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Brel, Kerin

Kerin Brel, a Trill, was the third host of the Brel symbiont.

Born Kerin Pux, he began to write fiction in his late teens and by the age of 20 he had already sold his first novel, 'Anything but Happiness'. The book was nominated for several prizes and in 2323 he was selected by the Trill Literary Society as the Young Writer of the Year.

He followed up the publication of this novel with several collections of poems but when he published his second novel in late 2324 it was received with only polite praise. Some reviewers wondered if the pressure of expectation had caused Kerin to overthink his work and a few questioned whether he had anything fresh to say.

Kerin took the criticism that he lacked the life experiences to be a writer to heart and submitted an application to the Symbiosis Commission. He hoped that becoming a host would enrich his writing by providing him with new experiences to draw upon. He received notice of his acceptance in early 2326 and on Stardate 232607.26 he was joined to the Brel symbiont.

In spite of Kerin's hopes that his writing career would benefit from symbiosis, his next two novels were both critical disappointments and in 2340 Kerin was dropped by his publisher. For much of the next decade he continued to write but found that no publisher wished to take the chance on his work. He experienced deep bouts of depression, made worse by heavy drinking habits.

The publication of a holonovel of 'Anything but Happiness' in 2353, long believed to be unadaptable because of its reliance on a fractured narrative structure and its lack of action, revived interest in Kerin's writing. Pleased by the renewed attention in his work, Kerin resumed work on a direct follow-up to the book, 'Lost in Emotion'.

Before the book could be finished however, Kerin was killed in a barroom brawl in 2356 at the age of 44. The book was published posthumously to widespread acclaim.

Kerin was succeeded as a host by Auna Brel. Kerin never married but was survived by a son, Jodal. The Brel symbiont is currently hosted by Tobias Brel, Counselor aboard the USS Tiger.



  • Full Name: Kerin Brel (born Kerin Pune)
  • Birthdate: 231204.01
  • Date of Joining: 232607.26
  • Date of Death: 235608.30
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Trill


  • Hair Color: Red
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Skin Tone: Pale


Kerin was outgoing and friendly, enjoying meeting new people and traveling to new places. He enjoyed the fame and recognition that his literary career brought him in his twenties and was devastated when he was 'forgotten' by the literary elite after the failure of his second and third novels.

Branded by some of his biographers as an 'impulsive' personality, describing his dramatic reaction to the failure of his second novel as an act provoked by feelings of desperation, Kerin feel into bouts of deep depression in his late thirties. His growing addiction to alcohol worsened this problem.

Towards the end of his life Kerin found pleasure in a new role as a father, accepting responsibility for his son Jodal. Whilst fatherhood did not change his hard drinking habits, Kerin felt a strong sense of responsibility towards his son and gave him a focus beyond his writing.

Influence on Tobias Brel

Fearful of developing the same heavy drinking habits of Kerin, Tobias does not drink alcohol. He also avoids synthehol, except when in social situations.

Since the joining, Tobias has read all of Kerin's work but finds most of it not to be to his taste. If others criticize the works in front of him however, he feels compelled to rise to its defense.

Having read several biographies of Kerin, Tobias believes that the influence Kerin is responsible for worsening his own impulsive tendencies.