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Embassy, Duronis II
Brell Ambd.jpg
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Position Federation Ambassador to Til'ahn
Rank Captain
Species Bolian
Gender Male
DOB 235511.25
Age 45
Birthplace Rashia City, Rasara, Bolarus IX
Service Ribbons
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Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Captain's Commendation
Prometheus Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon
Explorer's Ribbon
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal
Purple Heart
Legion of Merit
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Department Chief Ribbon
Legacy Ribbon
Starship Commander Ribbon
First Contact Ribbon

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1-year Member
Nebula Bar
3-year Member
Lwaxana Troi Medallion
5-year Member
Xalor Clan Xifilis Award
Russ Bar
Voyager Medallion
Laudean Commendation
Sheathed Sword
Chief's Citation Award
James T. Kirk Cross

Featured Bio Nominee
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Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
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Publicity Team
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Image Collective Member
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20th Annual Awards Attendee
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Chat Trivia Participant
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Facilitator Citation
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Halloween Avatar Contest Runner Up
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Andaris Architect
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Excellence in Training
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25th Anniversary
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Awards Ceremony Nominator Legendary
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Captain Brell a Bolian former commanding officer, who currently holds the role of Federation Abamssador to Duronis II.

Basic Information

  • Full name: Brell
  • Race: Bolian
  • Date of birth: 235511.25
  • Place of birth: Rashia City, Rasara, Bolarus IX
  • Age: 40
  • Sex: Male
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0

Appearance & Personality

  • Height: 1.79 m (5'10)
  • Weight: 113.4 kg (250lbs)
  • Hair : Bald
  • Eye Color: Blueish-Yellow
  • Skin Tone: Light Blue
  • Birthmarks, Scars: 13 cm (5") Scar On Right forearm.
  • Build: Heavyset
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): While he used to keep up with fashions on the homeworld, these days he tends to dress for comfort. Tunics usually in his favored shades of green or gold and simple trousers.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Languages: Bolian, Federation Standard
  • Faults/Weaknesses: Fear Of Failure in all its forms; of failing himself, his family, his crew, his mission, his given task, and most of all being seen as unproductive.


  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife: LtCmdr. Lyldra - Diplomatic Lead, DS26
  • Co-Husband: Hars Vlin - Civilian Oceanographic Scientist, USS Atlantis
  • Parents
  • Mother: Vaxia - Xenobotanist.
  • Father: Loki - Retired captain in the former Bolian defense fleet. Currently acts as primary teacher of Bolian History to the children of the Homestead.
  • Co-Father: Daro - Sea-floor Farmer, CEO of Daros'll SeaFarms
  • Siblings: Nix, Vlenn(Deceased), Greatha, Ba'ta, Kot, Leista
  • Children: Renu & Linalu
  • Extended Family: Brell's extended family numbers around 400 blood relatives and 1,200 counting co-spouses of his blood relatives and their children. Most now living in the families underwater homestead. Which is like a small town made up of the homes of the extended family and of workers. the seaweed farms, clam spires, business administration, sub-port/freight and University of Bolarus research outpost, as well as an entertainment complex. A total of 2,000 called Daros'll Homestead home in the 2390 planetary census. His aunt Pelall is somewhat of a celebrity known for her Holo-Cooking series on Bolian and Alien cuisine with folksy stories of her underwater Homestead upbringing, as well as her restaurants on Bolarus, Oceania, and Bajor.


Starfleet Academy 2375 to 2381

  • Core Classes
  • Security: Major
  • Engineering: Minor
  • Engineering Extension Classes Taken After Transfer: 2383

University of Bolarus 2386 to 2390

  • Science of Oceanography: Major
  • Sensor Analysis: Minor

Service History

Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 4th Class 2375-2376 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 3rd Class 2376-2377
Cadet 2nd Class 2378-2379
Cadet 1st Class 2380-2381
Ensign 2381-238302.11 Embassy of Duronis II/USS Resolution Security
238302.11 Chief Engineer
Lieutenant JG 2383
Lieutenant 238310.06 - 238405.07 USS Constitution-B Chief Engineer
McKinley Station Temporary Assignment
USS Constitution-B Chief Engineer
Starbase 118
Civilian 238405.07 Resigned Starfleet Commission
238405.25 - 238611.06 Daros’ll SeaFarms
2386 to 2390 Student At University of Boralus
Cadet First Class 239103.25-239109.20 USS Centris-A Science Officer
Ensign 239109.20 - 239202.01 Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder HCO Officer
Lieutenant JG 239202.01 - 239203.28
Lieutenant 239203.28 - 239207.24
Lieutenant 239208.28 - 239303.07 USS Darwin-A Beta Shift Engineer
239303.07 - 239307.25 Systems Specialist
Lieutenant Commander 239307.25 - 239401.17 Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander 239401.17 - 239402.26 Andaris Task Force , USS Atlantis First Officer
Commander 239402.26 - 239404.16
239404.16 - 239410.04 Andaris Task Force , USS Blackwell
Commander 239410.04 - 239504.04 USS Atlantis Commanding Officer
Captain 239504.04 - 239608.31
Captain 239608.31 - Present Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thor Ambassador to Til'ahn

Medical Records

History: Brell suffered serious damage to his arm from an "accident" at age 15. The ER doctor believed the wound was the result of a knife fight. The damage was healed and all that remains is a scar, in which dermal regeneration can not correct.

