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Embassy, Duronis II
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Position Federation Ambassador to Til'ahn
Rank Captain
Species Bolian
Gender Male
DOB 235511.25
Age 45
Birthplace Rashia City, Rasara, Bolarus IX
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Lieutenants Cook and Brell - Brell’s physical.

((Stardate 239303.01))

((Sickbay, Deck 10, USS Darwin-A))

::Sitting rubbing his head feeling worse for wear. Dr Cook definitely had one too many whiskey's it was a good night, but was it worth this hangover. Getting up out of his chair and moving over the replicator.::

Cook: A tall glass of pure filtered water at room temperature please.

::At an instant a tall glass materialised in front of him. He licked his parched lips, it was as if his mouth was a desert and it desperately waited for the rain. He took a long gulp from the glass and let out a sigh of enjoyment. He picked up the glass and stepped out onto the shop floor. He probably had a Queue of hungover crew mates waiting for some miracle medicine to cure their hangovers. Even in this day and age there is no set hangover cure, people will say have a full fry up or take a bath or any other crazy ideas. Graeme's best way was drink plenty of water and suffer in silence as it is self inflicted.::

::The portly Bolian engineer had finally given into his spouses requests and come into sickbay. He knew he could only put it off so long before he would be ordered to come in by Dr. Cook. He knew the words caloric intake and diet restrictions were likely coming and that was part of the reason he had been avoiding his physical. Even for a Bolian male who tended to be naturally stockier and heavier than say human males, he could stand to lose a few kilos. Since joining the Darwin crew and becoming a father to twins he had not found the time to practice his boxing skills or run a Adel'iin holodeck training session. He walked into the ship's medical center and quickly saw Lt. Cook.::

Cook: Mr Brell..what do I owe the pleasure?

::Trying his hardest to smile naturally with a hangover must have been obvious. Taking another sip of water. It made him start to feel a bit better.::

Brell: I’m overdue for my physical, and have been told it would be an order if I didn’t come by my wife.

Cook: ::Laughing:: The wife cracking the whip? Please come this way.

::He did not get the joke though the Human had found it quite amusing. Not wishing to offend the man he grinned in response. He had learned many human idioms in his years in starfleet. He had thought that one had meant to make something go faster, and was related to a time when they had beasts of burden. They would sit on a cart as the beasts pulled and it they wanted it to go faster they would use a whip to strike the animals. In this case Lyldra had literally told him that she could make it an order to go, and implied she would if he did not come to sickbay on his own. He made a mental note to pull up the cultural database and look up other meanings of the phrase.::

::Leading Brell to a biobed. Graeme lowered it so his patient didn't have to clamber up onto it. Indicating to take a seat on the bed. Graeme picks up a PADD and accesses Brells medical file.::

::He was led over to the nearest bio-bed and sat somewhat uncomfortably. Waiting for the doctor to begin scanning him. He liked Cook having been on his team during the outpost planning mission. He found the human’s jovial nature comfortable and tried to focus on that to get through this.::

Cook: Ok Mr Brell, I'll start of with a few questions, firstly though how have you been doing?

Brell: Have been doing alright, stress of being a new father of course but it’s rewarding too. So worth it.

::Half stress half joy the act of becoming a parent had been. The twins were the root of a great many deal of worries especially now that they were becoming more mobile. They also brought a smile a sense of family and a bit more joy into his life everyday more so than he had ever expected possible.::

::Becoming a father must be one of the most proudest feelings to feel. It dawned on Graeme it would be a long time before he had children. Brell mentioned the word stress but having worked with him during he designing of Outpost Unity's science and sickbay area. He didn't seem at all stressed and was positively giving his full attention into helping with all of the contributions to build an effective area. Graeme indicated to Brell to lie down. Helping him get comfy, Graeme ::

Cook: I bet. Just wait till they start to walk I'm sure you will be chasing them and you being chased by your twins. Are you comfy? I'm just going to run a biometrical scan on your body, just relax please.

Brell: Pining for these days when all they do is roll themselves about, I sure. I’m fine. ::He lied. Biobeds felt to him as if they went out their way comfortably uncomfortable.:: Scan away.

::Graeme looked at Brells medical history. Whilst working his hangover seemed to disappear but if Graeme went to go and lay down he would probably start to suffer again. Brell's height was measuring in at 1.79m and the bed brought up his weight straight to the PADD, Brell was weighing in at 112kg combining those on the BMI chart he had a score of 36/35 which meant he was obese. At an instant Graeme wanted to lecture him on his weight and health. He looked at a file attached it was about the Bolian race. It had said that the age group that Brell was in which was the mid thirties. It would seem that it was an evolutionary genetic hold, his appetite would increase and his metabolism would slow down. So Graeme held back from a lecture and sought to help him rather than lecture him.::

Cook: Have you had anytime to keep fit?

