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Embassy, Duronis II
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Position Federation Ambassador to Til'ahn
Rank Captain
Species Bolian
Gender Male
DOB 235511.25
Age 45
Birthplace Rashia City, Rasara, Bolarus IX
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Lieutenants Cook and Brell - The Blue man’s check up.

((Stardate 239307.11))

((Sickbay, Deck 10, USS Darwin-A))

::Brell stood in the corridor outside of sickbay the time had come for his follow up appointment with Dr. Cook. It had been over three months since his last physical where he was given orders to improve himself. He sighed he had come here and had no excuses not to just go in and get it over with. With a huff he walked the few meters down the hall and into sick bay. The husky Bolian was greeted by a nurse moments after walking in.::

Nurse: Can I help you?

Brell: I’m here for my follow up appointment with Dr. Cook.

Nurse: I’ll get him right away, let's get you to a bed.

::He was shown to a bio-bed but did not sit down on it. Instead he stood uncomfortably waiting on the Doctor. He wished he had worn civilian clothing his starfleet issue boots had to weigh over a kilo alone. He knew it did not matter the biobed sensors were sophisticated as were the medical capabilities of the current Tri-padd. They could easily remove the weight of clothing, and much more than that. In reality the information that could be collected on a single individual in medical scans was staggering.::

::A head popped into his office to state his 11:15 appointment was here. Doctor Cook picked up his PADD and Tricorder and with a bounce in his step he left his office. He spotted the blue Bolian who looked like he was attempting to hide his nerves. As he moved towards the biobed he smiled to ease his friend that everything will be alright. Graeme cast his mind back to his last appointment with Brell.::

((Cook’s flashback))

((Stardate 239304.01, Sickbay, USS, Darwin-A))

Cook: There are good and bad points that I'm away to explain to you. Please as always this is no way a telling off however what you are doing isn't bad. You are eating healthy however you are doing a thing I like to call the Yo-yo effect. This is when you are eating good healthy food however you are eating far too much. Take rice and pasta they are carbohydrates, slow burners which is good for energy and when you eat them your digestive system turns them into glucose also called blood sugar. However if you eat too much then your body won't burn it off especially if you don't exercise. The sugar then stores and turns into fatty deposits and I apologise but...hence the size you are.

::Looking at Brell he gave an endeavouring look of agreement. Graeme didn't like this part, the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts but a fact is a fact, Graeme wants to help Brell not lecture him. This was his first offense with the doctor and he will advise his next steps to take.::

Brell: I can do more I would agree.

Cook: Well I think the first thing is to cut your portions down, but we will have to start you gradually as we can't just have you eating one portion when you have let's say two or five

((End of flashback))

Cook: Ah my favourite Bolian, on time and may I say your looking rather healthy!

::Brell grinned when Cook walked up, at least the Human had a decent bedside manner. They had worked together before and had a trust as well, something important. Something that had made the Bolian trust his medical directives more.::

Brell: Good day Doctor, have you enjoyed our reduced workload of a shore leave?

Cook: Sadly I have been stuck here in sickbay with medical after medical, updating files, blah blah but I won't bore you with my work, So if you Could pop on to the biobed and we shall see what it says I guess get the worst part out of the way. How are you feeling?

::The heavy Bolian got up on the bio bed, trying not to look nervous. He had been trying pretty hard to follow Cook’s orders. He just hoped it had made a difference.::

Brell: I’m feeling good I’d say, other than it will take awhile to process everything from our last mission. oO plus the one before it. Oo

::As Brell got comfortable he began to run the biobed scan for weight. Acting as a giant set of scales a few numbers appeared, taking note of them Graeme pulled a face of agreement and nodded with the numbers produced and with what Brell had said.::

Cook: I can relate with that I feel this last mission was more testing than the Borg encounter.

::Sickbay would have earned their weight in gold if they were paid for the work pumped out of keeping the two hundred plus crew on their feet and ensuring they were effective on prioritizing who needed what treatment. One of the big things that got Cook riled and all emotional was the autopsy of his friend Dr Tarna. But now wasn't the time to mump and moan about the past.::

Brell: Didn’t think that could be possible but I agree.

::His restless nights agreed with the doctor too. These last few missions had been very high stress.::

Cook: Well where do I start? I'm impressed you have lost some weight. But you have gained something… Muscle! I'm looking at your biometrics and I must say you have stripped a lot of fat! Well done! My question is what is your food portions like?

