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"The energy field this thing generates can fragment reality at the quantum level and then collapse it around its target. When directed at a ship, or a planetoid, or- ::beat:: a person, the prismagon’s energy essentially forces them out of reality, particle by particle. Colonel, we’re going to steal one."
- Major Didrik Stennes


Thirty years ago, the Interstellar Commonwealth made first contact with the Shint, a mysterious race with possible extragalactic origins. The warlike, technologically-advanced Shint have no desire for peaceful coexistence, and after a brief cold war between the two, the Shint launched an all-out campaign of terror against the Commonwealth. Their first target, Cardassia, was wiped off the galactic map within minutes. The next day, Bajor was destroyed, along with the recently-discovered wormhole.

Now, after three decades of nonstop warfare, the Shint have all but prevailed. The Commonwealth has only a handful of ships and star systems left under its control, and even the most optimistic projections show the Commonwealth will fall to the Shint within a year. The crew of the CIC Desdemona, one of the last functioning Commonwealth ships, wonder how much longer they can defend their collapsing state against a vastly superior and ruthless enemy.

The Shint have a weapon capable of manipulating the fabric of reality, against which the Commonwealth have no meaningful defense. Using this tenebrous, evil weapon, the Shint have chipped away at the Commonwealth’s territory, conquering one planet after another. With all other options exhausted, the desperate crew of Desdemona must steal one of the reality-warping weapons, in a last-ditch effort to tip the scales of war in their favor.

Act 1

Aboard the CSC Overdone, Majors Didrik Stennes and Yogan Yannick were on their way to rendezvous with the CIC Desdemona, carrying intel vital to the waning war effort. The shuttle was, however, waylaid by a Shint warship, and Major Stennes watched helplessly as a distracted Yannick was caught in a discharge of the Prismagon - the Shint's reality-altering weapon - and killed in action.[1]

Major Stennes made it back to the CIC Desdemona with the intel, and briefed its crew on their next, and possibly final, mission. They needed to steal a Prismagon from a Shint Warcruiser. Lt. Colonel Adea was to spearhead a team consisting of Captain Yellir and 2nd Lieutenants Kuva, Lux and Thevn, assisted by Jovenan, to develop prismic shielding for a small shuttle and an away team intended to sneak aboard the war cruiser and retrieve the Prismagon. Meanwhile, Captain Olivera and 2nd Lt. Flint Kader had to find a suitable target for the heist, while Major Dakora, 1st Lt. Sato, 2nd Lt. Savel, Colonel MacKenzie and Major Stennes put together a plan for the heist, complete with contingencies for any complications that might arise.

  • Shield Team

Lt. Colonel Adea's team went to the Tactical Laboratory to get an idea about their preferred approach to the adaptation of the Prismic Shielding. While there, the team split into several smaller units depending on their focus. Lux and Jovenan focused on the shuttle shields, working on the idea of modifying the prismic shielding into a portable solution to allow the infiltration unit more options while aboard the Shint vessel, while Thevn and Kuva brainstormed an idea for making the prismic shielding capable of both confusing the prismic scanners and act as protection against common Shint weaponry. Colonel Yellir was confident the plan could be put into work, and suggested equipping the shields with backup batteries to ensure that the infiltration team would be covered for the entirety of the mission.
As the team started discussing how to actually implement their plans - outfitting the shuttle, updating anti-Shint coding and actually creating the shields - 2nd Lt. Kuva revealed something concerning. The Shint had not reshuffled their codes in more than two months, which was irregular to say the least... Had the aggressors gone complacent, or was the Desdemona being lured into a trap? [2]