Brell: oO Here we go. Oo

::He first thought of exaggerating his workout routine. Then he thought of blaming the twins but that wasn’t fair either. No it had been he who skipped out on attending Kaigut class with Lyldra and Hars. He had plenty of free time he could have gone to the gym or ran any exercise program of his choosing even with the duties of child care and working beta shift.::

Brell: Not much, I need to make the time really.

::He braced himself for the lecture that he had coming to him. When he had served at the embassy he often trained by swimming in the ocean. He also sparred in boxing ring with Hannibal Parker though the large Human always won their bouts. Since getting here he had simply made excuses and enjoyed his daily cooking routine a bit much.::

::Something caught Graeme's eye about an accident where he suffered serious damage to his left arm it also states that a dermal regenerator can't heal the scar. Well one thing Cook knew was the pigmentation of the Bolian's was due to their blood colour, as their blood is cobalt-based. So a dermal regenerator won't work with cobalt-based blood.::

Cook: Can I see your left arm please?

Brell: oO No diet this, or required exercise that. Yet anyway. Oo

::He realized he was looking at the doc with a blank surprised expression. After a moment he snapped out of it. Knowing just what Cook wanted to see and started to pull up his uniform sleeve.::

Brell: Of course, comes up every time.

::His left sleeve fully up he held up his arm palm up to give the doctor a as good of a look as he wished to take at the scar on his forearm. Looking at it he could not help remembering the event that caused it. What should have been his wake up call then but wasn’t, reminded him now to listen to reason as well as the consequences of bad choices.::

::Brell lifted his arm and rolled up the sleeve. A clean deep scar was prominent on his left forearm. It had healed nicely however it had left a scar. As a surgeon Graeme knew he could get rid of this but it would mean having an operation where he would cut away the scarred flesh and he would graft flesh from an area of Brells body like the leg and graft it in to the old wound and using a protoplaser and dermal regenerator it would heal up nicely with minimum scarring.::

Cook: What happened if I may ask? Has that wound caused you any problems?

Brell: No pain or problems it was healed up fine then. It was just quite deep and I waited too long before seeking medical care so they were not able heal it without a scar. ::He paused, knowing he had to say more.:: I was fifteen and making bad choices a sting of those led me into getting into a fight with two thieves over something that belonged to none of us. One of them pulled a knife and I should gotten out then but didn’t.

::He did not go on to say how he had nearly bled out trying to wrap the wound in his tunics. How when he went to a hospital and they contacted his family. How when his co-father had rushed in and told no begged him to come home, he had all but spat in his face. Most of all he didn’t share how he still felt guilt over it his actions and attitude as a youth.::

Cook: Have you thought of surgery?

Brell: It could be fixed by now I’m sure, but I prefer to keep it. Reminds me to make the right choices and listen to good advice.

::Brell was older than Graeme those words he had just spoken were beautiful a scar that Graeme clearly knew was deep enough to cause problems that probably could have ended his life. A life long lesson works as long as we have something to remind ourselves to choose from right or wrong. It would seem this was Brells.::

Cook: Well I won't badger on about it if you are happy then I'm happy.

::He started to roll down his sleeve. Looking up to Doctor Cook as he spoke. Speaking about getting stabbed was not easy. It was part of his past and he didn’t try to hide it or avoid the subject. That didn’t keep the feelings of regret from flooding in when that time period did come up. The Bolian who had a reputation for being jovial started to push the memories down and tried to think of something funny.::

Brell: So what’s next Doc. ::Grinning:: will I live?

Cook: For now!

::Looking at his PADD, whilst they were chatting the bed was scanning Brells pulse, heart rate, his brain waves and they all came back with borderline positive signs. However if Brell took a step back and started to become a little more physical. Looking over his records he is a boxer and his previous medicals all check out. Graeme wouldn't be doing his job as a doctor without giving him a lecture over his health and fitness.::

::He gave a genuine chuckle. He laid back on the bio bed to allow it to continue scanning him. So far this was not as bad as he expected. The doctor looked over the readings and Brell thought of making some small talk. Just as he was about to ask about the weather in the doctor's region of origin on earth, the human began speaking.::

Cook: ::Smiling:: Well mr Brell the biobed scans indicate that your heart rate is slightly high. But I would like to pop up off the bed.

::Graeme lowered the bed so it was easier for Brell to get off. Once Brell was standing in front of Graeme he was going to have Brell do some physical tests.::

::The bed lowered as he swung his legs around and sat up. He stood and looked to the Doc wondering just what he was in for. Things had to be addressed if their were any issues, and he was too far into this physical to run from it now.::

Brell: ::A bit nervously:: What would you like me to do Doctor?

