Breaching the Adversary (Darwin-A)

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Season 2, Episode 3

Prometheus Ribbon
Diplomacy Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
After a short shore leave at Deep Space 6, Captain Renos summons the senior staff of the Darwin for a meeting. Calling the meeting to order, Renos starts by handing out some Prometheus Ribbons to Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker and Ensign Kurt Logan for their previous efforts on the USS Excalibur. Next, Renos announces the awarding of the Diplomacy Ribbon to nemself and Ensign Lyldra, for their efforts in mitigating Asavii discord in the previous mission. Ensign Iniko Mpeba receives the Good Conduct Award for jheas actions to protect the Asavii Science Minister. And finally, for efforts to assist and work with the Asavii on a mission of exploration, the Joint Meritorious Unit Award is bestowed upon Renos, Lieutenant Commander Kael Thomas, Lieutenant Commander Rendal Rennyn, Walker, Lieutenant Maxwell Traenor, Lieutenant JG John Valdivia, Lyldra, Mpeba, CPO Michael Jellico, and newly-minted Security Recruit Iy. After the awards are distributed, Renos calls forth Traenor, and promotes him to Lieutenant Commander. After this, Renos directs a department meeting to be held for the Security department, and calls the meeting to a close.

The Darwin has been tasked to conduct a routine patrol, taking them near the Zakdorn region. On the bridge, Capt Renos indicates a course for Cmdr Rennyn to chart, and instructs their departure from Deep Space 6. Lt Valdivia and Cmdr Traenor share kind words before Valdivia departs for Astrometrics, leaving Traenor on the bridge. Cmdr Thomas reminisces about a visit to Zakdorn, and quips that they should arrange for shore leave on the planet. When the topic of Zalkonians come up, Rennyn asks about their history with the species. Renos defers the question to Thomas, and responding to a message from civilian Scott Walker, leaves the bridge to meet with him. Thomas and Traenor share anecdotes about the Zalkonians with Rennyn.

Leaving the meeting, Cmdr Walker and Ens Mpeba take a turbolift together towards Engineering. Mpeba, having a history with Romulans, takes issue with Walker's partial lineage, which sparks off a verbal confrontation. Working through the misconceptions, the two engineers come to a better understanding.

CPO Jellico, Ensign Logan, and recruit Iy share a turbolift together, and engage in small talk on their way to the security office for a departmental meeting. Arriving at the security office, Jellico introduces the two new department members to the interim chief, Lieutenant JG Noros Tanna. After questioning Iy, Noros breaks the group up into pairs to conduct equipment checks, before reconsidering and leading them all together to conduct the checks. They engage in light banter along the way.

Capt Renos meets Scott Walker in Natural Selections, where the civilian expresses a wish to work in the ship's counseling department as well as revealing a unique trait to nem. Renos is called away unexpectedly, but not before granting Scott Walker's request.

After the senior staff meeting, Ens Lyldra retires to the counselor's office to conduct her departmental duties. Scott Walker meets her there after his meeting with Capt Renos to discuss his possible role, as granted by nem. Even thought their conversation ends up being cut short, Lyldra is happy to accept Scott Walker's assistance in the counseling department.

Meanwhile, Cmdr Thomas meets a new officer on the bridge, Ensign Graeme Cook. Thomas' conversation with the medical officer is cut short when Cmdr Rennyn advises of a distress signal from Zakdorn. Cook is ordered to meet up with Dr Manius, who is working on a personal project in Engineering. After instructing Rennyn to divert directly to Zakdorn, Thomas recalls Capt Renos to the bridge. With current events taking his attention, Thomas instructs Cook to report to sickbay. The distress signal is strange, in that Rennyn finds it is transmit-only and sent directly into space, and Cmdr Traenor notices that it doesn't conform to normal distress channels. Traenor solicits assistance from Lt Valdivia in Astrometrics to better pinpoint where on Zakdorn the strange signal is originating from. Valdivia is able to narrow it down to an isolated part of Zakdorn, where the most prominent location is a large factory complex.

