Brayden Jorey

USS Eagle
Brayden Jorey

  • Gender: Male
  • Ship: USS Eagle
  • Rank: Commander
  • Position: Ambassador


  • Race: Betazoid
  • Place of Birth: Betazed
  • DoB: 236805.14
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6'3" (190.5 cm)
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Telepathic Status: T4/E6

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Awards & Service Ribbons
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Romulan Campaign Medal
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Ithassa Region Campaign Medal
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal
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Gateway Ribbon
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
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Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Innovation Ribbon
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Ambassador Brayden Jorey is assigned to the USS Eagle

Noble son of the 10th House of Betazed, Guardian of the Eyes of Kylaron, Mystic of Khrysaros, and Tassa Master Brayden Jorey was born into Betazoid nobility and privilege. He has been raised by family, attendants, monks and tutors. Both his parents, his brother, and his grandmother have made their life in Starfleet. Jorey's childhood was lived at his family complex on Betazed or aboard a Federation starship. His parents were both killed in action during a mission at Malona IV when he was a teenager. His grandfather was killed during the Battle of Betazed during the dominion war. However, Jorey came to terms with their deaths and followed in their footsteps serving as an acting ensign aboard their ship.


In 2385, Jorey was accepted into Starfleet Academy. He majored in Tactical, minoring in Helm and Intelligence. Jorey was an above average student and an exception pilot and athlete. Jorey received many awards throughout his Academy career in athletics, martial abilities, and piloting. In his final year at the academy, he travelled to Forcas III to compete in the Klingon Bat'leth competition. Jorey is one of very few non-Klingon warriors to be awarded Champion Standing.

Throughout his life Jorey has dedicated himself to Betazoid culture. He is a deeply religious person, a Tassa Mystic, and holds Betazoid culture and his heritage in the highest regard. He follows the teachings of Khrysaros. Jorey is relentless in honouring and expressing his Betazoid roots, which can often make him seem flamboyant, eccentric, and even self-obsessed. However, he is extremely charismatic, diplomatic, and deep down altruistic which makes him a fine Starfleet Officer.

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Home on Duronis II
Jorey's Tattoo
Brayden Jorey
  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Clean and short (shaved)
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Build: Muscular and Athletic
  • Face: Smooth brown tones, near perfect complexion, clean shaven
  • Carriage: Confident, Strong, tempered with graceful movements
  • Poses: Always upright and good posture, but stands as though he is always ready for battle.
  • Tattoos: Jorey has a Betazoid religious symbol tattooed on his right inner thigh.
  • Off Duty Clothing: Black shorts, opaque tunic with elaborate patterns of small colourful crystals and ornate strapped sandals.
  • Jewllery: Betazoid crystals in each ear. Off duty Jorey also is adorned with other jewellery including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, etc.
  • Voice: Hits consonants lightly and speaks with a rich, melodic warm baritone.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Personal Quarters: On the USS Thunder-A Brayden's quarters are lavishly decorated with fine natural materials and scented with a fragrant Muktok plant. The quarters are always relatively tidy, with the exception of many surfaces cluttered with flowers, ornate trinkets, and religious pieces. Brayden also has a personal residence on the East Beaches of Lokesh Island near the Embassy on Duronis II named Cyndriel Villas after his homeworld.



Jorey at the 2394 Awards Ceremony

Jorey's personality can best be described as a complex web of incompatibilities. He is a deeply spiritual, compassionate, and generous person. He is equally vain, strong-willed, and impulsive. He demonstrates the classic Betazoid trait of being very open and honest, occasionally to a fault. Jorey has spent much of his life aboard Federation vessels and while on duty he does very well at adapting to Human social conventions, however, off-duty he prefers to honour and express his Betazoid culture which can be seen as flamboyant, eccentric, and even self-obsessed. Jorey is extremely charismatic, diplomatic, and personable, however he is equally manipulative and aggressive. Jorey's negative personality traits are tempered, however, by a sincere and higher than average level of altruism.

