Bri Tiralta

Crewman Bri Tiralta is currently serving as a xenologist aboard the USS Darwin-A.

USS Darwin-A
Bri Tiralta.jpg
Brinarall "Bri" Tiralta
Position Xenologist
Rank Crewman Third Class
Species Mathenite
Gender Female
DOB 233410.7
Age 65
Birthplace Betazed


  • Height: 5'9"
  • Hair Color: Black (currently bleached)
  • Length of Hair: very short
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Build: Thin


Bri is a Mathenite, but her mother is a journalist and her father works in the civil service and both have lived off-planet for work since before Bri was born, so she has never lived on the Homeworld. They've lived on a number of different planets as she's grown up, including Betazed, Trill, Fer'Nal, and a Xindi-Arboreal colony, as well as several space stations. Her family currently lives on Deep Space 6.

She likes to be very transient, and has a very difficult time staying in one place for terribly long. She has started several different graduate-level programs in different fields, but failed to complete any of them. She's looking to work as a lab tech for Starfleet, hoping that if she is constantly visiting different worlds she'll be able to bear staying with one crew long enough to complete a program of study.


She tends to be pretty caustic as a defense mechanism, to keep people from making friends too quickly. If you can manage to get past her walls she's very goofy and talkative. She is very sarcastic and possessive of her work. If she feels like people are trying to steal her project she may get angry. Mathenites have very strong gender roles, but Bri was only exposed to them through her parents. She has never had any interest in having children, much less staying at home to be a primary care-giver for them. She usually adopts a very masculine appearance, out of personal aesthetic preference.

  • Strengths: Adept at dealing with people of different cultures and species, handles rapid changes and uncertainty very well
  • Weaknesses: Does not make friends easily, occasionally really offends people if she thinks they're getting too close, gets very restless when stuck in the same place for too long, messy and disorganized, a bit vain, she can't resist a dare
  • Quarters: A chaotic mess of paperwork, journals, mementos and random curios, stacks of clothes that she hasn't bothered to put away
  • Favorite Food: Anything weird/dangerous


Studies: Has done some work in Anthropology, Xenology, and Linguistics, but her current passion is Urban Studies. She's most interested in studying how different species pysiologically and psychologically handle the move to a highly urbanized environment that typically accompanies a boom in industrial and scientific progress.

L4 Proficiency: Fluent use; native languages;

  • Withesta (Mathenite dialect)
  • Federation Standard

L2 Proficiency: Intermediate use; studied in Academy courses

  • Trill
  • Ferengi

L1 Proficiency: Elementary knowledge; picked up from immersion, but never studied

  • Xindi-Arboreal
  • Octran

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Crewman Third Class 239207.29 - Present USS Darwin-A Xenologist

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