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USS Eagle

Crispin Boyd

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Ensign Crispin Boyd, is a Cardiovascular Specialist aboard the USS Eagle.


  • Full Name: Crispin Acuzio Boyd
  • Race: Terran/Ullian(1/8)
  • Date of Birth: 2nd October Stardate 236310.02
  • Age: 30
  • Place of Birth: Bradburry City, Mars
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T3 E3 (Latent, he is unaware of his abilities)
  • Guilds: Readers Guild, Lambda Alliance


  • Height: 1.88m (6' 2'')
  • Weight: 68kg (150 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Dirty Blond
  • Eye Color: Sky Blue
  • Skin Color: Pale

Tall and rather lanky and is looks very youthful for his age. He is not nearly as muscular as he would like and blames it on "a fast metabolism and unlucky genes." Although he is not very physically imposing, he carries himself with a poise and grace that indicated a humble confidence.

When on duty he wears his hair combed off to the side, but when off duty he wears it spiked of flat depending on the activity. When not in uniform he likes to wear faired jeans, brown leather shoes and some kind of button up shirt. He also likes an outfit consisting of wing toe shoes, black slacks, suspenders, a button up shirt, neck tie, and fedora. His favorite colors to wear are black, white, forest green, and gold.


He is a gentle caring type. He has always had a naturally high capacity for compassion. Crispin is a good listener and friend. He is normally rather timid and withdrawn. Although, when in social situations, especially if he has a few drinks in him, he loosens up a lot. He is a little sensitive about his age, as people often underestimate his age and guess he is closer to 20 than 30.

  • Likes: Bowling, Skiing, Terran swing dancing, Opera (Especially Wagner), Indian food, Knitting, Cooking, Turtles
  • Dislikes: Swimming, Rude people, Meat (he’s a vegetarian), Bullies, Insects


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Carl Boyd
    • Mother: Daniella Boyd
  • Siblings
    • Sister: Odessa Boyd
    • Brother: Cato Boyd

His mother and father are farmers on Mars. Cato is an engineer on a freighter. His sister is still in secondary school on Mars but is considering joining Starfleet as well.


  • Crispin was born as the second child to Carl and Daniella. He was raised on their farm. As a small child he was always bringing home injured animals and nursing them back to health. An understanding of biology came naturally to him in school and he entered medical school after secondary. After completing his medical training he joined Starfleet because it looked to be the best way to apply his talent in the galaxy.
  • Crispin has had trouble maintaining a consistent relationship. Although he makes a great friend because of his inclination to listen. The men he has dated tend to get frustrated with his inability to open up and share what he is thinking and feeling. Lately he's been able to relax and open up at parties after he's had a few drinks, but this isn't going to solve his problem.