Broken Promises (Resolution)/After Action Report

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Mission Assignment

On Stardate 238607.06, Starfleet Command ordered the USS Resolution, under the command of Commander Toni Turner, to return to Duronis II to meet with Governor Ahishma Chandra at the governor’s request. It appeared that the Laudean’s alliance with the Romulan Empire had not been as palatable as they had expected.

Mission Summary

At the end of the Resolution’s mission on Stardate 238608.20, the following observations were made about the Laudeans and Duronis II:

  • Laudeans
    • The people of Til’ahn are in poor health. They do not have a formalized health care system, and the Romulan Empire only provides the necessary medicines for the people to stay alive.
    • The Lomale population is low, and therefore, the overall reproduction rate on Til’ahn is at its lowest in history.
    • The use of Fielding abilities are restricted by the Romulan Empire.
  • Government
    • Governor Chandra is the only remaining ruler and has been under the control of the Romulan Empire.
  • Natural Resources
    • The Guyver Orchards provided a source of food and planetary commerce at one time. Romulan sympathizers have continuously burned the Orchards.
  • Infrastructure
    • Roads, buildings, and utilities are in need of repair.
  • Commerce
    • Planetary trading has been restricted by the Romulan Empire.
    • Off-world trading has been prohibited by the Romulan Empire.
    • Governor Chandra is willing to explore renewable sources for energy as long as it does not harm the planet.
  • Embassy
    • The Embassy suffered heavy damage after 2383 and will require extensive repairs before it can be used again.