Current: As is often the predisposition of Bolian males in his age range Brell has increased in weight and can be often seen attempting to keep in shape while often struggling to control his increased appetite and slowed metabolism, A genetic holdover from his people's evolutionary history from semi-aquatic porpoise like mammalians.

Personal History

Early Years 2355 - 2375

As a child Brell was quite a handful always wanting attention in which his three parents could never give enough of to please him. He was good at his studies, always attentive when his parents, aunts and uncles were teaching. Usually the first to blurt out a question or comment often earning him the ridicule of his siblings and cousins. This caused him to become very a defensive boy and when he entered puberty his questions and comments began to skew to the sarcastic or lewd earning him the ire of adults in the family. At the age of fifteen Brell was caught shoplifting from a shop in which he and his co-father had just made a delivery too. After they returned home his father yelled at the troubled teen for over an hour about how disappointed the family was in him and how is attitude had been destroying harmony built over generations. Brell slipped away from the family's underwater homestead in the dead of night.

Living on the streets he fell into a life of crime quickly as he was unable to use any terminal or replicator using his own credentials without leading his family to find him as soon as the data was logged. He stole whatever he could food to feed himself, trinkets, PADDs, even jewelry right off the wrists of unsuspecting tourists. Being a cocky youth he got into a fight with some local two bit thieves the fight ended when one pulled a blade and slashed Brell deep across his forearm. Injured Brell had to go to a hospital, lucky for him the parent they reached was his co-father Daro. Who pleaded with the misguided youth to return home. Cocky and still mad at his birth father Brell refused and vowed that he would never need any of them for anything again.

In the next six months Brell found himself gaining a reputation as the boy who could steal anything. He lived a comfortable life preying on tourists and those who didn't keep their PADDs close in hand. Then he was approached by the Orion syndicate who were in need of his talents. He quickly built up his worth to the syndicate obtaining whatever they asked him get, at whatever the cost. Though he never found it necessary to harm anyone or cause much damage, he would simply pick his mark, and get the goods usually without the person even noticing.

It was when he was tasked to break into the home of a Starfleet officer and steal a PADD containing information on upcoming raids that everything changed. He was to follow the officer's son Jason and use the boy to gain entrance. Brell tracked Jason to his home but the human saw him and ended up inviting him in eager to make new friends Brell almost went through with robbing him, instead the two boys ended up talking, and talking he opened up and when the boy's father arrived The man recolonized Brell from a security report nearly taking him into the civil police. Brell felt remorse for what he was sent to do, and gave himself up. Jason's father Lt. Ranson was Starfleet intelligence posing as a starfleet security officer, He took pity on the young Bolian and saw an opportunity, So instead of taking him in Ranson told him that if he helped uncover the syndicate's operations on Bolarus, make amends to those he had robbed, and go home to his family that he would not be arrested. Bolian civil security forces gave their approval so long as he was in the custody of Starfleet security during the operation.

Brell did what he was told in fact he did it in record time, he returned all of the things he had stolen that he had yet to sell, and worked off those things he could not return. He lived with Jason, and his father while he worked to repay those the had wronged. Thanks in part to Brell's help Starfleet officers from the SB118 taskforce were able to arrest several members of the Orion syndicate, with precautions taken to make sure they could not trace the arrests back to him. It was time for the seventeen year old to return home. Lt. Ranson went with him that night, and told his parents about what Brell had done and then what he had done to make amends. He was welcomed back into the arms of his teary eyed mother overjoyed that her son had finally returned. The next few years Brell spent with his family working with his co-father, and growing closer to his siblings, he and Jason kept in close contact.

Academy & First Starfleet Tour 2375 - 2384

When the Dominion War broke out, Betazed fell to the enemy and the Bolarus sector became a battle front, Brell wanted to enter Starfleet to defend his homeland but due to his past it took him some time to get approval to join. With Lt. Ranson's support he was granted a position in Starfleet academy During the final year of the war, it may have been starfleet was willing to give him a chance or that they were desperate for new recruits.

His years at the academy were a pleasure of work for the young man eager to serve. More than once he had been tempted to switch sides to the Starfleet Marine Corps but he preferred the goal of keeping order in security to the notion of being on the front line. His minor in engineering proved to be something he had a real knack for as well. He could get lost in specs for hours, and actually enjoyed warp theory classes.