::Graeme smiled as he had mentioned during Brells last check up that he was eating too much. The saying is to lose fat you need to gain muscle in order for the fat to be burned, a nice balance of going to the gym and healthy eating with ideal portions can lead to a really good diet. Graeme regarded Brell as a comfort eater who loved to cook, but the portions he served were rather on the large side.::

Brell: That’s great! .. ::He had to think on the next question. He had felt like every time he had eaten since his last check in he had tried to have less.:: Um well, fewer I’d say. I have been avoiding second helping and have been ordering less double portion sizes at the replicator. Though this has me hungry for my next meal more than I’m used too.

Cook: That sounds reasonable, your stomach will have stretched with the amount of food you used to eat. It takes twenty minutes for your brain to register that food has settled and your stomach sends signals to say it's full. Twenty minutes is a long time to shovel in as much food as you think you can manage.

Brell: I’d like to blame natural increased Bolian appetite but, I think I just got used to eating large when I lived on the homeworld after my first Starfleet tour.

::Where the kitchens would be filled with family happily cooking away for the group. Where he was surrounded by hundreds of loved ones. There it was easy to overeat, it was seen as common for men over thirty to do so. He wondered how much of that was their increased appetite and slowed metabolisms or was due to some old bit of culture.::

Cook: ::Laughing:: I get your meaning but you just said it you got used to eating large, it's not easy to train your brain to change but once you find the key to unlock the door that helps you ease out of your mass eating then it will become easier it's just a matter of time!

::Graeme tried to explain his meaning in the nicest way possible but as a doctor he swore an oath to tell the truth and not hide any problems from any patients under his care, regardless if it's not what they don't want to hear. When he has to tell a patient their situation he does it in a way that they hopefully understand and he isn't lecturing them.::

Brell: oO Easy for you to say Doctor Fit n’ Healthy. Oo Day by day right. I’m just looking forward to feeling full again sometimes, no not full… I mean satisfied after a meal.

Cook: Well Mister can't wait to be full… Would you like to know your weight?

::Whoops, he had said something that poked one of the Doctor’s buttons. Not on purpose of course. And it was true, he was much hungrier during the day than he was used too. He did miss eating more as well so he knew it was not all physical. A good deal was mental, stemming from habit and spurred on by culture.::

Brell: Ummm .. Sure … Doc?

::Stood with a serious look on his face Graeme looked at his tricorder and tilted it away from Brells peeking eyes. He tapped away at the screen shaking his head with a sad look, Behind Brell on the wall was a console Graeme brought an image of Brells body up on screen and moved over to it.::

Cook: As you can see ::Pointing to Brells arms on the console:: Your arms especially these part what I like to call bingo wings have almost dissatisfied and look at the muscle definition on your biceps. Have you been lifting weights or high impact training?

Brell: Got on a three day a week Boxing training routine, plus an extra day of adel’iin training.

Cook: Excellent! If I show you… One moment…

::In Brells last medical Graeme had saved the biobed scans and moved them up next to the first scan and began to compare. As a doctor it was obvious what areas Brell had lost weight and where he had gained muscle growth. He looked to Brell if he could see the difference.::

Cook: If you compare both scans I can see a huge ((No pun intended)) difference! And if I'm honest?... I'm pretty… Impressed! When you were first here you weight at the 112kg which is roughly 17 and a half stone… Now… You are a record 109.5kg which is 17 stone and 3.4lb if my maths serves me correctly you lost a round a quarter of a stone! Well done sir!

::Three kilos, just three! All of the eating like a sand crab all the renewed workout routines for just three kilos in nearly four months. With a somewhat defeated sigh he stood and took a look at the screen. He had seen countless diagrams, schematics, and bio-scans in his years in starfleet. As well as many similar looking bioscans of sea-dwelling creatures obtaining his oceanographic degrees. Humanoids were different of course and the Doctor knew much more about them than he ever would. He stared at the screen and the two images, it was easy to see the areas where muscle mass had increased. He had lost a few centimeters from his waist too, the scan showed that was more dramatic than what he could tell from ever so slightly looser fitting trousers. Inside he had reduced the amount of visceral fat in his midsection and around his organs. He looked to cook while still looking over the internal images of himself.::

Brell: 3kgs... I’m glad you showed me this. Just three kilograms lost would not seemed like much difference without the visuals.