Explosions and chaos
During this time, a pilot named Mar Valek sits impatiently in a shuttle near a remote factory complex on Zakdorn. Pilot Valek is awaiting the return of some associates, when explosions rend the night air. In a control room of the factory, Foreman Eleene Mornay is shocked by the explosions and the ensuing chaos. When it is discovered that outgoing comms are affected, Foreman Mornay rushes to attempt to assist those affected. In another section of the factory, supervisor Zuin Nalurn finds himself and other Zakdorns, all youths, trapped in an area where strange toxic fumes are accumulating.

A strange ship is introduced, lying in wait a great distance from Zakdorn. Its commanding officer, Tor'kath, is having a terse conversation with somebody of authority when he is interrupted by news of a distress signal being transmitted from the planet. Concerned about a rendezvous, CO Tor'kath queries about operatives and the state of an "endeavor".

Approaching the Zakdorn system, Cmdr Rennyn slows the Darwin to impulse, and Capt Renos orders yellow alert. Cmdr Traenor is able to confirm that the factory complex is the most likely origin of the distress call, and that the complex has suffered explosions, fires, and the leak of an unknown chemical. Cmdr Thomas orders scans to be conducted for life signs, of which there are many. Thomas contacts Ens Lyldra to coordinate with the Zakdorn planetary government. Renos calls for a new Darwin HCO officer, Ensign Raakel Ells, to report to the bridge. Upon arriving, Ells advises Renos that her skills lie more in tactical, but accepts the command to function as an HCO officer. Repeated hails to the factory complex by Rennyn go unanswered.

Cmdr Walker and Ens Mpeba are monitoring the equipment in Engineering when they note that the Darwin has gone to yellow alert. Mpeba notices that the ship's shields are only at 60 percent, and jhe and Walker try to deal with the cascading emitter failure. Ens Manius and Ens Cook, after the yellow alert begins, make their way to the sickbay for preparations. Cook peppers Manius with questions.

Back on Zakdorn, two individuals stumble into the shuttle where pilot Mar Valek is waiting impatiently, and instructs her to leave immediately. One person is missing, but unable to wait the shuttle shoots up into the atmosphere. Before reaching space, they detect the Darwin entering orbit. Having little chance of evading the starship, pilot Mar Valek tries a daring maneuver to trip up the Darwin by flying straight at it.

USS Darwin Armory
During the security meeting, Lt Noros assigns CPO Jellico to check on the torpedo magazines, while assigning Ens Logan and Recruit Iy to check on the ship's armory. Having second thoughts, Noros then decides that all four will go together to check on the armory as a team exercise. After conversing on the way, they arrive at the armory and undergo a familiarization tour for the benefit of Iy. The tour is cut short when the Darwin goes to yellow alert approaching Zakdorn. Ordering Jellico to report to the Tactical station on the bridge, Noros and the other two security officers await further information.

With the shuttle approaching the Darwin and no response to hails, Capt Renos puts the ship on red alert and suggests capturing the shuttle in a tractor beam. The situation on the surface being dire, Renos chooses Cmdr Traenor to head an Away team to beam down to Zakdorn and provide assistance. Having no luck scanning the shuttle from Astrometrics, Lt Valdivia reports to the bridge.

Capturing the shuttle with a tractor beam
Back on the bridge, Cmdr Thomas suggests bringing the shuttle into the Darwin's containment sphere. Lt Valdivia points out that their scanning abilities on the shielded shuttle might be more effective from within the sphere. CPO Jellico suggests using a sensor probe, slung around the planet, to perhaps get a passive scan on the shuttle. Cmdr Walker reports from Engineering on the compromised status of the Darwin's shields, though the engineers are able to temporarily bring them up to acceptable status. Ens Ells entreaties Cmdr Traenor to include her on the Away team. Traenor advises Ells that he is unable to honor her request at this time, and starts assembling other officers to join on the Away mission. Traenor summons Cmdr Rennyn off the bridge, Ens Cook and Ens Manius from sickbay, and Ens Mpeba from Engineering.

Ens Lyldra, after several attempts, manages to speak to a representative of the Zakdorn government. They agree to assist the Darwin's efforts, but only in exchange for allowing the representative to come aboard. However, with the risk of the shuttle, it is decided that the request of the Zakdorn supervisor cannot be granted, however the Darwin would be willing to share all sensor feeds with the government.