Shortly after being posted to the Federation Embassy to Duronis II Brell was promoted to Chief Engineer, though he had come to the Embassy as a security officer his quick thinking had caught the eye of the captain who moved him into engineering following the death of Ensign Cambell.

After an undercover mission to recover a Betazoid from the Zalkonian Embassy, Brell was given bad news his brother Vlenn and his wife had died in an accident on Bolarus. He was shocked even more when he was told that he was now the guardian of his his nephew Morin. When a short time later a shuttle crashed into the embassy on Duronis II, Brell sent his nephew home to the homeworld to live his grandparents.

After the closing of the Embassy and the expulsion of the federation from Duronis II, the crew was assigned to the Constitution-B. Brell was instead transferred to McKinley Station. While there he was part of a team of engineers overseeing the refit of the USS Galaxy. Starfleet felt this was the best way to grant the Bolian's request of learning more about the line. Brell found the time there very enjoyable and learned the class like the back of his hand. Shortly after resuming duty on the USS Constitution Brell was Honored by receiving the Barclay bead during a formal annual ball at SB118. On this same night he learned that his sister Greatha is engaged to Jo'van a family friend that he had worked closely with at the family homestead..

After a short period of time aboard sb-118 Brell found himself wanting to return to his roots. To go home and provide his nephew with more normal Bolian upbringing. He gave his resignation to Starfleet and returned home to Bolarus IX. Moving himself and his nephew into his family's homestead between the underwater city of Tragon and the Rasara mainland.

Civilian life 2384 - 2391

He took a job with his co-fathers company Daros’ll Farms, and began overhaul of the shimmershell farm upgrading equipment and expanding the clam spires.

In this time among his family Morin finally and slowly came out of the shell he had been in since his parents death. He takes an interest in biology.

With the help of an old friend who was now stationed on DS9 he established trade with a Ferengi company, Lok's Specialty Food Markets. The expansion forced Brell's co-father the company's owner Daro to do something he never thought would be needed and had a office/warehouse complex built next to the spires leaving the four rooms the company occupied in the families underwater homestead empty for the first time in generations. Not to mention the two state of the line cargo subs to ferry the extra loads to the mainland spaceports. The company continued its expansion and even more farming spires were constructed. Its number of employees made up mostly members the extended family and clan this was due to clan call to settle put out by Daro. Though the adherence to clan leaders is considered an outdated tradition in modern Bolian society a great number of the families extended relations responded eagerly.

As the business expanded, and more members of the extended family began to erect additional modules to the original homestead and farm spires over the subsequent years. As of 2391 the structures have a capacity of supporting up to 3,000. Due to the homesteads location in a squat deep trench Brell introduced the idea of establishing a relationship university of Bolarus to study the region, with the company taking on most of the cost. The extended family saw this as working for the greater benefit of all a tenant of Bolian philosophy and embraced the idea. The university accepted citing the homestead's trench having exceptional current pattern and water quality and the little impact from the farming. Construction began on research outpost module. In thanks for the company supporting nearly all of the cost of the research outpost the university donated a entertainment module with holosuites and holomat as well as a few shop spaces.

After the research outpost was completed Brell began to spend more and more time there along with his adolescent nephew Morin. He grew close to lead oceanographer Lokax and his family inviting them to reside in the homestead's original habitat module. During this time he was introduced to the lead scientist's daughter Lyldra and her husband Hars Vlin. The three became fast close friends. Seeing Brell's curiosity of ocean biology and innate technical skill first hand Lakax recommended him to the university's renowned Oceanography and Exobiology program using his credentials from Starfleet academy to satisfy core class requirements. Leaving his position in the family company Brell dived into his studies, evolution of sentient species from aquatic beginnings was a particular interest, later becoming his specialty. He spent his time bearing the heavy workload of a Bolian college well, often spending time studying with Morin, Time in consul with Lokax and Even more often studying late into the night when with Lyldra and Hars.

At first Lyldra had disliked him rather openly, the way his family propped him as the fortunate son had been off putting to her , and it took her longer to see Brell as a person. Once her husband Hars and Brell began dating is when things began to change. As Brell neared the end of his third year of the graduate program he was knocked off his feet when his closest friends invited him to join their marriage saying they had never felt they would find someone they could be so comfortable with. Brell was over-joyed and the wedding was performed weeks after. With Daro as the head of Brell's family, and Lokax being the head of Lyldra's family officiating the three's union.

Knowing the study of other worlds oceans and how they lead to bare life can only be truly studied in the field In 2391 with the support of his spouses he submitted his reenlistment to Starfleet.

Reenlistment 2391 - 2392

When he learned that he was not only to return to Duronis II as his first assignment, but that his former crewmate Toni Turner was now in command of the new embassy, he knew he had made the right choice to reenlist. Upon arrival he found out that the senior staff spent a good deal of time doing missions aboard the USS Thunder-A. Meaning that the ship did not need a third science officer on the senior staff. The Bolian was first worried he was not going to get the chance to study the oceans of Duronis II, but Fleet Captain Turner and he were able to come to a arrangement. With his engineering, security and science backgrounds he would don a red uniform and become an HCO officer while also being given dispensation to lead a team in the underwater science lab 3 at the embassy.