Ambitions and Goals

Jorey on the 2393 Awards red carpet

Jorey is the son of career Starfleet officers and the grandson of a general and diplomat. His upbringing has always been focused on preparing him for a Starfleet career. Jorey is driven, assertive, confident and strong-willed. It is likely that Jorey will likely have a long and successful career in Starfleet. His ambitions will seem him rise through the ranks towards his ultimate goal of being the Captain of his own ship.

Jorey at 2393 Awards after party

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

The majority of Jorey's personal achievements are related to athletic and martial activities. At age 20 Jorey completed Tassa'Akai training and was granted Mystic status. Later that year, Jorey competed in the Bat'leth competition on Forcas III and became one of the few non-Klingon warriors to achieve Champion Standing. At the end of his third year at Starfleet Academy he was awarded 'Athlete of the Year' after being the top scoring striker in the soccer league and leading his Velocity team to the championship.

Jorey has had few disappointments in life, however, he has experienced a great deal of loss. The death of his grandfather during the Battle of Betazed and the death of his parents during a mission at Malona IV have had a deep and lasting impression on Jorey.


The House of Jorey is one of Betazed's noble family lines and a member family of the 10th House of Betazed – the House of Perseverance.

Veloxen & Delon Jorey

Grandmother - Ambassador Calodia Jorey (Betazed)

  • Jorey's grandmother is remarkably strong, intimidating, and fearless woman. She is a warrior, tactician, and expert negotiator. She has been an Ambassador for Betazed for decades and has even been called upon by the Federation to represent their interests in difficult negotiations. She was also a key figure in the Battle of Betazed, eventually defeating the dominion.
Calodia Jorey

Grandfather - Brysen Jorey (Deceased)

  • Jorey's grandfather died during the dominion occupation of Betazed. He was a dedicated, strong-willed, and spiritual man. He was a great spiritual mentor and guide for Jorey and even in death continues to be so.

Mother - Lt. Commander Veloxen Jorey (Deceased)

  • Jorey's mother was a vivacious and exceptionally curious woman. It is that endless curiosity that eventually lead her toward a career in Starfleet. She was very focused on raising Jorey to be better equipped and prepared to live among non-betazoids than she was. However, she did so from the belief that Betazoids are superior to other humanoids.
Dylan Jorey

Father - Lt. Commander Delon Jorey (Deceased)

  • Jorey's father was a warm, nurturing, and incredibly kind man. He married Jorey's mother when they were young and joined Starfleet so he could be close to her and keep their family together. Jorey's father was focused on making sure that Jorey knew about his Betazoid culture, heriatage, and made sure to provide him with the best education to develop his telepathic and empathic abilities.

Brother - Lt. Dylan Jorey (USS Degault)

  • Jorey's Brother is two years older than him. They were very close as children and shared a deep connection with each other. However, as Jorey's telepathic abilities surpassed his brother's in adolescence and he began getting far more attention, jealously caused them to grow apart. After the death of their parents, the two brother's quickly moved beyond petty rivalries and grew close quickly and forming an even deeper connection to each other than when they were kids. Dylan is flamboyant, expressive, artistic, and sensitive. He is currently serving aboard the USS Degault as a Chief Medical Officer.


The Jorey Family Home

Early Childhood (2368-2372):

Jorey was born at his family home on the south coast of the Opal Sea and raised by his grandparents while his parents continued their tours aboard the USS Arianrod until he was 4 years old. Despite being so young, this time with his grandparents had a profound and lasting effect on Jorey. He began his dedication to traditional betazoid customs and the old ways of spirituality as taught by his grandfather and loved to watch his grandmother train in a variety of martial arts in the gardens of the Jorey family complex. When Jorey was four, his parents accepted new posts on a larger ship that afforded them the opportunity to bring Jorey and his brother, Dylan, along with them. Jorey's parents taking the new post and bringing their children with them was done so on the demand of Jorey's grandfather and the political posturing of his grandmother. Later, Jorey would come to understand that they were making sure their grandchildren were safe from the Dominion invasion of Betazed.