Cook: Don't worry I read that you did boxing?

Brell:Yes I competed in a tournament at the Embassy on Duronis II about nine years ago and I have kept it in my fitness routine ever since. I also swim but as Bolian skin oils make movement in the water almost resistance-less I have to swim a good distance more to get as much out of as a human would. So swimming is more for pleasure.

::Sat in of Doctor Cook was his patient Lieutenant Brell, a Bolian that had came for a physical. His physical wasn't good from the start. Brell was sadly overweight. However his background was a sporty one he was an excellent swimmer. That good that Graeme would get embarrassed as he can't swim. ::

Cook: I would like you to do a few exercises just to get the old heart pumping and get that blood flowing, first can you do ten squats.

::Graeme picked up a tricorder from beside the bed and scanned Brell as he began the exercise. The theory behind this was if Brell could do the exercises without being majorly out of breath then he will pass his physical with a few recommendations. If his heart and breathing elevate too much then maybe a balanced diet and a training program could be on the cards.::

::The heavyset Bolian unzipped his uniform jacket and tossed it on the biobed. The starfleet uniform was made for flexibility but he preferred to be wearing less layers when exercising. Remembering his starfleet academy days he performed a proper bodyweight squat his arms out in front of him for balance and form as well as he could remember. He repeated this nine additional times. He tried not to focus on Cook scanning him as he performed the moves. At the end his breathing was a bit deeper than it had been when he started but overall he felt like he was on the bridge and things had just jumped into action. It had been six months since he had been a senior officer on an Akira class starship. The Thunder required more frequent physicals and fitrep reports to be filed than many starships in the fleet.::

Cook: Good, good form and technique. I would like you take up your sparring stance and I want you to throw jabs in front of you as fast as you can for thirty seconds. I will count you down. Ready?

::Making sure he was properly stanced and had enough room he began to throw full arm extension jabs in a one two sequence, Counting to himself as he did so, he had not done a boxing training routine since his last posting.::

Cook: 30, 29, 28........5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Good.

::Sickbay was usually silent. That silence was broken with Brells heavy breathing. It wasn't bad he sounded like any other person who has just done a warmup. Graeme knew how Brell felt, during the Kaigut lessons the warm up is harder than the rest of the class. But warming up helps getting the heart pumping that richly oxygenated blood around our bodies to keep the supply flowing to our muscles. Scanning Brell as he stood his heart was situated on the right-hand side of his abdominal cavity. The valves were opening and closing perfectly with no hindered efforts. Looking at the stout Bolian he was catching his breath. But had a slight look of disappointment. Perfect. Which meant Graeme knew he was slowly deteriorating from lack of exercise and having a healthy appetite.::

::The doctor finished counting and he immediately stopped. While he did not feel as if he needed to put his hands on his knees he could tell his breathing had become heavy.::

Brell: oO Fifty-Five, last time I did this it was eighty-five in that time and one hundred in the full minute. Oo

::He looked to the doctor slightly disappointed but his count waiting to hear what the results of the scans were. No matter what the doc said the next J’naii Kaigut class he was going and he knew he needed to see what deck this ship's gym was on and get back to his fight practice.::

Cook: Wow better than I expected if I'm honest.

Brell: I see.

Cook: My next question is what are you eating as in portions size as a replicated meal has the calories and best portion size to maintain a healthy balance of intake.

Brell: I have been doing a lot of cooking for the family. We have a cooking unit in our kitchen and seawater tank for fresh seaweed and kelp. I however ... do not really know how to cook small, most family recipes are made to feed eight as a small size option, the full size calling for dozens. Even when I was a child and our underwater homestead was smaller there were still eighty family members living with my family that numbered ten. I am only cooking the serves eight option but that is still more than the three of us and the twins need. Lyldra and Hars normally have a plate, myself … three or two at dinner.

Cook: There are good and points that I'm away to explain to you. Please as always this is no way a telling off however what you are doing isn't bad. You are eating healthy however you are doing a thing I like to call the Yo-yo effect. This is when you are eating good healthy food however you are eating far too much. Take rice and pasta they are carbohydrates, slow burners which is good for energy and when you eat them your digestive system turns them into glucose also called blood sugar. However if you eat too much then your body won't burn it off if you don't exercise. The sugar stores and turns into fatty deposits and I apologise but...hence the size you are.

::He listened intently. He had an uncle and co-father who were both larger than he was, and he often thought both of should care a bit more. One time Garll had told him with medicine as good as it there wasn't much need to worry. He wanted to make sure he would be able to keep up with his twins however and other kids if they choose to expand their family further. His people and his own family tended towards stockiness in males and weight gain was easy but with effort a Bolian could maintain a good balance. He knew he could be doing better.::

Brell: I can do more I would agree.

