19, the aging process started to slow as a result of his El-Aurian side and essentially 'stopped' physically aging (at least, by appearances) by the age of 24.

It is because of this he is often perceived as being younger than he truly is.

Overall, the aging process is different for El-Aurian hybrids and seems to be unique to each individual based off stress, life experience and other factors. There have been theories and studies, with mentions of the Hayflick limit as well as El-Aurian immune systems, but this remains a topic of debate. It is also said that an El-Aurian can age when they "choose to."

El-Aurian genes seem to be dominant in some hybrid cases (depending on the species), and that seems to ring true with Bryce. He has experienced Af-Kelt, and has a dense hippocampus with vivid memory recall (which contributed to his secondary trauma - see Medical Notes), and a stiff knee which might be more heightened due to the physical sensitivity of El-Aurians (see Medical Notes). The symptoms experienced during Af-Kelt can likely be attributed to these physical sensitivities, too.

Additionally, the El-Aurians are endangered, but are known to be semi-ancient and nomadic in nature. They are also seemingly good listeners, have limited empathy and telepathy, and a temporal sense. While the latter of that statement may be confined primarily to those that experienced the Nexus event (though maybe not necessarily so). However, with the present state of El-Aurian numbers and their ability to seemingly intermarry and interbreed with other species, more and more information is being gathered that would shed light on their unique biology.

Medical Notes

  • Depression, Stress & Secondhand Trauma: After the events of the lunar colony, Bryce suffered from an inordinate amount of guilt, pain and trauma. When he returned home, the invisible wounds were apparent and while he sought medical attention (in the form of therapy, etc.), his existing relationships suffered. For a time, he fell into a black void that consisted of some reckless behavior and a string of one-night stands and took some time off work before slowly reintegrating after his providers were confident that he was fit for duty. While still finding himself after those events, he is actively seeking purpose in his work and finding ways to build healthy, strong friendships and working relationships. He believes in strong support systems and the power of community. Note: Due to the timing of treatment and his overall commitment and progress, a waiver was granted, with the understanding that counseling sessions are required routinely. Was treated by Dr. Ev Randall while in the academy and on DS6, before his assignment to the Gorkon.
  • Scars: Not visible typically while in uniform. Has a gunshot scar on his right shoulder and a knife scar along the left side of his torso. There's also a large scar around his left knee and leg from a rock-climbing injury.



  • Spouse/Significant Other: None
  • Children: None


  • Father: Paul Quinn (Human)

Biological father and former Starfleet Captain (Human) of the USS Poseidon and, later, the SS Valestar. He is charming and highly intelligent, with graying brown hair and dull blue eyes. Father and son have a complicated history and their relationship is tenuous at best. While he is officially "retired" from Starfleet, it is widely acknowledged that he was discharged from service. He has been known to be a bit shady, making unethical judgement calls, and then deflect blame onto others. Has sociopathic tendencies. Despite all this, the man is shrouded a bit in mystery, though part of it is likely because of the position he once held and Starfleet's desire and ability to properly manage the situation from a public-facing view.

  • Birth Mother: Amy Quinn-Williamson (Deceased, Human)

Originally, Amy sought out assistance to conceive but she did not foresee a "clinical error" that revealed itself during her third trimester. She was a full-blooded Terran that carried her twins to term. For Bryce's early life, Amy was his anchor. His beautiful, sweet and caring mother. When he grew a little older and found that she wasn't his biological mother, it of course was met with disbelief and anger. Later, when it was revealed that his father possibly manipulated things (though never completely proven), it further solidified Bryce's views of him; complete disdain.

His biological mother, who donated her eggs for altruistic reasons decades ago before entering medical school. The intent was to provide an option for Human and El-Aurian couples specifically, who were having challenges conceiving. However, she could not foresee a "clinical error" that would produce Bryce and Elyia. She currently has her own medical practice, but previously served as a Lieutenant Commander and First Officer on the USS Vigilant-A.

  • Maternal Grandfather: Tristan Tagren (Deceased), former Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Valkyrie. See Aribelle Tagren's profile for more information.
  • Maternal Grandmother: Lelian, a full-blooded El-Aurian with unnatural green eyes and vibrant red hair, and SS Lakul survivor (2293). She was trapped in the Nexus. See Aribelle Tagren's profile for more information.