Cmdr Rennyn hands over the helm of the ship to Ens Ells prior to joining Cmdr Traenor in the turbolift. Recruit Iy, surprised to be chosen for another Away mission, reports to the transporter room. In the midst of helping with the ship's shield issues, Ens Mpeba reports to the transporter room as well. Ens Manius and Ens Cook prepare their supplies before joining the rest of the Away team. All assembled, the officers get a moment for discussion before Traenor begins to brief them all. The Away team would beam down and break into two groups, with one providing triage and one conducting searches. Once everyone was suited up, the Away team beams down to Zakdorn.

With CPO Jellico and Recruit Iy reassigned, the security tour is effectively complete. Ens Logan begins security sweeps while Lt Noros returns to the security office.

On Zakdorn, there is chaos not only at the industrial complex, but at the adjacent village. Chef Aldur Inkaral is preparing a birthday meal for his daughter, who is one of those at the factory when the disaster strikes. Among other civilians, Chef Inkaral is panicked and distraught over the fate of loved ones.

A decision is made to try and tractor the shuttle into Cargo Bay 1, and since the craft's active sensor jamming capabilities are keeping them from scanning the interior or transport out the inhabitants, they will try to force entry physically. Cmdr Thomas instructs Lt Valdivia and Ens Logan to join him in the cargo bay.

The scene on Zakdorn
Arriving at the factory complex on Zakdorn, the Away team are shocked and awed by the damage. Damaged buildings and debris from explosions are seemingly everywhere, there are still fires burning, and smoke and toxic gas fills the air. Cmdr Traenor, Ens Cook, and Ens Manius start searching for a suitable triage site, while Cmdr Rennyn, Ens Mpeba, and Recruit Iy begin their search for survivors.

Arriving in the cargo bay, Cmdr Thomas, Lt Valdivia, and Ens Logan discuss a plan of action. Thomas wants to bring the rear of the shuttle half into the bay, to minimize the chance of the shuttle using it's weapons while inside the ship. Valdivia suggests modulations to the tractor beam, in order to try and force the shields to fail on the shuttle. Logan has reservations about bringing a fully shielded shuttle, with unknown weapons capabilities, even partway into the cargo bay. Coordinating with those in the cargo bay, CPO Jellico on the bridge is able to get some vague readings before implementing Valdivia's tractor beam suggestion. Logan implements some environmental safeguards in the cargo bay as the shuttle is brought in. The shuttle's shields are disabled, and sensing ability restored, but it is discovered that there are no lifesign readings on the shuttle. Cracking open the shuttle, Thomas, Logan, and Valdivia are able to confirm that the shuttle is indeed empty. Once the shuttle is secured, Valdivia requests that Logan deactivate the environmental safeguards he had implemented before. Scanning the shuttle's altered memory banks, Valdivia is able to determine that weapons fire occurred on the shuttle, and that there is a vague list of potential sites that the occupants might have beamed to.

Caught up in the Darwin's tractor beam, the other two individuals in the shuttle with Pilot Valek start to panic. It culminates with one of them vaporizing the other. Seeing that each of the remaining two occupants have technology that can mask their movements from the Darwin's internal sensors, they hatch a plan. As the shuttle is pulled into the Darwin's cargo bay and the shields fail, they piggyback a transport on the tractor beam and disappear within the Darwin's decks.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Capt Renos and Ens Lyldra discuss the humanitarian situation at the factory complex. The probe that CPO Jellico had sent around the planet to attempt scans on the shuttle send back different readings, which Jellico finally realizes indicate an unknown ship lying in wait behind one of Zakdorn's moons.

On Zakdorn, Recruit Iy and Ens Mpeba discuss the possibility that what has happened to the complex might not have been accidental, while Mpeba examines the structural integrity of nearby buildings. Ens Manius and Ens Cook agree on a clearing to use as a triage site.

With a hidden ship discovered in their vicinity, Capt Renos reiterates the importance of shields to Cmdr Walker, then has Ens Ells hail the mystery ship. After a terse conversation with the opposing captain, Renos has Lyldra put in a request to the Zakdorns to bring their orbital defense satellites into service. Happy to comply, Supervisor Surani makes the arrangements to make the Zakdorn defenses available to assist the Darwin.