Later Childhood (2372-2377):

Life aboard the USS Helios, an Akira-class battleship, was exciting, dangerous, and inspiring for Jorey. The Helios was forced to face Dominion forces more than once, including interstellar battles that had a direct impact on Betazed. Jorey attended school aboard the ship and received a federation education tailored to prepare him for the academy. Although Jorey's telepathic abilities were years away from surfacing, his empathic abilities seem to have surfaced early due to the extreme emotions the crewman experienced leading up to and during the war. This lead to Jorey being both desensitized to the emotions of war and being intrigued by them. Jorey's father quickly realized the emergence of his empathic abilities and began teaching him to control and use these abilities.

The Battle of Betazed

Jorey became very close and best friends with a Klingon boy named, Koroth. The two met in school and shared many interests related to athletics, sports, and combat. By the time they were 6 years old, they provided friendly competition for each other and pushed each other to perform better. Their favourite activity was sparring. Koroth matured much quicker than Jorey, as Klingons tend to do), and was always bigger and stronger than Jorey. However, Jorey was able to compensate for this during their sparing matches by using his empathic abilities to anticipate and preemptively act against his attacks. Meanwhile, the Dominion war made its way to Betazed where Jorey felt his grandfather die when his family's complex was damaged and home destroyed in the initial invasion. Jorey's grandmother quickly took on the role of a general and was instrumental in the movement toward preparing the people for telepathic assault. Eventually, at the great loss of life, they were able to drive Dominion forces back and safe Betazed. The USS Helios was assigned to assist Betazed during the last battles. Jorey spent the majority of this time confined to quarters, in sickbay, or with his parents due to intense psychological distress caused by empathically experiencing the huge loss of Betazoid life. This was a difficult experience for all empaths, however Jorey was too young to be able to deal with the trauma effectively on his own.

Early Adolescence (2377-2382):

Jorey Sparring with Koroth

Days after the last Dominion invaders were expunged from Betazed, Jorey and his brother left the USS Helios with their father to rebuild and live at the family home. For the next three years the Jorey family morned the loss of those lost in the Battle of Betazed, rebuilt their the family complex, and Jorey and his brother continued their education. The loss of Jorey's grandfather affected him greatly, but found relief in the presence of his grandmother and the religious practices he learned from his grandfather. During this time Jorey's grandmother continued to train Jorey in martial arts focusing on Tassa’Akai.

In the months leading up to Jorey's 12th birthday, he was haunted by terrible dreams of broken images and intense emotions regarding the Battle of Betazed and the death of his grandfather. Although, Jorey was young, his father could sense his telepathic awakening and focused on preparing Jorey through religious practice and meditation. Eventually, Jorey and his family celebrated his awakening when his telepathic abilities surfaced. However, they were all shocked and surprised to realize that the spirit of his grandfather was able to communicate through Jorey. It quickly became clear that Jorey had a high telepathic worth and his father, with the influence of his grandmother, secured the best education and tutors possible – including spiritual leaders, Tassa'Akai masters, and Starfleet educators.

Late Adolescence (2382-2385):

After 5 years of being away from his mother, Jorey's father and mother each accepted posts aboard the USS Degault so the family could be reunited. Added to the joy of being reunited with his mother, Jorey was thrilled to discover that his childhood friend Koroth was also aboard the Degault as a junior security officer. The two quickly picked up where they left off and felt as though no time had passed between them. However, their abilities in sparring with each other had greatly improved. The two shared with each other what they had learned and spent much of their free time together.

In 2383, the USS Degault was exploring a rarely surveyed system near the neutral zone and was studying the long term effects of the Crystalline Entity's impact on Malona IV. Atmospheric interference made teleporting to the surface impossible so an away team was sent to the surface aboard a shuttle, including Jorey's parents. However, before the shuttle made it to the planet a Romulan ship, commanded by Remans, decloaked and entered into battle with the Degault. The shuttlecraft carrying Jorey's parents was destroyed and the Degault took heavy damage, but was able to fend of the attack. The senior staff decided to honour Jorey's parents by sharing the responsibility of caring for him, upon the persuasive recommendation of his grandmother.

