Blind Spot (Constitution)

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer
Maxwell Traenor First Officer
Lara Grayson Helm Officer
Prudence Blackwell Chief Comm/OPS Officer
Sinda Essen Mission Security Specialist
Atan T'Seva Acting Chief Security Officer
Yito Seja Security Officer
Teryn Vehk Tactical Officer
Dag Sindri Engineering Officer
Choi Ji-hu Engineering Officer
Damian Wynter Engineering Officer
Shar'Wyn Foster Chief Medical Officer
Jerome Milsap Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Saveron Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer
Chelin Ch'Gabor Chief Science Officer
T'Reshik Science Officer
Solaris McLaren Chief Intelligence Officer
Name Position Notes
Madam Adel Brindlehide Hinji Adjunct of Military Affairs Played by Maxwell Traenor
Drajev Nesterovi Flamespeaker Hinji Troublemaker Played by T'Reshik
Laris Nesterovi Threespirit Drajev's partner Played by T'Reshik
Pita Sundrinker & the ombro Monastic Leader & large cat Played by Choi Ji-hu
Eda Andesar Sharppaw Administrator, Tirtahl Camp Played by Saveron
Ambassador Luko Silvertip Hinji Ambassador Played by Jerome Milsap
Commander Titus Cassius Valerius Acting First Officer, USS Constitution-B Played by Choi Ji-hu
Lightfoot Young Hinji acolyte Played by Choi Ji-hu

Mission Brief

Captain's Log Stardate 239406.10

For the last week and a half we have enjoyed Shore leave at Starbase 104. The incidents of the last mission have not been forgotten, but slowly faded into the background, making our stay not much more difficult as they would have been before the events. According to conversations with Captain Inejiro Hinji and Linara are split in their satisfaction of the negotiation's outcome, which was to be expected if we could use the events happening during the talks as an example.

Starfleet has received all reports and official word from President Vehau and Ambassador Silvertip informing them of their plans of cooperation. While these efforts will need to grow and be planned out carefully their people will still need help with their issues of overpopulation, famine and destitution when it comes to resources. HQ has assigned the USS Bethune to lead the Linaran relief efforts and the Constitution to take care of the Hinji relief actions.

Meanwhile Maxwell has received results from long scans he had started to survey the system and append our out-dated databases. It's a surprise that with the traffic down here, we had so little data. One of the results brings us right to the Hinji homeworld so we decided to send a team and check on the findings and survey their magnitude. All he has to do now is to get the thumbs up from the Hinji government.

As we are going to help them with their issues, I don't forsee many problems on that front. Resources for the Hinji are on their way to us as we speak and the departments are in preparations to get working right away.

/\ ===== /\

First Officer's Log Stardate 239406.10

Although I'm not a Scientific Specialist anymore, there is still work of mine that draws me back into my old stomping grounds. For example, I heard from Ens Hebeny this morning on a study I had started when we first arrived in the Marchlands.

In preparation for the diplomatic talks between the Hinji and the Linarans, and the role that the Constitution held in moderating them, I had initiated studies on the Leron system and its planets. We needed that information to try and help them through their respective population and resources problems and to help them come to a mutual agreement over the exploitation of Leron II. My studies of Leron III, the Hinji homeworld, had uncovered an interesting anomaly. However, in the progress of the mission and my subsequent position change, I had all but forgotten about it.

The computer doesn't forget, however. An automated sensor study I had initiated, as well as a request for information from the Hinji database, finally returned a result. Or, shall I say, a decided lack of a result. It was this quandary that Hebeny relayed to me today. In light of that, I'm taking the direct approach, because these readings are contentious and could have ramifications for the fledgling Federation member's status.

