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Brosan Consolidated, Incorporated

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Brosan Consolidated, Incorporated (BroCo) is a large, multi-faceted megacorp based on Paldor. Sponsored and now totally controlled by House Larokon, BroCo first cam to the sector two decades ago from the Valcarian Imperial Republic.

When it came to the Par'tha Expanse, it was a producer and shipper of transparasteel, ferrocrete, and other staples of construction. In need of such industries, Larokon readily agreed to sponsor it and settled the firm on Buqret, offering it several large and attractive loans to allow it to construct super-advanced production centers.

Accepting the loans was BroCo's first and final mistake - Larokon took steps to ensure that BroCo defaulted. Shippers affiliated with Larokon abruptly refused to transport its goods. Larokon gradulally restricted BroCo's market to its own worlds and Freeworld traders through seemingly unrelated trade agreements and policy shifts. BroCo's own fleet of transports was crippled by a dock workers strike at the worst possible moment, and a mysterious shortage of freighter replacement parts made maintenance all but impossible.

BroCo begged Larokon for help, and the house moved sluggishly to "help" its client company. But the aide was strictly for show. Eventually, inevitably, BroCo defaulted.

When it did, House Larokon moved in. The board was sacked, and replaced by house members determined to "protect the jobs of the company workers who had been so mislead by their former managers and owners."

With House Larokon's full and genuine support, BroCo enjoyed a swift and prosperous recovery. In ensuing years, Larokon folded other smaller companies it had taken over into BroCo, building it up into the large megacorp it is today.

BroCo now deals in everything from battery cell production to toy manufacturing. Its original building materials concern was sold to another Larokon-held business eight years ago.