::It wasn't easy to tell someone who was on the large side to stop their habits and go on a diet, especially if the person telling them was skinny by comparison and probably looked like they could be done with a decent meal in their belly. But that was the difference between the two species on was small slender whilst the other reminded the Doctor of a water dwelling mammal breathing oxygen but encased in a layer of fat called blubber for deep sea diving. If Graeme attempted to dive to the depths that Brell could he wouldn't survive unless he was wearing specialist equipment.::

Cook: So after seeing and knowing your results how do you feel?

Brell: I feel alright …not sure how it all stacks up medically speaking, I am within acceptable Starfleet guidelines for Bolian officers now?

Cook: Almost you still need to keep going the way you're going as it states they are guidelines. Let's say someone your size and weight but instead they had more muscle mass should they be unfit to do their job? No not at all! You are a Bolian and Starfleet has exceptions, I have them but I know you personally and you are always working and I have never seen you in sickbay on an out of the ordinary visit, so what is the difference. There is none just remember it is a guideline. I get the final say! When it comes to a senior officer arguing about medical decisions with me they will lose!

Brell: ::Holding up his hands in Human sign of surrender:: No arguments on your word from me Doc. oO I have heard the stories! Oo This is all just kind of stuff I didn’t really think about.

Cook: ::Laughing at Brells gesture:: We'll I'm happy with your transformation! Well done! Hard work pays off! Is there anything else that you want to discuss? Kids playing up… Just to say I will be useless at an answer for that unless you want a sedative? ::Laughing at his own joke::

Brell: ::Chuckling:: They are walking now so when they are in their crib it’s easy time. They are sleeping through the night now as well, better than I can say for myself.

Cook: Oh? ::Surprised by Brells comment:: Are you ok? Do you want to talk about it?

Brell: oO Not really Oo Oh, just these last few missions, I’d say. The Borg girl my away team had to leave behind … Iy, and everything ne did … Just makes it a bit hard to sleep some days.

::When he said the name it was in a quiet almost harsh whisper. He could hear Iy laughing in his mind just as ne had done his his nightmares.::

::As Brell explained Graeme could see why he wasn't sleeping. The Borg is one of the major enemies of Starfleet. The name Iy was a hushed name around the senior officers especially after learning about the deletion and blocking of nir medical files and kidnapping of the captain. Graeme had served on an away mission to Zackdorn with recruit Iy, he never thought ne would have turned out the way nem did. Looking at Brell he could see the exasperation in the Bolians face. This was a grey area where Graeme could only do so much.::

Cook: Ok, If you are not having nice dreams I can give you a disposable hypospray that contains Morphazine, now this will put you into a state of sleep where you won't have any dreams, as your body is going through big change you need to rest and recuperate, it sounds creepy experiencing no dreams but you will wake up right as rain but to help combat your mind and chase those negative thoughts about the past that will require a councillor as I dissect and operate on the brains not the world of reverse psychology.

::His head spun from the amount of information Cook had just given him. They had failed the borg girl and they had failed to spot that Iy was a traitor, those failures were big and they would not be something he would or could easily let go of. But medication, and counselling did he really need all of that. He stopped to think a moment, the last five nights in row he had waken in the night from the subject matter of his dreams. Only two out of those five times had he managed to get back to sleep the other three he had just stayed up glad he was with his wife and children for a distraction. He looked to the human Doctor, wondering just how much he had been affected by the last mission and how he was coping with it. He imagined right now as shaken as the crew had been sedatives were a common short term prescription being given out.::

Brell: How many doses are in the hypo, I’m a bit nervous to use it too frequently? oO just one and I’ll be back for another tomorrow night at 0245 Oo

::Graeme could hear the nervousness in the Bolian's voice. Self administration was no easy task it's easy for the doctor to inject a patient with a dose

Cook: The hypospray will only let you administer one dose that should be taken as you go to bed it will take a minute or so to travel through your blood and put you in a nice deep sleep I just need to calculate a dosage that will last eight to ten hours my reasoning for this length of time is you sound exhausted and you need to catch up on some well earned sleep. The spray will last you five days that's enough time to hopefully see a councillor I will put a not as your a priority… Hang on a moment Lyldra is a councillor I don't know if you would prefer her to be your local shrink as its a little close to home, what I mean is I don't know if you want her to find out? As this is all confidential.

Brell: Good, five doses sounds like plenty. oO Hopefully. Oo .. Yeah .. Lyldra has said before that would be a breach of ethics as far as she felt to see either Hars or I professionally. I would see one of the Darwin’s pack of shrinks ::He chucked at the word.:: You humans have so many .. interesting nicknames for things.