Plot summary

Mission Day 1, 239406.10

  • Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Traenor connects with a member of the Hinji government about an anomalous reading that appears to be military suppression technology in a remote location on Leron III, the Hinji homeworld. The official denies the allegations, claiming there is nothing in the location of interest to non-Hinji.
  • Captain Jalana Rajel takes to the bridge where she awards promotions to Prudence Blackwell, Chelin Ch'Gabor and T'Reshik.
  • Lt. Cmdr. Sinda Essen returns to the Constitution, reporting for duty to the Captain.
  • Constitution command receives flight clearance to depart from Starbase 104 to investigate Leron III.
  • Counsellor Saveron shares news from the Diplomatic Service, explaining that negotiations for Leron II were met with mixed responses, though Starfleet’s aid mission to the Linara and Hinji homeworlds are welcome. Saveron continues that isolationist groups have been galvanized by negotiations, and warns that there may even be resistance among the resource refugees and displaced populations.
  • Rajel advises Traenor to order an away team to examine the “Blind Spot” on Leron III.
  • Treanor summons Lieutenants Solaris McLaren and Jerome Milsap, Lieutenants (JG) T'Reshik and Choi Ji-hu and Ensign Lara Grayson to the Constitution’s conference room to meet about the investigation.
  • Traenor places McLaren in charge of the away mission to survey the blind spot, since it’s an intel gathering op. Ensign Grayson is charged with flying the shuttle, while Lieutenants Choi and T’Reshik are to head up the surveying. Doctor Milsap, Traenor explains, is along for “optics,” plausible deniability as part of the greater relief efforts in the event that the team is discovered.
  • Traenor leaves and McLaren begins to coordinate her team to prepare. T’Reshik suggests that they’ll need special equipment, but Milsap points out that if they’re found with survey equipment, the Hinji government could take issue.
  • Choi suggests a new piece of technology he and his team have been working on, since they could claim they’re testing a prototype. McLaren sets the tech aside, opting for modifications to a Type-11 Shuttle’s sensors.
  • Captain Rajel entrusts Lieutenant Blackwell to coordinate relief efforts to the refugee and displacement camps.
  • Captain Rajel summons Lt. Rue Blackwell, Lieutenant Commanders Shar'Wyn Foster and Atan T'Seva, and Lieutenants (JG) Damian Wynter and Chelin Ch'Gabor, along with a comm/ops Ensign Mullins about coordinating the larger relief effort.
  • Blackwell is in charge of the delivery of relief resources, Foster is to assess the situation and offer medical help, Wynter is to install and see to infrastructural equipment, Ch’Gabor is to collect data on the refugee camp and Atan is to oversee security.
  • The Constitution enters orbit over Hinj.

Tirtahl Away Team

  • The displacement camp team begins deployment to Tirtahl Camp, one of the biggest Hinji aid camps on the planet, run by Administrator Eda Andesar Sharppaw, who greets them and directs the team to the planetside facility for Starfleet.
  • The Tirtahl team begins to take stock of their surroundings, and see to the needs of the displacement camp.
  • Shar'wyn Foster begins to coordinate with the Administrator about setting up a makeshift triage centre. The Administrator suggests that a communal dinner that evening may be a good chance for the Starfleet officers to introduce themselves to more Hinji.
  • The team arrives at the Federation facility set up for them, a large pre-fab warehouse.
  • Administrator Sharppaw summons Drajev Nesterovi Flamespeaker, a Hinji anti-Federation preacher and troublemaker.
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Morowa Danjuma joins the away team as a replacement for Wynter, who was called away. She meets them at the Starfleet Tirtahl facility.
  • The team has a less than productive conversation with Drajev before he returns to his people to receive a message from a high ranking Hinji official.
  • Foster discusses medical needs of the camp with a guide named Tehra Uptail, a former teacher who lost a child.
  • Administrator Sharppaw gives the Starfleet officers a brief religious lesson on the tenets of the Sunmother, the main Hinji deity.
  • Saveron, Towsnson and Vehk transport to the surface, where they make contact with the Tirtahl camp away team. Saveron has the group pose as delivering a small replicator, psychically conferring with Lieutenant Blackwell that they're there for other reasons.
  • Drajev and his partner pester the away team, and gives them a sermon on Hinji beliefs.
  • The away team consults about the missing survey team while Dr. Foster continues to assess the medical needs of the camp, contacting Ensign Tad Cooper, who helps Foster set up a containment field around the makeshift hospital grounds to protect equipment and medical supplies.
  • Administrator Sharppaw collaborates with the Starfleet and Hinji engineers to prepare for the dinner, warning Blackwell that the dinner will be the opportune time to see trouble from the rebellious elements.
  • Saveron has Vehk invite Flamespeaker and his partner as guides on the search and rescue mission.