  • Target Acquisition Team

Captain Olivera and Lieutenant Kader were in charge of selecting a target for their Heist. Captain Olivera contemplated the value of lying in wait in the Azure Nebula, obscured by the natural phenomena, while Lt. Kader suggested a daring target for them. An Atraxia-class Warship. Large and powerful, yes, but without an escort to harry the Desdemona if things went south. Knowing that the CIC Othello - one of Olivera's previous postings - was in the area, they contacted the vessel for their latest scans of the Atraxia's patrol route, hopeful that these scans could aid them in plotting a good approach vector for the incoming heist. Within an hour, Colonel Thera MGia of the CIC Othello, an old flame of the Human Captain, appears on a safe comm-link and agrees to share their sensor logs with the Desdemona to better their chances of success. The information, however, concerns 2nd Lt. Kader: The Othello is in their mission area, and is moving far slower than its max speed. If it comes to a firefight with the Atraxia vessel, it is very likely that the Colonel MGia, the Othello - and his daughter - will be caught in the crossfire...[3]

  • Infiltration Planning Team

Sato, Savel and Dakora examined holographic displays of Shint Warships, trying to find out how to breach the vessels. While initially considering breaching through the sensitive sensor array - thus achieving both entry and a blinding of the vessel, they also considered disabling the ship weapons, to give the Desdemona more leeway. Colonel MacKenzie urged for simplicity, focusing on the likely success of the infiltration team, which focused the following planning. Using some of the scans that Major Stennes had been able to steal away with, it was likely that they would be able to create 'sensor echoes' of the shuttle, hopefully confusing the Shint sensors for long enough to allow the shuttle's approach.
Through brainstorming, the team arrives at a plan for the Heist Team Shuttle to feign at being a group of deserters, shot dead by the Desdemona. Then, while the enemy ship is distracted by the larger threat, the 'inert' shuttle can quietly drift closer, steal the Prismagons and get out of there. A risky plan, but one that might just be insane enough to work. The battleworn Major Stennes still seems out of sorts though, and as he walks to the replicator to steel himself alongside the Counselor, his recurring nightmare nags at him. Who is the mysterious figure he sees every night, and what will happen when he's finally able to grab the extended hand?[4]

Act 2

  • Desdemona Team: Addison MacKenzie, Genkos Adea, Didrik Stennes, Victor Olivera, Luana Yellir, Flint Kader, Kuva

Upon arrival in the Celendi Nebula, the Desdemona sends off half her senior staff to enact their ploy.

Onboard the shuttle and outfitted with the modified prismic shielding technology and communications badges that should allow compensation for Shint jamming tech, the team sets out from the Desdemona, playing at desertion.

Act 3


Crew Manifest

Character name Rank equivalent[5] Duty post Notes
Addison MacKenzie Colonel Commanding officer Counterpart of Addison MacKenzie
Didrik Stennes Major Acting executive officer Simmed by Yogan Yalu
Ares 'Romeo' Dakora Major Air group commander Counterpart of Talos Dakora
Genkos Adea Lieutenant Colonel Chief physician Counterpart of Genkos Adea
Victor 'Vik' Olivera Captain Tactician Counterpart of Vitor Silveira
Luana Yellir Captain Engineer, cyber-warfare specialist Counterpart of Hallia Yellir
Harry Sato 1st Lieutenant Counselor Counterpart of Hiro Jones
Jovenan 1st Lieutenant Science officer Counterpart of Jovenan
Flint Johnathan Kader 2nd Lieutenant Navigator Counterpart of Flint Kader
Savel 2nd Lieutenant Special warfare operator Counterpart of Savel
Lux 2nd Lieutenant Special ops, Quantum mechanics specialist Counterpart of Luxa Lorana
Gila Thevn 2nd Lieutenant Physician Counterpart of Gila Sadar
Kuva 2nd Lieutenant Liaison officer to the Unified Resistance Counterpart of Kuva
Yogan Yannick Major Executive officer Counterpart of Yogan Yalu. Deceased.
  • Mentioned NPCs:
    • Resistance Cell Leader Sorev - Kuva's father
    • Cyberware Specialist Rasa - Lux's littermate
    • Colonel Thera MGia - Commanding officer of the CIC Othello
    • Vanda MGia - The young daughter of Thera and Victor



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  5. The Interstellar Commonwealth uses a rank structure similar to that of the prime universe Starfleet Marine Corps. Not all crew members are graduates of the Commonwealth Fleet Academy; some hold field commissions or provisional ranks.