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Lalla Brel, a Trill, was the second host of the Brel symbiont.

One of the most acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs of her generation, Lalla Rex grew up in a small village, miles from civilization. Learning to cook for her parents, both of whom were farmers, on their old gas range, Lalla developed a passion for cooking early in life.

When she reached adulthood she opted against attending university and instead signed on as an apprentice chef at Restaurant Dal, working under famed chef Hiron Dal. By 2255 she had risen to the role of Executive Chef and was regarded as a rising star by her mentor. At Dal's suggestion and with the promise that her job would be waiting for her upon her return, Lalla traveled to several worlds renowned for their culinary sophistication including Earth. On each world she visited famed restaurants, sampled a wide variety of dishes and ingredients and attended several short courses at different culinary schools.

Returning to Trill with knowledge of many different styles of cooking, Lalla persuaded Dal to invest in her own restaurant - Lalla's Place. Although the premises lacked the opulence of Restaurant Dal, Lalla quietly built up a reputation as a leading exponent of fusion cooking, taking elements of cooking from many different cultures and combining them to make something unique.

By her fortieth birthday Lalla not only owned the restaurant outright, she had also opened a number of other eateries in many of the largest cities on Trill. Her focus remained on her first restaurant however where she continued cooking until she retired in 2309, just after her eightieth birthday.

Lalla did not apply to the Symbiosis Commission to be considered for the joining, rather (like Ortho) it was suggested to her that she might wish to allow her name to go forward for consideration. After almost a year weighing the enormity of the decision, Lalla agreed to be considered and in 2276, at the age of 47, she was joined to the Brel symbiont.

She died peacefully in 2326 at the age of 97. She left behind two children and seven grandchildren. Lalla was succeeded as a host by Kerin Brel. The Brel symbiont is currently hosted by Tobias Brel, Counselor aboard the USS Tiger.


  • Full Name: Lalla Brel (born Lalla Rex)
  • Birthdate: 222902.14
  • Date of Joining: 227609.16
  • Date of Death: 232607.22
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Trill


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Skin Tone: Fair


An enormous personality both within and outside of her kitchen, Lalla's enthusiasm for food and her excitement about new culinary ideas was infectious and garnered her many fans. She hated repetition in her work and would often execute sudden menu changes on a whim to the annoyance of her sous chefs.

Family remained important to her throughout her life and when she found success she brought her parents to live with her and her husband, wanting to ensure they were cared for. In later life, after retirement, one of her greatest pleasures was spending time with her grandchildren and teaching them to bake and cook.

Influence on Tobias Brel

Perhaps Lalla's greatest influence on Tobias can be observed in his enjoyment of traditional cookery and fine dining. Although he has little of Lalla's talent, he has found that his enjoyment of good food has increased considerably since he was joined. In fact during his time at Starfleet Academy, Tobias purposefully visited several of the eating establishments on Earth that Lalla had visited almost eighty years earlier.

Like Lalla, Tobias has developed a habit of having a mug of hot cocoa when he cannot sleep and drums his fingers on a desk or the arm of a chair when in deep thought.