Survey Away Team

  • The survey team deploys in the Eisenhorn, a Type-11 Personnel Shuttlecraft. After a smooth descent into the Hinji atmosphere, they begin to experience power fluctuations and interference with shipboard technology.
  • After loosing impulse power Grayson executes an emergency landing in the Hinji wilderness. McLaren suffers a broken arm, Choi suffers a concussion, and the others minor injuries.
  • Georgio, the Constitution's Emergency Holographic Hairdresser, reveals that he had stowed away aboard the shuttle before takeoff, out of boredom.
  • Choi determines that the interference is effecting their equipment and communications, severely limiting the range of their technology.
  • Doctor Milsap begins to attend to the crew. Choi has a mild concussion and McLaren a broken arm. He suggests, since his equipment isn't functioning well, they create a makeshift splint and sling for her arm.
  • As the team is gathering materials for McLaren's splint an ombro, a large cat-like creature, appears and brings McLaren a stick for her splint, apparently fixated on the Lieutenant. While hesitant, she suggests they gather their equipment and set out into the woods, in the direction the ombro ran off.
  • The away team sets off into the Hinji wilderness, towards the plateau to get their bearings.
  • En route to the plateau Georgio experiences a glitch that shrinks him down to an eighth of his normal size. Choi decides to pocket the shrunken stylist and puts Georgio in a pocket on his bag.
  • The team takes a break once they reach the plateau. T'Reshik suggests disassembling the bulk of her wheelchair to make the journey easier. Choi sets about to the task, and records a distress message to transmit on their emergency comm array.
  • The away team is approached by Pita Sundrinker, leader of the Order of the Sacred Daylight monastery. The Hinji mistakes Lieutenant McLaren as a reincarnation of the Sunmother, the chief deity. McLaren denies the assertion, but after consulting with her team, they follow him to the monastery to regroup.
  • They arrive and the group breaks up to explore the monastery. Choi and T'Reshik with tiny Georgio head to a series of hot springs to bathe and relax, Dr. Milsap seeks out a Hinji healer and the two collaborate while McLaren is shown to private quarters for the Sunmother, and shown alien relics of the first Sunmother manifestation.

Constitution Command Team

  • Captain Rajel, Commander Traenor, Chief Counsellor Saveron, Lieutenant T'Aven and Commander Essen remain aboard the bridge to coordinate diplomatic efforts.
  • Constitution Command is alerted to the disappearance of the survey team.
  • Adjunct of Military Affairs Adel Brindlehide, the official Traenor had previous contact with, hails the Constitution about relief efforts. Traenor worries that Brindlehide made a veiled threat against the survey team.
  • Counsellor Saveron muses that Hinji (and Linaran) resistance to the Federation's efforts is the result of both species joining the United Federation of Planets for the sake of negotiating the colonizing of Leron II.
  • Commander Tracey Townson, Starfleet Intelligence, arrives on the Constitution's bridge, having recently aceepted the new assignment. Commander Townson is apprised of the current missions.
  • The Officers discuss the missing away team, and theorize on what might have caused their complete disappearance.
  • Another new officer, Ensign Teryn Vehk, joins the bridge and is assigned to tactical. He recalls an incident with now Captain Jalana Rajel from their youth.
  • Command assigns Saveron, Vehk and Townson with beaming down to Tirtahl and begin an information gathering mission on the blind spot with the goal of finding the missing survey team.
  • Traenor and Rajel contact Ambassador Luko Silvertip, their point of contact in the negotiations for Leron II, and a supportive figure to the crew. He explains that the sensor blind spot is called the Dawn Cradle by Hinji, the first place touched by the Sunmother's light.
  • Commander Titus Cassius Valerius, a Magna Roman Starfleet intelligence officer, arrives on the bridge, abruptly relieving Traenor of duty and taking over as acting First Officer. Captain Rajel is horrified at the move by Starfleet Command, but after consulting with Valerius and the Rear Admiral who issued the orders, acquiesces to the temporary personnel change.
  • Valerius sets to work gathering information about the religious order and the blind spot through contacts on Starbase 104.

