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Bowrapiquis Jetseen


Piqui Jetseen(synthesized human)


Physical Statistics

  • Body: average size slim
    • Weight: 197 lb.
    • Height: five foot nine inches
    • Hair: dark brown
    • Eyes: Redish-yellow or brown usually
    • Build: slim toned


  • Approach: calm, relaxed
    • Idiosyncrasies: Slightly fidgety
    • Styles: passive to mild.
  • Preferences: pure and ergonomical
    • Food: organics if possible light meals
    • Drink: sweet pleasent
    • Smells: Earthy, hearty but light
    • Fears: small dark corners,..
    • Likes and pleasures: fun loving happy things.
    • Annoyances: unresponsive or slow computers

Personal History

  • Beginnings of life: basic invention of the human form out of the holoform of his being. constructed due to the double sun systems over heating of the holo circuitry in deep space between galaxies.
    • Hologram memories: Piqui had some memories of being an ensign and such on duronis but not of the abduction by the holograms designer. And little of the transformation to human.
    • Physical Creations: during the conceptions of his psyche Piqui was allowed to use a psionic helmet that enhanced his telepathic abilities to above average and then he cause the creation of various objects of unknown purposes.
    • Pre-cadet Education: Piqui was taught how to be human with the psionic helmet. //enter more here on this subject//
    • Cadet Personal History: In the academy he was engaged in his studies .,,
    • Training routines: Pilot fight training armory
  • studies in life: puzzle works and abstract strategy games
    • regular learning intervals: in two weeks structured intervals which are in series of 6 interval associations.
    • work routines: consistent forms of disciplined creative creation processing.
    • exercise routines: Over disciplined running and workout schedules.

Detailed History

Detailed history of this individual is found here.


  • The ensign's race was created by a concern that developed quantum computing and transporter/replicator technologies. They refined their quantum computing technology to the point that it operated on the scale of elementary wave structures in spacetime. This effectively means that the computation occurs during an extended intermediate step of the transport/replication process.
  • It is with optical quantum processors that the photon pathway is the wave-circuit which is allowing for the transparent effects of signal processing.
  • Within the dark matter forms the essence of negative realities occurring where the element of time and space are relative to centralized structured holograms.
  • The present instance of Piqui is almost an afterthought of the race of holograms attempting to make up for the confusions that were justified in the holographic revolution. (more to come on this.)
  • What developed as parallel positronic networked field processing is applied on the optical level of holographic dualistic justifications.
  • Into the gridded meshes of synthetic thought structures is the concept of understood awareness that Piqui so often overlooks.
  • Bowrapiquis has a mentor the famous xoet 12. When the xoet went into the deepest reaches of super-space and stopped teaching at the academy Piqui signed up for the USS Eagle as an engineer.
  • As reports from the deep superspace xoet 12 probe develop textual forms can be created.

Public Professional History

  • Academy Studies: average to above average levels of study.
    • Science: uni-molecular reaction folding experiments. Biological manifest-creation actualities. Particle system temporal alignment fields. et., c.
    • Math: new maths
    • Languages: galactic dialects and intergalactic notation and shorthand filings.

Federation Career

  • Ensign: stardate: 238909.24 - 239104.02
  • Missions:
    • Bilire IV
    • Experiences
    • mind-wipe incident --- retrained and re-entry as cadet

Piqui's StarLogs: Universal Knowledge of Space-Time.

Professional History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Ensign 238909.24 - 239104.01 USS Tiger-A Science Officer

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