Bounty Hunter (Ronin)

Stardate 238403.01

  • Commanding Officer:
  • First Officer:
  • Second Officer:
  • Location: Lamemda, Ithassa Region
  • Officer Reporting:
  • Mission De-Brief:

The Ronin was assigned to find and more importantly keep the Grendellai from finding an ancient Gorn artifact known as the Eye of the Sun. After entering the system at least somewhat surreptitiously, the Ronin landed an away team on the planet, Lamemda IV, where we though the artifact had the best chance of being. At that point, the ship was engaged by a Grendellai-scavenged Gorn ship and had to move out of orbit.

The away team found a Ktarian bounty hunter and a Grendellai search party, the latter of which attacked them and the former of which joined them, then subsequently tried to steal the Eye for herself.

The ship itself was having a hard time with the Grendellai, as her tactical scanners had been sabotaged. Finally getting the scanners back online, two approaching Grendellai ships saw an opportunity to survive, sold out their former compatriots on the first, now-derelict ship, and lived to tell the tale.

When the Ronin returned to the planet, they managed to accidentally intercept the escaping Ktarian, who had something of a history with both Mar and the ship’s CoS, Danny Wilde. The Eye, knocked out of the transporter field by one of the Ronin’s officers, was lost and presumed destroyed in a cave-in.

Now back at DS17, the Ronin is undergoing a major refit that will repair some extensive damage from the battle in the Lamemda system and strip a couple of decks in favor of the more traditional through-deck Akira configuration. Her crew is currently on leave.