  • Twin sister: Elyia “Elie” Cameron Tagren-Quinn (El-Aurian/Human)

Gregarious, vibrant and witty, Elyia is currently Bryce's compass and lifeline. She's an accomplished psychiatrist and social psychologist. While Bryce broods, Elyia brings it out in the open and gets over it. She helped to pull him out of the dark abyss that was their teenage years and the Calesian Lunar Colony disaster (and probably others, but we haven't gone there quite yet). She was once married and has a young child, a five-year-old son by the name of Rory.


  • Former Fiancé: Cer Voya, an unjoined Trill, with black hair and cerulean-colored eyes. He is a well-respected cardiologist. The pair's relationship was very tender and loving but dissolved shortly after Bry's return from the Calesian Lunar Colony disaster. While his fiancé tried adamantly to be supportive, Bry just wasn't in a good place to receive it. Things changed and they drifted apart.
  • Former Fling: Gexena, a Betazoid nurse. Dark eyes, dark hair. The relationship between doctor and his nurse was a secret for some time and started during his somewhat downward spiral after the lunar disaster but, after some soul searching, he broke it off. It was more of a physical thing than one that manifested out of any real feelings, and he felt terrible about it. She was more in love with him than he was with her, and he felt she deserved better.

Other (Friendships, Professional, etc.)

  • Martin Watson: Roommates on deck 8, Bry found Martin to be something of a kindred spirit. Their friendship seemed to evolve easily. They share an interest and appreciation for holodramas and the arts.
  • Meidra Sirin: A fellow medical officer and hybrid El-Aurian, the two seemed to have naturally found themselves in the beginnings of a friendship. The two are joining efforts to compile information for a scientific database; a resource that can be utilized for future missions. They also explored the flora and fauna of Palanon together, sketching out details and recorded their observations for prosperity.
  • Tahna Meru: They shared the woes of deck 8, being on the same rescue party. It was his first mission ( Shadows of the Rift) and, from there, he has continued to admire her quiet strength and determination. Having learned that he lost all of the personal artifacts because of the explosion on deck 8, she gave him a housewarming gift in anticipation of his newly rebuilt quarters: an aloe vera plant, to which he named Vera Rubin.
  • Cory Stoyer: The camping trip on Palanon was Bryce's first interaction with the helmsman but, over the course of the trip, found him to be friendly and an awesome poker player.
  • Tali Namura: Tali was the first person he shared bits of his past with (the heavier stuff - secondary trauma's latest effects), which was a bit of a milestone and a huge step but one he felt was necessary to build the foundations of trust and understanding with the Acting CMO. He also felt supported under her tutelage, having sought out her guidance and expertise (and finding a sense of peace with his decisions in the aftermath of the Shadows of the Rift mission) while caring for Tzim-Shah. He's heard the buzz along the medbay grapevine, the whispers and tall tales of med techs, that she has a macabre affinity for bone and organ collection; to which he has mostly ignored, having found her to be, "quite lovely."
  • Quinn Reynolds: He first met his commanding officer by accident in the Brew Continuum after a day spent performing surgeries. The chance meeting led to coffee and an impromptu chat. He felt at ease in her presence, despite the differences in their rank, attributing their similar ages and life experiences as a connecting point. He felt the start of a good working relationship and, quite possibly, a friendship.
  • Alieth: These two met briefly, competing in passing for access to the operating theater at the end of a mission. Later, when she would arrive for post-mission care and an annual physical, their conversation turned towards that encounter. It was awkward at first but, despite it, he has found an appreciation for Alieth not only professionally, but perhaps as a friend as well.
  • Tzim-Shah: These two didn't get off on the right foot. Tzim lost a limb during a mission and the doctor provided post-amputation care, but the two were at odds from the start. Slowly, through the course of treatment, respect and trust has been built, and an understanding. Bryce might not admit it, but he is fond of the Tellarite and feels bad about the hand the man was dealt. They will be working with Lieutenant Commander Erin Reynolds regarding a prosthetic.