::Looking at Brell he gave an endeavouring look of agreement. Graeme didn't like this part, the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts but a fact is a fact, Graeme wants to help Brell not lecture him. This is his first offence when the doctor will advise his next steps

Cook: Well I think the first thing is to cut your portions down, but we will have to Start you gradually can't just have you eating one portion when you have let's say two or five.

::Cracking a joke at Brells expense Graeme hoped he would see the funny side as he could be a lot harsher and order him to stop and go straight to the gym or holodeck and run a programme that in 8-12 weeks he would be on the road to recovery. Brells scans indicate that for his size and weight he is relatively healthy and fit to carry on with his work. However if he carries on then an operation might be on the cards. Brell is a nice gentle soul and has two lovely twins.::

::He chuckled a bit at Cook’s joke. He knew he had a reputation as a big eater and had just admitted as much to the man. Also to himself as he had not been thinking about it in the moments when he fixed himself seconds of already large portions before.::

Brell: It would be a bit of shock to the system, body would think I’m starving.

Cook: Ok I would like you to keep a log of your daily intake. An average human needs 2500 calories where yourself should be around 3000- 3500 at a guess you're probably taking in over 5000 calories a day maybe more, if you were training then that would be excellent! However I'm going to use something to hopefully motivate you. Your twins it won't be long before they are walking. I'm sure you want to be able to chase them and have the energy to interact with them. Now I'm not saying you are not there but I could see your disappointment in your sparring. I know you want it too. Family is important but so is your health.

::A slight feeling of guilt crept over Graeme. He didn't want to use the twins. But Brell is a wonderful father and the twins would learn more from an active father rather than a lazy one. But the motivation is there, if Graeme had children then everything he strived to do would be for them. He hoped that Brell would feel the same.::

::The twins and being able to play with them did mean everything to him. His culture was different from humans and so was their scale on acceptable weight. Getting heavier if you were predisposed too was seen as natural. But his people also held a group goal mindset, if you worked security you kept yourself in better shape than if you were a chef for example. He was in starfleet and like the Doctor had just said he was also a new father.::

Brell: I will work on cutting back, perhaps just make the salad myself, and then let the replicator give me a properly portioned main course.

::Right now he only used the replicator in his quarters to make ingredients to be cooked. One of the many reasons he was always ending up with so much food at every shared meal.::

Cook: If you want I'm sure if you gave Mr Stennes a visit I'm sure he would easily help you in dealing with the psychological part and help you.

::He smirked. Didrik and he shared a enjoyment of food, and he could think of many other things he would rather discuss with the counselor. For his people increased appetite through what they called the third phase of life was common. He did recognize that it had been very comforting to be making all the meals for his family the way they would have been made at home. He wondered if he had helped himself to extra because what was missing was extra family to be sharing the meals with. Though his family numbered five to a Bolian with strong clan ties that was a very small number of family to have around.::

Brell: I might do that. I’m sure I’ll hear plenty of reminders from the spouses of course.

::He reached for his uniform jacket as Cook spoke. He slid it on and started to zip it up and as if to emphasize the sum of this physical it felt tight across his middle. He had gotten this uniform made only four months ago, it was a another physical indicator that he did indeed need to cut back.::

Cook: I have every faith in you and I'm here to help in any way shape or form! I have noted in your file I would like you to come back to me in a few weeks.....I stress the 'if' time allows it. You could also see a nurse just to check your weight if you are doing just a quick visit. Apart from that I am happy to say your physical is finished. I'm going to pass you as you are able to work however I need you keep your word and try your best. I have added a note about your treatment...well hopefully actions.

Brell: oO A few weeks .... great. Oo

::The prospect of having to do this all over again even a shorter version was not one he looked forward too. Nor did he look forward to enjoying less portions of tasty food. The galaxy was not fair by being filled with so many varieties of such highly edible but bad for you in quantity cuisines. He would adapt and get back into a fitness routine that would allow him to indulge more or more accurately to offset his indulgences.::

Brell: I will see you then Doctor. You have my word as well.

::The Bolian headed out of sickbay, it could have been worse but was still an unpleasant experience. A necessary one however. He decided to head to his quarters to take the Twins for a stroller ride around the outposts promenade.::

Lieutenant Cook - Chief Medical Officer - USS Darwin NCC-99312-A =/\=



PNPC Lt. Brell, Engineering Officer, Uss Darwin, NCC-99312-A

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Lt.Cmdr Lyldra, Diplomatic Officer, Uss Darwin, NCC-99312-A

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