In Engineering, Cmdr Walker moves to the upper level in order to do some tweaks on the power grid. While there, Walker runs into a stranger, who ends up being a shuttle occupant. The woman pulls weapons on Walker. Pilot Valek, watching through a grill on the floor above, worries that the other shuttle occupant might kill Walker, so she stuns the aggressor with her phaser.

Exploring a damaged building for survivors, Cmdr Rennyn finds a small child, and send them out for treatment at the triage site. Meanwhile, Ens Mpeba prepares to shore up some beams in order to allow the team to continue searching the building. With some assistance, Mpeba is able to fix one of the beams. At the triage site, Ens Cook is called upon to treat the child that wanders from the nearby building, Ens Manius hails the Darwin to request supplies, and Cmdr Traenor investigates a strange noise.

Back in the cargo bay, Ens Logan assists Lt Valdivia with inspecting the shuttle. By examining the interior, Logan is able to deduce some clues about the intruders. Based on that information, Cmdr Thomas decides that their first location to search will be Engineering. Thomas, Valdivia, and Logan remove their precautionary EV suits and arm themselves before proceeding to Engineering. Enroute, they discover that Engineering's internal sensors have been disabled, leading Thomas to surmise that Cmdr Walker has been compromised.

Following the strange noise he had heard, Cmdr Traenor calls out to anyone who might need assistance. Drawn to the door of a structure, Traenor is surprised when the glass in the door breaks out and he is accosted by a Zakdorn elder. He and some youth are trapped within the room. After checking in with both the Darwin and with Cmdr Rennyn, Traenor cuts through the door and leads the occupants to safety.

The opposing captain, operating under the pseudonym of Raikenoff, tersely demands the return of the shuttle and its occupants from the Darwin. When Capt Renos is not as forthcoming as he would like, Capt Raikenoff orders an attack on the Darwin.

Under attack
Under attack, Ens Ells pilots the Darwin away from the majority of the warship's onslaught, while CPO Jellico returns fire. Holding their own, the Darwin finally succumbs to the superior firepower of their foe and their shields drop. At this time, the Zakdorn defenses come online, causing Capt Raikenoff on the enemy warship to reconsider his tactics. As the warship withdraws while appearing to take damage from the defense satellites, Capt Renos orders the crew to press their advantage. Meanwhile, Ens Lyldra does some research on the enemy captain, and is frustrated to find that the name Raikenoff is most likely an alias.

In Engineering, finding the unconscious intruder gives clues for Ens Logan and Lt Valdivia to work with. They now know that the intruders are using bio blockers to hide their movements, and are able to develop methods to crudely track the remaining intruder. Leaving Valdivia to work with Cmdr Walker, Cmdr Thomas and Logan continue their search for the elusive intruder. Walker struggles to reinstate shields as well as stabilize dropping power levels, and manages to bring shields up just in time to avoid catastrophe.

Ens Manius, calling the Darwin in order to request the transport of a triage tent, is rebuffed by the besieged Capt Renos. Returning with the trapped Zakdorn, Cmdr Traenor is disappointed both with the lack of a triage center and with the unsatisfactory answers he gets from one of the survivors. The medics finally get help once the Zakdorn relief forces arrive, with triage equipment and firefighting aerial drops. Meanwhile, while shoring up supports in the building they are in, Ens Mpeba advises jheas Away team that the roof is set to collapse. Recruit Iy, finding an injured Zakdorn woman, tries to aid her during their escape. With their exit blocked and the roof collapsing from an aerial drop of fire suppressant, Cmdr Rennyn orders an emergency transport of himself, Mpeba, Iy, and the Zakdorn woman.

Still on the run from her pursuers, Pilot Valek finds herself in the cargo bay where she finds some unsecured charges. Creating an explosion to mask her movements, she continues moving randomly throughout the Darwin. The next location she chooses to sabotage randomly is Cmdr Rennyn's quarters. Ens Logan is able to deduce the likely movements of Pilot Valek, but she manages to stay one step ahead of him and Cmdr Thomas.