Personal History

Bryce was born to Paul Quinn and his wife Amy, an elementary school teacher, in San Francisco, California. His mother wanted a stable upbringing for him and his twin sister, Elie, so they stayed Earth bound while his father traveled the stars on his Sovereign-class vessel, the USS Poseidon. The family was reunited during times of shore leave, interstellar calls, and an occasional visit to the ship, but the distance (and other things) strained his parent’s marriage and, eventually, they divorced (the twins were three at the time). His father’s presence at that point was perceived as obligatory at best and when he later "retired" from Starfleet, his presence in his children’s lives remained minimal. Duty before family, even when he was no longer active. It’s a bit of a sore topic for Bryce, one that he would not bring up in casual conversation.

His views of his father were made even cloudier when he learned that his biological mother was Aribelle Tagren, an El-Aurian/Human hybrid physician and decorated Starfleet officer. There’s an even deeper history there that left Bryce confused and conflicted, and on some level feeling betrayed by a supposed wonderful officer, a man, a father that continually let him down.

However, Bryce’s personality type didn't allow him to ruminate on matters for too long (or, was it he needed to find purpose to occupy space in his head?). Regardless, he wanted to push forward and find ways where he can bring some good into the universe and not focus on the bad.

That is the drive that compelled him to pursue medicine. It was always something that clicked for him and biology seemed to come naturally. He completed his undergraduate studies before attending medical school, and then went on to complete his internship and residency.

It was during his quest to become a doctor that an event forever changed Bryce’s course. A bit jaded with Starfleet (because of his father and seeing how it all sort of ripped through families), the young El-Aurian was committed and content with his civilian medical studies. However, when a Lunar colony in the outskirts of the quadrant suffered a great calamity that resulted in thousands of injuries and casualties in the hundreds, Starfleet called upon civilian medical volunteers to assist. It was called the Calesian Lunar Colony disaster. Bryce was one of these volunteers and it was during this time something resonated within him, deeply affecting him.

He had seen so much death and despair and developed a connection to the individuals he was helping. When the civilian efforts were no longer needed after things had reached a less heightened phase, Bryce was shooed away by Starfleet. It left him feeling like he lost a little of himself and suffered from secondary trauma and depression after the events.

Bryce floated between people after that, against the professional medical advice he was given. He took time off practicing medicine to focus on himself; to heal, immersing in nature and finding himself sliding still.

Until he found his footing.

Until he decided to make a change.

Knowing that this was irrevocably a part of his experience and history, he wanted to spin it into something where he could do something.

The decision to join Starfleet came about a year after his experiences. It seemed to manifest out of nowhere but, when the thought occurred to him, Bryce was angry at himself for taking so long to get there. It effectively dispelled those images that plagued him: the idea of helping more, giving his everything to give the best possible chance for better outcomes for others. All the while he would be in a better position to never be sent away again.

There were so many individuals that needed help out there and he was determined to help where he could. And Starfleet, for whatever complicated his views were, embraced him. And, he embraced them back.

Professional History

Interesting Notes

  • Worked as an emergency physician and surgeon at Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic on Earth prior to joining the academy.
  • Served as a cadet and emergency physician and surgeon on Deep Space 6 (DS6).
  • Co-authored (he jokingly will add, " an et al.") the following medical journal papers:
    • Comorbidities and Patient Outcomes in the Emergency Surgical Setting, Emergency Medicine Journal, 2392, 4(11), pp. 2341-2457.
    • Trends in Emergency Medicine in a Deep Space Station Setting: An Examination of Improvement of Care When Compared to a Starship and Planet-Based Setting, Starfleet Medical Journal, 2396, 4(2), pp. 115-134.
    • Prevalence of Undiagnosed PTSD and Secondary Trauma in Healthcare Professionals, Emergency Medicine Journal, 2395, 2(5), pp. 1156-1208.
  • Was originally posted to the USS Amphitrite after he graduated but was redirected to the USS Gorkon.