Since joining the embassy crew Brell has settled in well to his new role of HCO officer aboard the Thunder. His first few weeks with the crew were spent vacationing on Trill then Ba’Ku. As she was on assignment on Trill his wife Lyldra joined him in the shore leave, she then found her way into the service of the embassy offering her help when their vacation was cut short unexpectedly. His first time in the pilot's seat was in the Briar patch while the ship was under duress that made for a kind of out of the frying pan into the fire experience. As soon as they were out of the patch the rescue mission took them into a dense asteroid field which he had to navigate in during a combat situation. After getting through all of that he feels like he could fly the ship through anything.

When the Thunder’s rescue mission wrapped up he finally stepped foot again on Duronis II. Til’ahn had always felt like a second home to him and the new embassy was just as if not more impressive as the old one had been. Upon arrival he was surprised to find that his co-husband’s posting to the underwater lab had already gone through while the Thunder had been away. Later that same day at a formal gathering of the Embassy and USS Victory crews he was promoted to Lt. JG.

With Lyldra now assigned to the embassy diplomatic team, his Co-husband Hars assigned to the embassy’s underwater lab, Til’ahn and the Embassy are starting to feel like home and more than just an assignment. He and his spouses feel they can build their lives together here living among the staff and as guests of the Laudean people.

After a short but eventful joint mission with the USS Victory, Brell and Hars returned to the embassy where they were given the news from Lyldra that she was three weeks pregnant with the marriage's first child. Their Bolian traditions meant that soon the group and any children they have would either be joining Brell's extended family clan or would be joining Hars' family unit and taking the Vlin name as their own as was the custom in his home region of Bolarus. Tradition also stated that they would not learn the paternity until three days after the child's birth to ensure that the bond forms regardless of whom the birth father actually is. He did not care much about whether the child would be his or his co-husband's but he was also quite close to his family and the tight knit extended family he grew up with and knew they would be hoping he would be the father and his family would all be considered official members of his greater family. Though in modern times it was only ceremonial or by some considered antiquated to care about clan loyalty. Lyldra and her father held no bond with their clan generations ago becoming urban dwellers but to Brell his clan was just simply family he had always been around close cousins, distant cousins, aunts, uncles and their spouses it was all normal. He also knew they would still be his and his children's family even if their first child was Hars'. The embassy crew took shore leave and celebrated with a fish fry on the beach. Brell took over the cooking of the fish and spent his first day of leave going to the fishmarket filleting fish and mixing batters then frying it all up for his crewmates. After a quick swim with a few other officer he enjoyed the concert put on by musically inclined crew members one of whom was his otherwise shy co-husband Hars. After the performance he was pleasantly surprised to be called on stage along with Toni Lupo by Captain Frazier to receive a promotion he to full Lieutenant and his human friend to Lieutenant JG. The promotion being given to them by Frazier was fitting as the three had spent a good deal of time together recently working on the designs for the Captain's Miranda escort refit project.

With Lyldra due in a few weeks and after the stressful mission into Til’ahn’s past. Brell and Hars relocated themselves to DS6 knowing Lyldra’s ship the Darwin would be there soon. Upon arrival he found his Uncle Garll who owned a deli on the Station was catering for an event an annual shuttle race that seemed to be the highlight of the year for the region. He volunteered his assistance and within a few hours his very pregnant wife arrived. She was at first shocked to them worrying they were there to take her back to Duronis II early. Instead Brell announced he had put in for extended LOA and was considering putting in a family transfer request. They were there to support her and her decision to remain on board the Darwin.

Darwin & Fatherhood Late 2392 - 2393

He was given a tour of the Darwin the next day and met acting Captain Kael Thomas whom asked him to join them as an observer on the next mission. Which was the deployment of a Jentar Assembly to finally put an end to these terrible rifts plaguing the galaxy. He was assisting the Astrometrics when the call came. Lyldra had gone into labor and was not doing well having being beamed to to Darwin’s sickbay. He rushed there and they were told by Dr Janel Tarna that the twins were in danger, he recommended fetal transport.

Both of their children delivered securely the new parents spend the next three days with their progenies, while they awaited the naming ceremony and the grand party it would be. It had been long wait to find out who the father of twins was. When Tarna announced it was Brell he was overjoyed that they would be joining his clan and their marriages first children were his own. Hars would never feel left out that much he knew as he himself was closer to his co-father than his father. He hoped their Twins Renu and Linalu would feel close to all three of their parents, and that they would have many siblings down the line.

