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Karynn Ehlanii Brice
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Chief Counselor
USS Columbia

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Early Life

  • Jaryl Tryska - The most significant relationship outside her family during her early life was her relationship with Jaryl Tryska. She met him while at University and they dated for several years. They discussed the idea of getting married but were never officially engaged. While he showed some signs (that she did not notice at the time) of being controlling and manipulative, their relationship really got rocky when she announced her intention to enroll in Starfleet Academy. He was initially outwardly supportive, however he began to quietly undermine her attempts. After her initial failure, he tried to convince her to stay on Halii. When she pushed back, instead announcing that she planned to go to a preparatory academy to try again, the argument got heated. He repeatedly attempted to undermine her self-esteem and self confidence and attempted to manipulate her into staying. She got so frustrated that she threw a vase at his head (barely missing him) and later cut herself on the pieces of broken ceramic. They broke up shortly thereafter. She has had several flashbacks of this final fight during fights with Ethan and her experiences with Jaryl have caused some problems with her husband. She generally keeps this chapter of her life private: the only friends in Starfleet that she has described the incident to in any sort of detail are Ethan Brice and Greir Reinard.


  • Ethan Brice - Ethan and Karynn met at the impromptu wedding of Ben Walker and Ro Adair in Twilight's Edge on DS17. After the wedding they slipped off to have a quiet chat on the Nature Deck of the station, which evolved into a game of Tag ("Mitz" in Haliian). Due to the schemings of Sarah Reed, they were set up on an impromptu date the next night. This was followed by a romantic evening on a holodeck recreation of Paris. Their budding relationship prompted a confrontation between (then) Lt.Commander Ben Walker and Karynn. Although their duties often keep them both busy, they work to set aside time that they can spend together, both alone and with Matthew. On Stardate 238610.01, Ethan proposed marriage to Karynn, in a turbolift, and she accepted. They were married on Stardate 238803.14 at Twilight's Edge on Deep Space 17.
  • Sarion - Sarion was one of Karynn's closest friends, particularly during her time on the Ronin and the Independence. They originally met when Sarion joined the Ronin but were fortunately transferred to the Independence at the same time. Sarion was the person Karynn went to when she needs counseling or a friend to talk to. They frequently met in one of the bartender's establishments to chat over a cup of coffee, and tossed around the idea of going on a double date. Since then, circumstances have torn them far apart. They've talked a few times and met up once on Earth but have, for the most part, lost touch.
  • Matthew Brice - Although she saw Matthew on occasion while serving on the Ronin, her most consistent interaction with him has been since he came to stay with his father temporarily on the Independence-A. They have quickly warmed to each other, and both enjoy the time they spend going to the zoo, playing, and telling stories. With her marriage to Ethan Brice on 238803.14 she became Matthew's step mother. He calls her Kolla, the Haliian word for mother.
  • Sarah Reed - Karynn met Sarah Reed on her first shoreleave following her assignment to the Ronin. The two were frequently found in Double Shot chatting over a cup of coffee. Sarah is, in part, responsible for helping Karynn's relationship with Ethan Brice to develop. Although they found themselves busier after their transfer to the Independence, they did manage to maintain their friendship. For now, with Sarah's transfer to Starbase 118 and Karynn's multiple transfers, the two will have to continue contact through subspace.
  • Cara Maria - Karynn met Cara Maria shortly after joining the crew of the Ronin. As a Counselor, Karynn looked up to the betazoid hybrid as a role model, and over time, they have formed a friendship. When they transferred to the Independence together, Cara was one of the few familiar faces that Karynn latched onto. Shortly after the transfer, though, Cara disappeared, and for months Karynn didn't even know where the woman was. With the hybrid's move back to the Ronin, and their meeting at the Counseling Conference, Karynn attempted to stay in contact although since then has lost contact.

USS Ronin

  • Ben Walker - Karynn and Ben got off to a rocky start. As her relationship with Ethan began to grow, Ben ambushed Karynn in her own office, demanding to know her intentions. Although she struggled to clearly define in her own mind where their relationship was, and therefore didn't have a great answer to give him, she did stand up to him and essentially told him to mind his own business. Through this incident they each developed a respect for each other. After months of working together, they developed a friendship. After Karynn and Ethan solidified their relationship, she contacted Ben to get his approval, which he readily gave. She sees Ben as not only Ethan's friend, but her own, and knows she could trust the man with her life.
  • Ro Adair - Unlike most people, Karynn finds Ro to be less intimidating than her husband. The two women hit it off shortly after Karynn joined the Ronin, and when she had difficulties with Ben, she sought refuge with Ro. Lately both women have been busy with their duties on different ships, but Karynn still maintains contact through Ben.
  • Jack Kolk - Although she didn't see Jack much outside of their counseling sessions, Karynn did grow to respect him as an officer. She was happy when he and Sarah Reed began dating and enjoys the trouble the two cause.

USS Independence-A

  • David Scott Cody - Her friendship with Commander Cody was just getting started when he was taken mysteriously from the USS Independence-A. She respects him as an officer, and as her direct superior, but has also enjoyed the few times they've gotten to know each other on a more personal level. She is looking forward to developing their friendship, if he is ever found.
  • Luna Walker - The sister of Ben Walker, Karynn quickly found herself trying to befriend the woman, much for the sake of her brother and out of an effort to look after her. As she was first officer at the time, however, she found making friends, especially among more junior officers to be a challenge. She would like to see this friendship grow, however the two have not been in contact in several years.

USS Darwin-A

  • Clio Margariti - What initially started as a doctor-patient relationship (with both people functioning as a doctor) very quickly turned into a friendship. While Karynn doesn't usually initiate friendships with patients, she saw a kindred spirit in Clio. She sees herself in the young officer and is frequently reminded of her friendship with Cara Maria earlier in her own career. Of all the people she hated leaving when the Senior Staff of the Darwin was transferred, Clio was the most difficult.
  • Kaitlyn Falcon - The two women hit it off well when, on her first shoreleave on the Darwin, Karynn ran into Kaitlyn in a large group of officers. Karynn quickly came to consider the red-headed Terran a friend. Kaitlyn and Karynn have had a relatively rocky friendship, depending on the topic of conversation. When the conversation is kept casual and friendly, they get along great, however when the conversation turns to one of a more counseling-nature, Karynn has frequently pushed too hard, upsetting the other woman. Kaitlyn was the other person Karynn really developed a true friendship with on the Darwin.
  • Greir Reinard - While mostly a professional relationship, Karynn had the chance to open up to Greir just before her final mission with him. She primarily elicited his help in working through a recent fight she'd had with Ethan but feels that if they had been able to spend more time together, this would have developed into a friendship. She shared some vague details of her experience with Jaryl Tryska (see above) but did not share the whole story.