Over the next few years Jorey would come to terms with the death of his parents with the support of his brother and the Degault senior staff. During this time Jorey also relied on his friendship with Koroth, which over time developed into an innocent, but romantic relationship. The two became close enough that they were able to communicate with each other telepathically on a rudimentary level. Jorey's brother became aware of the relationship and informed their grandmother. This caused a great deal of controversy among the Jorey Family because it made clear that Jorey was going to be 'unable' to fulfil the family's marriage commitments to the girl Jorey was bonded too in childhood.

On his 16th birthday the ship's Captain granted Jorey the rank of 'acting ensign' to honour the wishes of his parents who died serving Starfleet. He served at the helm on the bridge and as a junior security officer on away missions. In serving the Degault, Jorey was afforded many different experiences and learned how to serve as a member of a team. After the year, Jorey was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Jorey and Koroth new that they were likely to not see each other for a very long time and decided to let their romantic feelings fade, but maintain the friendship that they had both come to cherish.

Starfleet Academy (2385-2389):

Jorey's Champion Standing Trophy

Jorey was accepted into Starfleet Academy and studied at the academy's main campus on Earth. He majored in Tactical, minored in Helm/Nav, and based on the premonitions of his grandfather focused his elective courses on intelligence. Jorey, having served aboard the Degault, had a difficult time adjusting to life at the Academy. It was far more quiet and less was expected of him. Fortunately, his studies kept him very busy. Jorey did well in the academy and was always ranked within the top 5 of his class, including first ranking in many tactics courses, however he often struggled with engineering course requirements but was able to attain adequate standing.

Jorey also found himself involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities and events. Jorey was a natural athlete and found his telepathic worth gave him an added advantage in opponent based competitions. He was the captain of his Velocity team and led them to championship in his last two years at the academy. Jorey was also a top scoring striker in the Academy soccer league. In his last year at the academy, Jorey was invited and accompanied Koroth to the Planet Forcas III to compete in the Klingon Bat'leth competition. Jorey, combining his skill with the Bat'leth (he learned from Koroth) with his training with the Tassa'Akai masters, was victorious in his final battle against Koroth. Jorey is one of few non-Klingons to have been awarded Champion Standing.

Jorey was eventually returned to the USS Degault to complete his Cadet Cruise and reunited with Koroth. They continued their combat training together and eventually it lead to a more mature romantic relationship than they had previously had.

Jorey at Forcas III

Personal Timeline

  • 2368: Born at the Jorey family complex on Betazed.
  • 2372: Jorey's parents accept a post on the USS Helios.
  • 2374: Betazed is occupied by the Dominion and the Jorey home sustains heavy damage.
  • 2377: Jorey and his brother return to Betazed with their father to rebuild.
  • 2380: Jorey's telepathic abilities begin to develop and his father coordinates his further education.
  • 2382: Jorey's parents are united each with a post aboard the USS Degault.
  • 2383: The Malona IV event. Jorey's parents are killed and is cared for by his older brother Dylan.
  • 2385: Jorey is made an “acting ensign” aboard the USS Degault.
  • 2386: Jorey is accepted into Starfleet Academy at age 17.
  • 2389: Jorey graduated from Starfleet Academy at age 21.


Romantic Relationships

Koroth · Imzadi
Jorey met Koroth, a Klingon boy a couple years older than Jorey, aboard the USS Helios when they were very young. They attended classes together and became quick friends. Their friendship started off as something very superficial, however over the next few years they taught each other about their culture, traditions, faith and martial arts. Jorey and Koroth reunited in adolescence aboard the USS Degault. Over the next few years their relationship developed into something more profound and eventually became romantic. However, things were put on hold when Jorey left the Degualt for Starfleet Academy.

In Jorey's last year at the academy he and Koroth travelled to Forcas III for the Bat'leth competition. The days on Forcas III saw the passions between Koroth and Jorey resurface and the tensions between their families ease as they realized the profound connection and deep love they shared. It was during this time that Jorey realized that Koroth was his Imzadi, his first true love, and would be till death. However, the two were forced to put things on hold again as they are on different paths, Koroth on the Degault and Jorey on the Tiger.