Much to the relief of the other Away team, Cmdr Rennyn, Ens Mpeba, and Recruit Iy stumble out of the dust cloud of the collapsed building, transporting out of its perimeter moments before it fell. Accosted by Foreman Mornay, yet another victim, Rennyn and the rest of his Away team are guided back into the ruins with threats of overloads and further disaster. Leading them to a blocked area, Foreman Mornay advises them that she needs to access the control room behind the debris in order to stop a reactor meltdown.

With the warship seemingly damaged and pulling away, CPO Jellico suggests using the same graviton pulse used earlier on the shuttle to weaken the shields of their quarry. Having a free hand, Capt Renos moves to the science console in order to activate the pulse.

Just prior to following Foreman Mornay off into the ruins, Cmdr Traenor hands off satchels of isolinear tags to Cmdr Rennyn, Ens Mpeba, and Recruit Iy to aid in transporting victims. As they race off after Foreman Mornay, Traenor marshals Ens Cook and Ens Manius to conduct their own search for survivors. Before long, Ens Cook picks up lifesigns which lead them to a pregnant victim trapped under heavy debris. It is determined that she cannot be safely transported from beneath the rubble, and must be treated on site. Traenor contacts Supervisor Surani at the triage site to arrange for supplies to be brought directly to the location of the trapped victim.

Facing the mountain of debris blocking Foreman Mornay from her control room, Recruit Iy and Ens Mpeba debate various options to clear the rubble. Finally conceding that there is no other way, Mpeba advises Cmdr Rennyn that transporting to the vicinity of the control room is the only option. Choosing to be the first to attempt the procedure, Rennyn beams in first, and despite suffering a foot injury from jostled debris, deems it safe enough for the other three to follow him. Once transport is complete, Foreman Mornay leads the way towards the control panel.

Back on the Darwin, Pilot Valek blows a hole through the ceiling of the brig, disables the guard on duty, and releases her fellow intruder from her captivity. Trapped by forcefields erected by Lt Valdivia and Cmdr Walker, Pilot Valek hatches a desperate plan. Throwing a rebreather at her colleague, Pilot Valek sets charges against the hull of the Darwin, and as a hole is blown into the vacuum of space, the two escape through the breach.

With the pulse activated, the enemy warship is forced to spring its trap. Turning quickly and blazing all weapons at the Darwin at point blank range, they quickly knock down their shields and transport their shuttle and their two operatives. In a retaliatory move, Capt Raikenoff also transports Capt Renos to his bridge, and then shoots nem in the chest.

With reports that both the shuttle and the intruders are gone, Cmdr Thomas dejectedly makes a call to the bridge. It is only then that he learns that Capt Renos has been kidnapped. Immediately, Thomas and Ens Logan reroute to the bridge. Discovering the same truth, Lt Valdivia leaves Engineering to also attend to the bridge. There, CPO Jellico has sustained a head injury during the battle, and Ens Lyldra briefs Thomas upon his arrival.

Tor'kath, aka Raikenoff
Entering a secured room on his ship, Capt Raikenoff has a henchman arouse a bound and unconscious Capt Renos. Questioning Renos about nir level of knowledge of his plans, Capt Raikenoff uses a torture device to try and break nem. Alternating between defiance and despair, Renos openly taunts his captor. The tete-a-tete comes to a conclusion when Renos finally admits to not having any knowledge, and Capt Raikenoff is able to confirm this through a report from his recovered operative.

Receiving a response to his request for supplies, Cmdr Traenor is advised that they will be delivered by Ensign Mason Quinn, a medical nurse stationed temporarily on Zakdorn. Meeting Quinn, Traenor leads him back to the patient. Ens Cook and Ens Manius deduce that the patient will require amputations to be freed, and will have to induce childbirth.