Soon after he formally applied for Transfer to the USS Darwin and stipulated he was looking for light duty. He was granted a position in Engineering the watch officer of the Beta shift. They were granted larger quarter on the Horizon class ship and he of course had a small kitchen installed and gave up a good deal of space for it as well as a dining area. Cooking was something he enjoyed doing and now that he was a father and his family was all in one place again he had planned to cook for them as often as possible. He settled into routine and the light duty of being on beta shift as well as enjoying a good deal of his own cooking.

Lyldra, Brell and, Hars ready for the Masquerade ball.

Upon their return from their mission to track down the villain Raikenoff and the QSD he stole, Renos treated the crew to a special event. A Masquerade ball, which Brell enjoyed thoroughly dancing with his spouses and many other partners throughout the evening, including Didrik Stennes Their next mission took took them back to the Delta quadrant. During the trip there life returned to the simple daily shifts, cooking meals, and time with his spouses and children.

Things were tossed on their head however when the Darwin’s crew was forced to abandon ship soon after arriving in the DQ. They were forced to take refuge on a planet in the midst of an industrial revolution. The non-human crew members had to undergo cosmetic alteration to blend in with the Turisans. Brell found the head and body hair difficult to get used to, but at least he had been left partially bald or balding as humans called it. That was due to complaining so much about having to have hair during his hair follicle stimulation session with the doctor. They were to be grouped into households and would need to find jobs to support themselves as it would take weeks for starfleet to receive their distress call and another few weeks for a QSD capable ship to arrive to rescue them.

Brell. Lyldra, Hars and the twins were grouped with Didrik Stennes, and Kurt Logan. Hars took a job on a fishing boat, Lyldra as a governess so that she could watch over the twins while she worked. Brell found work in bakery near their flat and quickly found the work to be enjoyable. Though the worry over his family being here and the twins not adapting to the local food well he often had trouble sleeping. He took night watch for the twins and found that he was not the only one in the house to have trouble sleeping. He and Didrik spent the late nights together getting to know one another and getting close. He found himself getting more and more comfortable with the human and on Newgrange Eve the two kissed after confessing an attraction to one another.

Things between them only got more complicated after they were rescued and returned to their normal appearances. It had been easy to forget how alien they were to each other when Brell appeared to be Turisan. Didrik was also uncomfortable with how easily words like affair were thrown around with much different meanings to humans. They have yet to tell Brell’s spouses or anyone there few daring sneak away encounters.

The next few months were spent in the construction of Outpost unity in partnership with the Talaxians of Talax II. He participated in many projects during the building of the outpost on top of the Dyson's Sphere they had discovered.. Most notably working with Cook, Pond and Silenas on the design of the outposts medical and science areas. He never really worked closely with the medical staff and found the experience satisfying. A grand opening ceremony for the Unity offered many surprises Garll his uncle had decided to move out to the Delta quadrant to open a new Deli on the outpost. A few days later they got the orders that Lyldra would be the sector’s diplomatic lead based on the outpost, with Brell elevation to the Darwin’s senior staff as systems specialist it was a bittersweet time for them all.

His first mission as a member of the Darwin’s senior staff is one he will never forget. Renos vanished just as the Darwin begins to go after nim Unity was attack from inside and out. The Darwin surviving the battle took days to repair before they were able to look for the captain. They soon found out it had been Iy had had taken Renos as ne was a J’naii deviant hunter. Iy also had seeded malware all over the Dawin that Brell, Varaan and R’ven were forced to clear out. They recovered Renos but the betrayal would hang on his mind for years to come.

The Darwin’s next mission saw was another that left an impact on him. With nanoprobless falling apart borg drones attacking like something out old Terran horror movie. To being burned by superheated metal that was acting as a shield. Most of all he was affected by the Drone girl that had helped to save them that they were ordered to leave behind. She was with the other nanoprobes drones whom all killed when the Darwin bombarded the surface, the threat of desperate drones too great to the region.

The leave after saw a wish fulfilled he had since his first tour in starfleet, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The party quickly came to an end with news that portals all over the Dyson Sphere were opening. They had no clue if any of these opening would intersect three man team were assigned with Brell leading the one entering through gate with a Soladite glow. Inside he along with Lt. Shanye and Lt jg Logan found themselves trapped inside a high tech maze with solid crystal walls seemingly stretching and twisting on forever lit with that same Soladite lighting. They encountered many puzzles including; isomorphic doppelgangers they had to prove their intent to and a complicated holographic get this ship through the rings test in which they had to decipher an alien language to even begin to figure out. After completing the puzzles they were presented yet another one, when the maze let into an environmental control room. It seemed a geography lab in the sphere that housed a full size volcano that they later found out LtCmdr. Valdivia’s team was investigating, had gone unchecked too long and some of the sphere’s air filtration systems were unable to keep up. Brell with his team’s help figured out how to restore automated maintenance with mere hours to go before the spheres entries were due to slam closed. [[1]]

The Darwin's next mission saw Brell endure the worst event of his life his capture and torture at the hands of a Consortium officer. As the senior officer present on the repair team of a communications relay station he was separated and at first beaten for information. Later drugs were used to force him to give up information on Darwin's QSD giving the villains all they needed to steal components from the ship. He was rescued shortly before the Vanquish was destroyed but the ship's first officer escaped with what she had done to him and the technology that information allowed her to steal.