Greir Reinard · Romantic Past
Jorey met Greir on Earth during his third year at Starfleet Academy. They met at a popular nightclub after Greir accidentally spilt his drink on Jorey. The two were nearly inseparable for the next few days. Jorey prepared an elaborate first date that included a traditional Betazoid meal, which impressed Greir beyond words. The two then spent an entire weekend together and got to know each other profoundly. Although their romance was short lived, the deep connection they both felt for each other left a lasting impression

Ian West · Mixed Signals
Jorey met Ian West on the USS Tiger-A. There always seemed to be some chemistry between them and romantic undercurrents. There was a tour of DS6 that began with a flirty exchange in the lift while they were chaperoned by a witness under Jorey's protection. There were glances at a traditional Betazoid breakfast Jorey threw for a large group in the Tiger's mess. After the Tiger's decommissioning, they were transferred to the USS Gemini together where things 'didn't continue' with a few intimate moments over wine on the couch in West's office. Despite some playful tensions, Jorey moved on to the Embassy on Duronis II and nothing ever happened between them.

Antero Flynn · Wedding Crashers
Jorey first met Antero Flynn at Starfleet Academy. Brayden was the Commanding Officer for a round of cadet's final practical exam. Antero was assigned to be his First Officer for the simulation. The two hit it off and discovered they had great chemistry when they went for a drink after the exam. At the time, Jorey mentioned that they should have drinks again sometime soon. Neither had any idea that Jorey would make it happen by inviting Antero to be his date for the wedding of Toni Turner to Tyr Waltas. It was a wonderfully romantic weekend at the Embassy on Duronis II. Jorey was busy organizing the wedding and making sure things ran smoothly, but the pair managed a few dinners, a dance and a few other wonderful moments together over the weekend.

Special Friendships

T'Mihn Ah'mygahn · Tea With T'Mihn
T'Mihn and Jorey served on the USS Tiger-A together. During Jorey's first official mission out of the academy T'Mihn, himself, and others were abducted by a hostile species known to the Ithassa Region as the Reapers. They were forced to share and live in each other's nightmares as a twisted form of torture that was quickly breaking them. In an effort to save themselves, T'Mihn, Jorey, and Ari Tagren formed a three-way mind link that helped to fortify their psychological defences. Although the remnant telepathic link from the meld has faded, Jorey and T'Mihn continued to share a unique understanding and appreciation of each other. They spent time together every afternoon to enjoy a cup of tea and conversation. They were separated after the Tiger's decommissioning. However, the fates have brought them back together on the Embassy at Duronis II and they both now serve on the USS Thunder-A.

Sam Braddock · Lil' Bro
Jorey met Samuel Braddock when he was assigned to the USS Tiger-A's tactical department. Although Jorey was Sam's superior officer, the two developed a working relationship with Jorey as a mentor to Sam. Their working relationship slowly transformed into something more akin to Jorey being like an older brother to Sam. The relationship, however, was not one-sided. Sam sometimes came to Jorey's rescue when needed, like the time he had to take care off and get a heavily intoxicated Jorey back to his personal quarters.

Chloe Mannin · The Shy Girl
Mannin was the Assistant Chief of Security when Jorey was assigned to the Tiger-A. There relationship was strictly professional for most of their time together on the Tiger. However, Jorey was eventually promoted to Chief of Security and Tactical. Jorey felt guilty, as though he had taken a position that was rightfully hers. He brought this up when they were going over the security departmental reviews and Chloe set him straight. It was clear that she too felt that Jorey was the right choice for the position and through that conversation the two got closer and moved beyond a simple professional relationship. During the rest of their time on Tiger jorey often relied on her for support and advice.


Toni Turner · Queen of the People
Toni Turner was Jorey's Commanding Officer while he served at the Federation Embassy on Duronis II and the attached USS Thunder-A. Turner has been the the friendliest and most welcoming of all his Commanding Officer. She is poised, eloquent, and dignified. However, she is also fierce, determined and, perhaps Jorey' favourite side of Turner, she can be sassy. In a crew full of brutes, antagonists, and lose morals Brayden felt a special kinship with the more diplomatic and refined Turner. From Toni Turner, among many other things, Jorey saw in action that a leader with sensitivity and grace can tame beasts, break them in, and hold the reins by wit and conviction.