On the bridge, after CPO Jellico has been treated for his concussion, he and Ens Logan discuss possible strategies for attacking the enemy warship effectively. Lt Valdivia advises that he might have detected Capt Renos's location on the enemy ship, but cannot form a transporter lock. With significant damage to the shield emitters on the forward of the ship, and critically low power levels, Cmdr Walker suggests a bold plan to Cmdr Thomas... jettison the sphere section. Considering this suggestion, Thomas solicits other options from the bridge crew. Towing a Zakdorn defense satellite and launching the Darwin's fleet of shuttles are posited by Ens Lyldra and Ens Ells respectively. Logan, inspecting the footage of conversations from Capt Raikenoff and after conferring with Lyldra, suggests possible motives of their enemy. After hearing all suggestions, Thomas decides to evacuate the sphere section and relocate the command center to Engineering, but keep the sphere section connected as to soak up any battle damage in the upcoming confrontation.

Foreman Mornay finds yet another blockage on her trek towards the control panel, and this one is safe enough to cut through. Ens Mpeba and Recruit Iy use phasers to cut through the blockage. Once through, Foreman Mornay rushes forth, but Cmdr Rennyn is distracted by a strange find, which upon inspection is found to be an undetonated bomb. Quickly reducing risk of a reactor meltdown via the control panel, Foreman Mornay returns to where the bomb has been found, and suspiciously accuses the Starfleet personnel of being responsible for its placement. Mpeba is able to disarm the bomb, and retrieve a sample vial of the toxic substance that had been plaguing the disaster site. It becomes apparent that the toxic gas has been spread through the use of bombs such as this. When Foreman Mornay continues to belligerently accuse Starfleet, Mpeba verbally lashes out at her in anger.

Tasked with finding a way to retrieve Capt Renos, Lt Valdivia toys with the idea of beaming over an isolinear chip to lock onto his signal. Using the same concept, CPO Jellico suggests beaming over grenades to various sections of the enemy ship to confuse and possibly disable them, though Cmdr Walker has reservations about such a plan. With Ens Lyldra's help, Lt Valdivia figures out how to pinpoint Capt Renos's location, as well as a novel modification to the tag itself, in order to beam it in and drop it on nem.

Recalling the Away teams with all due haste, Cmdr Thomas hails Capt Raikenoff on the enemy ship. Knowing he has the upper hand, Capt Raikenoff is curt and unwilling to parley for long with Thomas. Ens Lyldra has put in a request to Supervisor Surani for more tactical support from the Zakdorn defense satellites, and her wish is granted. Hoping to use his hubris against him, Thomas prepares an audacious plan to draw Capt Raikenoff's ship in close enough to be attacked by the Zakdorn defenses and break their shields long enough to beam back Capt Renos.

Vial of toxin
Foreman Mornay, unnaturally suspicious and feeling quite unwell, finally collapses, and the Away team surmises that she has been poisoned by the airborne toxin. Handing the vial of toxin jhe had taken from bomb to Cmdr Rennyn, Ens Mpeba retrieves bomb fragments for analysis while Rennyn calls for a beamout. Using isolinear tags to return to the triage site, the team receives the command to return to the ship. Meanwhile, Ens Cook and Ens Manius, with the assistance of Ens Quinn, are forced to start amputating the legs of the trapped victim they are treating. Receiving the orders to return to ship, Cmdr Traenor has the unenviable task of forcing the incredulous doctors to quit their work mid-surgery, leaving the victim to the care of Zakdorn relief teams.

Back on the enemy warship, the two operatives who had escaped from the Darwin are conversing, and as the one admits to killing the rest of the team, Pilot Valek in turn kills her. After reporting to Capt Raikenoff and receiving her reward, Pilot Valek prepares for her own departure.

Returning to the Darwin, Cmdr Rennyn sends Recruit Iy with the vial of toxin to sickbay for further study, while he and Ens Mpeba make their way to the impromptu command center in Engineering. Close behind them, Cmdr Traenor, Ens Cook, Ens Quinn, and Ens Manius head to sickbay as well in order to start work on analyzing the toxin. After a lot of work, it is discovered that the toxin is known by Starfleet, but information on it was redacted and unable to be found through normal searches.