During the event his family and seeing them again gave him strength to get through it, the fact that he did not think of Didrik led him to know it was time to formally end things between them the next time they saw each other.

Returning to the Alpha quadrant the Darwin took it's final shore leave on Trill where Brell enjoyed his second visit to the planet. Going to the baths again and enjoying the Rennyn Family farm the that crew stayed at.

Andaris Task Force - 2394

Upon Arrival at the chon built space station DS26 Brell ready to take on his new role as the XO of Atlantis found himself suddenly to be the only person of command rank in the ATF no effected by a sleeping sickness that befell the station. He quickly put together teams from the Darwin to board the Station and find out what was going on, eventually the medical staff found a way to reverse the effects while he and his team gained control of station systems to disperse the cure.

Things were hard on Brell in this time as he finally came clean and told his spouses about his Affair with Didrik Stennes. The arrival of his Nephew Morin to the Blackwell for his cadet cruise and medical residency aboard the hospital ship, offered some joy in an otherwise difficult time.

The next mission saw the ATF sent to Kiros III that was undergoing seismic disturbances. Causing the deaths of thousands and many more injured or trapped in a continent wide disaster. Brell led an away team to the surface to locate a VIP the prime minister's missing wife. When his team found her she was far from a damsel in distress and had been running relief efforts in the remote region.

Another shore leave saw Brell trying to mend fences with his spouses and Another move this time to Become the first officer of the USS Blackwell. There he would enjoy spending more time with his nephew even inviting the youth to move in to his quarters while the twins were on ds26 with his spouses.

The Blackwell set off on its next mission that took it to the site of mining colony undergoing a viral outbreak. A Freeworlds naval ship that had been threatening to destroy the mining colony was now falling out of orbit and Brell joined his new CO Capt. Zaekia in trying to gain control of it. The shore leave that followed had many long discussions between Brell and his spouses about how they wanted to move on and put things behind them.

The Blackwells next mission was well underway when the ship was suddenly struck by verteron mines throwing them out of warp and doing widespread damage. Leaving the bridge to help lead repair efforts from Engineering Brell ended up putting together a team to head into heavily damaged sections where out of control plasma fires were detected. Being rescued by the Atlantis both ships made their way to the planet Oscion, capital world of the houses of the Expanse.

Taking Command of Atlantis - Late 2394-2395

While the Blackwell was in orbit of the Planet Oscion he and his family rented a beach house and celebrated Renu and Linalu's second birthday. He, Hars and Lyldra also had a memorable outing with several fellow officers taking some DPVs(Diver Propelled Vehicles) out to visit the glowing coral reefs the planet was famous for. The fun times ended quickly when the Korri arrived in orbit blaming Atlantis and specifically Captain S'Ranna and his XO LtCmdr. Udro Nepra. Admiral Renos placed Brell in command of the USS Atlantis to escort it back to DS26 where the ship would be evidence and the two would be put on trial. It was not how he wanted his first command to begin. Soon it was clear that S'Ranna and Udro would not be able to return to leadership of the Atlantis, Renos formally gave him command along with a list of officers to gather to build a new crew.

He set off on QSD enabled medical runabout scheduled to be transferred to the ship many of his new crew would be coming from, currently in the distant Gamma Quadrant. he enjoyed the trip on even if the quarters were cramped, and of course getting to see Deep Space Nine, then go through the wormhole. Given the time the USS Darwin spent in the Delta quadrant he had now been in all four regions of the galaxy, a novel fact he enjoyed very much. Once the runabout was transferred and the crew that would be joining him on Atlantis informed of their new roles they boarded the USS Victory which ferried them back to alpha then beta quadrant and back to the Par'tha expanse.

Eager to foster comradely between his senior officers he hosted a meet and greet [[2]] hours after they boarded their new assignment.

Brell's first mission aboard Atlantis saw him have to act as a Diplomat trying to work out a settlement between Caraadian and Valcarian nobles each making claim to control the shipping hub world of Devron. He very much wished Lyldra was at his side for this one as the situation went from unstable to nail biting tense. Four ships in orbit ready to blast each other and Atlantis apart, all while he was dealing with squabbling nobles. The mission ended less favorably than he had hoped when the two sides engaged in open conflict, seeing the Caraadians win the day but not before the V.I.R. used some of the event to fuel their propaganda machine.

Receiving an invitation to join in winter festivities on a Caraadian moon in exchange for helping with a little power problem. Brell his co-husband, their children and the crew were treated to winter wonderland with a glistening ice palace for them to call their own for shore leave. Joining in the Winter feast tradition was enjoyable and quite the honor.