Sidney Riley · The Iron Lady
Sidney Riley was the Commanding Officer of the USS Tiger-A and the fresh Ensign Jorey's first captain. By many she was often seen as cold, aggressive, and a disciplinarian. However, Jorey's relationship had somehow developed differently with her. He occasionally refereed to her as the Iron Lady because she seemed unmoving, stoic, and tough. She was always willing to listen to Jorey's questions, thoughts, criticisms, and ideas. In fact, the two rarely saw eye to eye on most things. In the end, Riley helped Jorey to become a stronger leader and a better officer.

Danny Wilde · The Frat Prez
Danny Wilde was the Chief Tactical Officer when Jorey was assigned to the USS Tiger-A. Jorey and Danny never really had anything more than a professional relationship and Danny didn't really go out of his way to be a 'mentor' to him. However, Danny had a remarkable way of making his officers feel like they were part of an exclusive club that only those deemed 'worthy' were invited. Eventually, Jorey would take over Danny's position when he left the Tiger and Jorey put what he had learned from Danny into practice for himself and continues to do so.


Current Post

Service Record

Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Acting Ensign 238411.11 - 238606.05 USS Degault Helm Officer
  Cadet 4th Class 238606.05 - 238706.05 Starfleet Academy Tactical Major/Helm Minor
  Cadet 3rd Class 238706.05 - 238806.05
  Cadet 2nd Class 238806.05 - 238906.05
  Cadet 1st Class 238906.05 - 238912.15 Starbase 118/USS Degault Tactical Officer
  Ensign 238912.15 - 239002.06 USS Tiger-A Helm Officer
  Lieutenant JG 239002.06 - 239012.05 Chief Helm Officer/CAG
  Lieutenant 239012.05 - 239104.01 Chief of Security and Tactical/CAG
239104.01 - 239105.01 USS Gemini Chief of Security
  239105.01 - 239106.01 Starbase 118 - Black Tower Starfleet Intelligence
239106.01 - 239109.24 Embassy/USS Thunder-A Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer
  Lt. Commander 239109.24 - 239202.23
  239202.23 - 239204.30 USS Darwin-A First Officer
  239204.30 - 239301.26 LOA
  239301.26 - 239302.09 USS Darwin-A Tactical Officer
  239302.09 - 239304.19 Assistant CTO
  239304.19 - 239404.13 Embassy / USS Thunder-A First Officer
  Commander 239404.13 - 239410.01 Embassy / USS Thor Special Operations
  Ambassador 239410.01 - Present USS Eagle FDC


Arrival at Starbase 118

This SIM introduces readers to Koroth, an important friend and lover in Jorey's life, as Jorey completes his cadet cruise aboard the USS Degault. Jorey shares a few intimate moments with the ship's captain and Koroth before docking on to Starbase 118 to complete his final exam.

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Sentimental Value

This SIM was the 'Runner Up' in the December 2012 Writing Challenge. The challenge was to incorporate spirituality into the SIM. In this post readers are given the details of an ancient Betazoid ritual and an important moment in Jorey and Koroth's romance.

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One Man's Nightmare, Is Another Man's Dream

This SIM was nominated for the Top SIM's Contest by Flt. Capt. Sidney Riley. In this post Jorey has been captured by a race known as 'Reapers' who are able to induce nightmares and twisted forms of reality among those they capture. Jorey is faced with the fear of losing control and turning into a dark force for use by the Reapers.

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Becoming Agent X

This was a 5 part series detailing Jorey's Intelligence training at Starbase 118 during his transition from Security/Tactical to Intelligence.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

The Naked Truth (Part 1)

In this sim, Brayden wakes up in his new Embassy residence, 'Cyndriel Villas', for the very first time. This is also the first sim where his grandmother Ambassador Calodia Jorey appears in the flesh.

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