Cmdr Thomas's plan involves mimicking Capt Raikenoff's earlier ruse, and making the Darwin appear too disabled to maintain orbit. Thomas orders Cmdr Walker and Ens Mpeba to make preparations to make the Darwin look convincingly disabled, Cmdr Rennyn and Ens Ells to bring the ship into a decaying orbit, and Ens Logan and CPO Jellico to prepare a tactical attack for when the bait is taken. At Thomas's order, Mpeba cuts all power, Walker drops shields, and Ells drifts the Darwin into the upper atmosphere. Thomas tries to hail Capt Raikenoff in order to appeal for assistance.

After conferring with Pilot Valek, Capt Raikenoff is finally convinced that it is safe to return Capt Renos. However, a misunderstanding between Capt Raikenoff and his henchman allows for a near-fatal blow to be struck on Capt Renos, just as the enemy captain is urgently recalled to the bridge. Cmdr Thomas is broadcasting entreaties for help to Capt Raikenoff's ship, and fearing the wrath of Starfleet should the Darwin be destroyed, Capt Raikenoff moves in to tow the Darwin to a safe orbit.

Once the enemy warship enters range, Cmdr Thomas orders the Darwin's power restored, and has Ens Logan coordinate an attack on the enemy from the Zakdorn defense satellites. CPO Jellico unleashes the Darwin's full arsenal on them at the same time. When the enemy ship's shields weaken, Thomas has Lt Valdivia and Ens Lyldra implement their plan to beam back Capt Renos. Once Renos has been confirmed back on board, the Darwin warps out of the system. Leaving themselves after the Darwin escapes, Capt Raikenoff fires off one last verbal assault before jumping to warp.

Purple Heart
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
UFP Medal of Freedom
Legion of Merit
Innovation Ribbon
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Lifesaving Ribbon
Silver Star
Returning to Deep Space 6, both the Darwin and her captain are in poor shape. Rear Admiral Natalie Kwiecinski visits Cmdr Thomas on the destroyed bridge of the Darwin, to advise him that Capt Renos will be transferred to the station for healing and rehabilitation. In the interim, Thomas will be made Acting Captain, while Cmdr Traenor will be made Acting First Officer. As well, the Darwin will be repaired, with the addition of an upgraded bridge module. Starfleet Command has prepared citations for the Darwin crew, so Thomas calls a senior staff meeting on the Darwin's holodeck.

Choosing a program that portrays his Earth homestead, Cmdr Thomas starts off the meeting by making the announcements about Capt Renos's status and the temporary assignment of himself and Cmdr Traenor. As well, he announces the imminent departure of Cmdr Rennyn to be the First Officer of the USS Columbia, the permanent transfer of Ens Quinn to the Darwin's crew, and that Ens Lyldra will be undertaking diplomatic duties aboard the Darwin.

Cmdr Thomas then has the pleasure of handing out some promotions. Ens Mpeba is promoted to Lieutenant JG, Ens Lyldra to Lieutenant JG, Lt Valdivia to full Lieutenant, and CPO Jellico is given a field commission to Ensign. After that, Thomas moves to awarding service ribbons. Cmdr Rennyn, Capt Renos, and Jellico receive the Purple Heart Ribbon. Renos, Rennyn, Cmdr Traenor, Thomas, Cmdr Walker, Mpeba, Lyldra, Valdivia, Lt Noros, Ens Ells, Jellico, Ens Logan, Ens Manius, and Ens Block receive the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. Renos, Thomas, Rennyn, Traenor, Walker, Mpeba, Lyldra, Valdivia, Block, Manius, Logan, Jellico, and Ells receive the UFP Medal of Freedom. Thomas receives the Legion of Merit. Valdivia receives the Innovation Ribbon. Renos receives the Prisoner of War Ribbon. Traenor, Rennyn, Mpeba, Ens Cook, Manius, Ens Quinn, and Recruit Iy receive the Lifesaving Ribbon. Renos, Thomas, Walker, Lyldra, Valdivia, Block, Ells, and Logan receive the Silver Star. Once the awards have been distributed, the senior staff socialize, with all of the attendees being in differing frames of mind depending on their personal situations. After the ceremony on the holodeck concludes, Thomas makes two more awards of recognition. Summoning Block and Manius to the first officer's office, he promotes both of them to Lieutenant JG.

This episode completed its airing on stardate 239207.30

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