While returning to DS26 Atlantis fell prey to viscous attack perpetrated by the very same spider like robots that the former had encountered months before. Using deceitful tactics the robots ships slammed into Atlantis and robotic invaders poured in. Brell feared for the lives of everybody aboard and it took a great cost to overcome the invaders and keep the ship. The loss of 27 persons under his command hit him hard and with the Andaris Task Force uncovering links of the robotics company to the Consortium he was also infuriated.

Captain Brell on the bridge.

Battered, and under tow by runabout Atlantis made it back to DS26 where the crew was granted extended leave as the ship underwent repairs. After many debriefings Starfleet decided he and the crew had preformed admirably under the circumstances. Well enough that he was to be promoted to Captain. Having had served with many people in the fleet he came up with a plan to have the event on the Holodeck where guests from far away could join in via holo-sync.

Atlantis next mission was to be a breath of fresh air for the ship and crew, seeing to the establishment of Duck Blind outpost on Lydor V where an interesting sentient species of semi-amphibious people lived at bronze age level of development. The oceanographic scientist in him very much wanted to be a member of one of the team that would be going down to the surface posing as locals. However his presence would be needed on the bridge due to the other reason Atlantis would be visiting this world. Reports of illegal mining and long distance readings with EM signatures matching the robotic foes that had recently attacked his ship. He feels a personal vendetta to expose the Consortium's dirty practices to the whole of the Expanse.

Friends & Relationships

  • Hars Vlin and Brell first met when the University of Bolarus research module at his family's homestead was brought online. Hars' enjoyed the the homestead finding the underwater setting relaxing and that he could focus on his work much easier. Meeting someone here who he would eventually invite into his marriage was not expected. He, Brell, Lyldra, and Lalax spent a lot of time together both in the research lab and and at home as Brell's co-father had invited the science team to live in the main family's habitat module. When Brell started to attend the university himself Hars spent even more time with Brell and the two became even closer. It was Hars that proposed the idea the the three join together.
  • Lyldra was just a happy married young bolian woman living among millions in the old capital and attending the University of Boralus' xenopolitical sciences program when her life changed forever. Her father and husband had both accepted a field posting to some underwater farming homestead and she would coming along to live there. It was almost culture shock for her to go from the big city life to living as one of only 2,000 bolians that dwelt there. As months past she found the smaller group had great unity and family ties, unity they bestowed upon her and her family as well. She and Brell spent a good deal of time together when he entered the university. Hours spent shuttling her and himself to and from the campus daily. It was during these times alone with him that she warmed to him and affection bloomed. When Hars asked her what she felt about expanding their marriage she knew instantly it was Brell that he was wishing to speak of. Her reply cut through to their shared love of another as she said. "Yes we should marry him."
  • Morin is Brell’s nephew who he help raise after the loss the boy’s parent’s. Morin is the only member of Brell’s close family other than Lyldra to join starfleet. He will also be the only medical Doctor in the close family once his medical residency is complete.
  • Renos, though ne will always be more of Lyldra’s friend Brell has gotten to know the J’naii well enough to consider nir a close friend of his as well. It seemed they had little common at first but slowly found common interests and a celebration of their differences.
  • Toni Turner and Brell met as junior officers at the old embassy to Duronis II. Though they moved on to different assignments and lost contact after Brell left starfleet, his stories of his times at the embassy often featured their exploits and he remembered her fondly. When reenlisting and finding himself posted to the new federation embassy under the command of Then Fleet Captain Toni Turner, the two greeted each other as old friends and started to get to know one another again. Brell is proud of his friend and proud to served under her again. Since Transferring to the Darwin-A to be with Lyldra he tries to keep in touch with his former c/o.
  • LtCmdr Alexander Williams, Brell's first officer aboard the USS Atlantis. Though they first met through their work training fresh cadets at the Academy they two's friendship did not truly form until Alex became Brell's first officer. Since then Williams and his fiancee Dr. Cattan have become regular visitors to the Bolian families quarters in their off hours.
  • 1st Lieutenant Kurt Logan and Brell have served together a long time on various ships. Aboard Atlantis he is Brell's longest known acquaintance. The human is basically considered family by the Bolian spouses' having lived with them on Turisan II, attended family dinners in their quarters many times, and even once saved his uncle's life on DS26.
  • LtJG Valin Dermont joined the crew of the Atlantis at it's launch under Brell's command. The two quickly found something to bond over even before the two ever stepped aboard their future assignment: Food. Since then they have shared a few meals when not busy at work aboard the Intrepid class starship.
  • LtCmdr Didrik Stennes, Brell’s relationship with the Darwin’s counselor and second officer is complicated. The two grew close while the crew of Darwin was exiled on Turisan II quite close. Since then they have kissed twice and enjoyed a few secret rendezvous. Didrik somewhat overwhelmed by the complexities of Bolian relationships wished for them to take things slow leaving Brell anxiously awaiting the day when they speak to his spouses about their affair. That day came a very long time later after he had broken things off with Didrik. The two remain friends.
  • Randal Shayne and Brell have found themselves grouped together on many away teams during their time on the Darwin. He is someone Brell trusts implicitly and respects Randal on as well as off duty where they socialize when able too.
  • Brell first met Lupo when she reported aboard the Thunder during a rescue mission. They started to get to know one another when later in the mess hall he found her asleep at a table. This embarrassing moment for her had broke the ice and he much to her ire tends to remind her of it bringing it up at inopportune moments. The two often work closely as a former engineer himself and now HCO officer Brell is often willing to get his hands dirty when it comes to the ships propulsion systems. Having served together for several months seeing her quirky personality and brilliant mind he thinks of her as a spunky little sister.
  • Nigel Barrett and Brell met just after being posted to the embassy to duronis II. As the newest officers joining the ship while on leave they spent many of their first days among the crew together. Brell enjoyed the human's sense of humor, company and the shared experience of being the new guys made the two form a quick friendship during the short time they served together.