::Graeme let out a relief sigh as he had hoped Brell wouldn't use his wife, regardless that she is/was a councillor the last he knew about it Lyldra was serving on the Outpost as lead diplomat she would have no authority over the patient on board the Darwin that would leave Ensign Scudder or Commander Stennes to attend to Lieutenant Brell.::

Cook: oO Interesting names? He should see Todd Manius and myself after a few whiskey's about the shrinks. Oo The five doses will help you rest easy and I will leave it down to your councillor to chase me for a repeat prescription. I know that Ensign Scudder is busy at the moment I could personally speak with Didrik and have an appointment set up with him for you?

::Brell almost coughed, thinking of sitting in Didrik’s office his head in his lap telling him all his fears. Neither of them were that unprofessional of course but still.The two of them talked a lot yes but it would almost be worse than if he were to see Lyldra as a counselor. Given the fact he and Didrik shared an attraction they had a few times acted on. He looked to Cook, his face unconsciously a shade bluer.::

Brell: I think I will wait for Mr Scudder, … um Didrik and I are clos… friends. ::He composed himself a bit better, and spoke more evenly.:: I would consider myself good friends with Didrik so it might be a good idea to speak with our newer counselor.

::Graeme showed his best Vulcan impression by raising an eyebrow at Brells statement. With the Ensign Graeme didn't know how much experience he had in his short length of service compared to Commander Stennes. But Graeme shrugged his shoulders as this was Brells wish.::

Cook: So be it I will forward a mail with your sleep deprivation and reasoning for it and my actions I have taken to aid you for now.

::On his tricorder he ran the calculations of the dosage required to help Brell sleep at night. So 0.5 mg per hour equals 10mg times that by 109.5kg equals 1,095mg that should be around 1.95parts per million so that would make it 11cc’s. It want a large dose but enough to do the job. He sent it via his tricorder and within moments a nurse appeared with a hypospray on a silver tray. Graeme picked it up and set it to only give one dose, these tricorder were linked to the computer and can only be used during certain hours of the day/night as not to accidentally overdose on the drug. That can be changed by any of the senior medical staff. Handing the hypospray to Brell.::

::He took the hypospray and was glad Cook had not asked any follow up questions over his choice of counselor. That could have become very awkward very quickly and awkward was a state the open Bolian was used to being in. There was hardly anything he had ever in his life had a hard time talking about until this. Leave it to a human to complicate things so much.::

Cook: I forgot to mention this can't be used more than once in a day it's linked with the computer and can only be changed by myself or my senior staff. So just in case it's left about and one of your toddler's happened to get their hands on it, it will be in a safe mode till your bed time.

Brell: That is good to know Doctor, I will keep it in our bathroom in the cabinet with our head shaving blades just to be safe. Not even a meter tall yet and as soon as the the wobbly walking began so did the grabbing of everything within reach!

Cook: ::Chuckling:: Aye kids grow up fast and their hands seem to want to know what this and that is…

Brell: At least we don't have that one problem human parents do, ::Smirking:: Hair pulling!

::Graeme propped an arm out on the biobed to control his balance as he laughed hard, he remembered when Brell and Hars had both complained about having hair when they had to hide and blend in on the planet Turisian as humans.::

Cook: Mmmm yes I agree! Well Brell I'm happy to say that as long as you stick to this training that you are doing as well as the diet you can keep this level and you will come out on top as you are now! Once you see Mister Scudder I hope the therapy works and you can rest easy without the aid of drugs. One last thing before I clear you if you have any side effects or reactions please don't use this again report to sickbay and we shall do our best. I have never had any problems with this. But you never know! ::Winking at Brell::

Brell: I would I course. And I should say this wasn't as … unpleasant … as thought it would be, this appointment. Now that it is done, I have heard you and Miss Lyna have become more friendly, Lyldra and I have been talking about us all getting together sometime.

Cook: ::Blushing slightly:: Wow news travels fast ::Laughing nervously:: I haven't got around to tell people yet but thank you do you know I almost had a moment where I wanted to do a ship broadcast and declare my love for her! I'm glad I didn't. Getting together with would be a brilliant idea… You cooking?

Brell: ::Laughing:: Sorry if the news wasn’t public, but our partners do work together so I’m sure we may hear things first from time to time. Oh and I always cook when we have company. ::Grinning widely::

Lt. Brell, Systems Specialist, Uss Darwin, NCC-99312-A

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