Mission Histories

USS Gorkon
  • Rogue World (239908.18 to Present)
  • Shadows of the Rift (239901.27 to 239904.22): Bryce plunged into action during the middle of Act II (239903.07), redirected from sickbay towards search and rescue efforts on deck 8 after an explosion compromised its hull. The party that he joined consisted of Lieutenant Commander Jona ch'Ranni, Lieutenant Lephi, and Lieutenant JG Tahna Meru; Lieutenant Commander Kero Rix later assumed the party's lead during the middle of Act III. The deck was riddled with punctures to the hull (weakening containment fields and EVA suits their only means of safety), leaving the rescue team slightly on edge as they worked against the clock to find any survivors in the explosion's aftermath and fighting the rift's terrible, personalized nightmares. They were able to successfully rescue Lieutenant JG Vorin, Lieutenant Valesha Sienelis (who was in the throes of labor), and Ensign Tzim-Shah (who lost an arm during the ordeal), but there were also casualties. The incident, and the tough decisions around when to press on for the sake of other survivors or to spend the critical time and resources sorting through debris to search for officers that may already be dead, made the seasoned doctor yet fresh Ensign think back to events on the lunar colony. While his emergency medical training kicked in and he exuded, for the most part, a calm and leveled approach, he would later spend the following leave thinking back on his history, how it influenced his decisions, and how that translated to his present state.
    • Leave (23994.21 - 239908.15):
      • Lost Homes: He lost his quarters from the explosion on deck 8 and, with it, some irreplaceable artifacts from his deceased birth mother. He was assigned temporary quarters on deck 5 while the deck was rebuilt.
      • Camping on Palanon: He joined Cory Stoyer, Meidra Sirin, and Tahna Meru for a nature immersive camping trip on Palanon in the Cordina Valley, Mindirra mountain range. He was able to forge the beginnings of a friendship with all three as they enjoyed the experience together, reflecting a little on the mission, and sharing a little of themselves.
      • Partying Like a Physician: The medical crew (him, along with Loxley, Meidra Sirin, and Tali Namura), took advantage of an opportunity to unwind on Iana Station, sharing drinks and laughs over their origins and funny medical stories. The evening, however, started inauspiciously with an unexpected, and unwanted surprise: a blast from the past, former flame, the golden-dressed Gexena. Mystified as to how or why she was there (that cruel, cruel universe), Bryce and Gexena have a heated exchange out of earshot from his colleagues, to which he later descended into a bout of drinking that led to him ultimately disappearing once they reached the Eternal Party (Daliius, Eternal Decks). He awoke the next morning on the ship, a jumble of memories only partially telling the story of what happened to him. Tali would later check in on him, leading to an amusing scene of him cleaning up his temporary quarters, but also leading into a deeper conversation about his past.
      • A Very Human El-Aurian: A call from his grandmother propelled him on a quest to discover more about his El-Aurian origins, and the meaning of "Af-Kelt." While he knew it would be easy to ask her more, he also knew that she would not be so forthcoming; her cryptic vagueness serving as a catalyst for his own personal discovery. He contemplated his existence, his humanness and alienness during the awards and promotions ceremony.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-ens blue.png
Ensign SD 239903.07 - Present USS Gorkon
Medical Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239903.07
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Unity Ribbon.png
Unity Ribbon 239907.20
USS Gorkon
Awarded to an individual who supports and champions the morale and emotional health and well-being of a starship crew.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 239907.20
USS Gorkon
Awarded to a person who has saved the life of another member of Starfleet.
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
TOSMA 239906.27
USS Gorkon
Awarded to members who show great dedication in their behavior and simming abilities. A candidate for TOSMA gives strong, solid ideas to the storyline and character development on a regular basis. They also take the time to edit and proofread their sims to guarantee that their writing is of high quality.
Awards General 1Year.jpg
1-year Member 239906.29
USS Gorkon
A length of service award given to those who have been members continuously for one year.

SIM Archive


  • The Mythology of Sea and Stars: His father was the former CO of the USS Poseidon, while Bryce's first posting was the USS Amphitrite.
  • Artist and Scientist: His mother used to drag him to art events when he was a small child, and he participated in many murals that are on display across the galaxy. He originally took science classes as a means to better understand anatomy and forms in nature, to further develop his art. It was through those classes that he discovered he had a natural affinity for biology. He has used his art as a means to communicate complicated medical scenarios with patients and family; demystifying a confusing and scary diagnosis, stripping away heavy medical-laden terminology, and building a bridge between doctor and patient. This has produced not only trust but inspired greater patient compliance resulting in better outcomes.


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