Brell’s quarters are located on deck three, aboard the USS Atlantis. The Bolian family of five extended the already large COs quarters into a even larger space with two bedrooms and a larger living space. The most notable feature when a guest enters beside the amazing views through the forward facing windows, is their kitchen area, featuring a cooking unit with oven, a small counter next to the replicator, along with a four foot tall seawater tank holding fresh growing seaweeds, and kelp from their homeworld. Brell can often be found there preparing meals for the family and guests when he can find the time. The space represents the three spouses well, with brightly colored Bolian plants filling the rooms, a few silk tapestries favored by Lyldra adorn the walls, dominating the seating space side wall is a oil painting of the Daros’ll family underwater homestead, and a model of a ancient Bolian houseboat stands on the on the coffee table as Brell's favorite reminder of Hars' when they are parted. Renu & Linalu’s nursery with it’s circular crib the twins share when aboard is filled with items given to them by the Darwin's crew at their naming ceremony as well as some other things that had been sent from their families on Bolarus. The spouses' bedroom was just large enough to fit their extended sized bed.

Interests and Hobbies

  • Deep sea diving: What had once seemed like a fact of life for someone who grew up in an underwater homestead Brell has come to take pleasure in viewing underwater vistas and marine life in person and up close. This has also led to a developing interest in holophotography. He enjoys snapping images of his underwater excursions.
  • Cooking: Another fact of life from his childhood that became a hobby and source of enjoyment to him. He usually cooks meals in his quarters for himself for for his spouses when he is able. He will sometimes go out of his way to get to cook for groups of friends and crewmates taking pleasure out of seeing everyone's enjoyment of the meal he created.
  • Boxing: After competing in the Embassy to Duronis II Boxing Tournament of 2383. He has kept practicing the sport though has never been quite able to master keeping his footing in check. He has enjoyed having practice bouts with his shipmates including; Christopher Lambert, Jared Thoran, Marine Captain McKnight, and Hannibal Parker.
  • Vectorboarding: Brell has his own Vectorboard which used hang in his above his bed in his quarters when not in use. Now its place is in the storage closet. Though he rarely gets the chance to use it anywhere other than a holodeck due to the risk and the ire of his spouses.

Holodeck Vectorboarding Trip


Chronological History

  • Assigned to the Federation Embassy to Duronis II Security Department. 2382
  • Transferred to Embassy Engineering Department as Chief Engineering Officer on stardate 238302.11
  • Promoted to Full Lieutenant on route to Brikkar. 2383
  • Transferred to The USS Constitution-B with the rest of the Senior staff as Chief Engineer. 238310.06
  • Resumed duty on The USS Constitution-B as Chief Engineer.
  • Posted To SB-118 engineering and brought Morin to live with him on the station.
  • Received the Barclay Bead on Stardate 238401.09
  • Resigned Starfleet commission and returned to Bolarus IX. 238405.07
  • Took position in families company. 238405.25 - 238611.06
  • Student at University of Bolarus. 2386 to 2390
  • Joined in marriage with Lyldra and Hars. 238802.06
  • Reenlisted in Starfleet. 239103.25
  • Assigned to the Federation Embassy to Duronis II HCO Officer. 239109.20
  • Promoted to Lieutenant
  • Transferred To USS Darwin-A, Beta shift Engineer
  • Birth of his children Renu and Linalu 239209.01
  • Joined the USS Darwin-A’s Senior Staff as Systems Specialist
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander & Chief Engineer
  • Promoted to Commander
  • Transferred to USS Atlantis as first officer.
  • Transferred to USS Blackwell as first officer.
  • Given Command of the USS Atlantis 239410.04
  • Promoted to the rank of Captain 239504.04

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