Mission Day 2, 239406.11

Constitution Command Team

  • Captain Rajel welcomes Lieutenant Yito Seja, a transferred security officer, aboard the Constitution and assigns her to the search and rescue team.
  • Lieutenant Dag Sindri returns to active duty after a brief leave of absence. He reports to the bridge before returning to Main Engineering to find an unexplained system-wide update. This initiates a confrontation with the Engineering Systems Programming Office's Ensign Frag.
  • Rajel works with the bridge crew to decipher a badly fragmented message from the blind spot. They work to piece together the distress call from Choi, and respond with a repeating message of assurance that a search and rescue is underway.
  • Rajel has Valerius report to the bridge to share his findings. He had uncovered an apparent link between the Hinji military and anti-Linaran radicals based out of the monastery in the centre of the blind spot.
  • Valerius recommends the immediate deployment of Starfleet Marines to resolve the missing away team, but the Captain is adamant that it will be a last resort, and that she trusts the search and rescue team to complete their mission.
  • Temporarily dismissed first officer Commander Traenor approaches Captain Rajel on the bridge. Frustrated with his situation, he requests her permission to help recover the missing away team. The two set to work on coordinating with Sindri on potentially penetrating the blind spot's interference. Traenor contacts Sindri, who is dealing with the ESPO, via communicator.
  • After assembling a team to run simulations to determine where the away teams might be in the blind spot, Valerius meets with Ensign Ish Th'Zarin, tasking him with taking a shuttle to Leron III to standby in case either of the teams need an extraction.
  • The Constitution is confronted by the Hinji Defense Ship Celestial Ray, with Adjunct of Hinji Military Affairs Brindlehide aboard.
  • Rajel assembles Traenor and Valerius to meet with Brindlehide in the observation lounge. Tensions arise between Traenor and Valerius, as well as the Hinji delegation.
  • Brindlehide accuses the Starfleet officers of operating in bad faith, sending their teams into the blind spot, and she demands a change in location of the discussion, opting to relocate to Tirtahl.
  • Rajel learns of Valerius' plan to send Th'Zarin to Hinji airspace on the USS Laikan and confronts of, resulting in his removal as first officer. The Captain reinstates Traenor as FO, asking him to coordinate efforts on the Constitution while she and Valerius proceed to Tirtahl to complete discussions with Brindlehide.
  • Lieutenant Chelin Ch'Gabor returns to active duty, meeting with 1st Lt. T'Aven on the bridge, joined by Ensign T'Naa Cicoone, a freshly assigned science officer, who is directed to Traenor and Ch'Gabor.
  • T'Aven alerts Traenor that the survey away team is attempting to make contact with the Constitution, although their transmission is still distorted.
  • In the biophysics lab, Lieutenant Iel'ue meets Ensign Cicoone, and the two begin to collaborate on
  • Sindri contacts Traenor with an idea about breaking through the interference on Leron III's surface.
  • Commander T'Mar reports to the bridge with freshly arrived Ensign Jacob Horne. T'Aven consults with T'Mar about the situation, while ordering Horne to report to Sindri in Main Engineering.
  • Horne finds Sindri in Main Engineering and the two begin to work trying to locate the crew. They are contacted by Iel'ue and Cicoone, who have been working on a biophysical frequency to help boost transporter strength. The four officers meet in one of the starship's transporter rooms to make sure the work is ready the second they can get through the interference.

Jungle Away Team

  • Commander Saveron leads a search and rescue for the missing survey team consisting of Commander Foster, Commander Blackwell, Ensign Vehk Ensign, the recently arrived Lieutenant Seja and Ensign H’Rhaedrol Barr, a paramedic with telepathic ability. They are joined by Drajev Flamespeaker and his partner, Laris Threespirit, who antagonize the away team as they continue into the jungle.
  • The team begins to make their way through the jungle in search of the missing away team. They lose communication with the world outside the blind spot and Saveron reveals why they are really investigating, to find the missing away team. Yito notices an energy reading spike in the direction of the monastery.
  • The group comes to a ravine with a powerful river below.
  • Drajev uses his animal form to cross the river and help the away team set up a single line rope bridge, with the assistance of the security/tactical officers. The team crosses the ravine and continues into the jungle, although a minor injury forces Yito to approach Dr. Foster for medical assistance.
  • Saveron collapses, suffering a mysterious injury or illness. Yito suggests they set up camp so Foster can stay with Saveron while they others scout out the others scout out the monastery.
  • Blackwell makes an executive decision to create a gurney and bring Saveron along.
  • The group continues, although despite pleas to stay together Threespirit transforms into his feline animal form and runs ahead, despite his partner trying to stop him.
  • The others continue on, carrying Saveron, before they run into injured Hinji fleeing from the monastery fire. The Hinji ask the group if they are "like the ones the Sunmother came with," earning the ire of Flamespeaker. Blackwell tries to smooth over the situation. Yito hears more Hinji coming and suggests they get off the path.
  • The away team pushes on up the mountainside, where Flamespeaker finds the tunnel into the alien facility and decides to follow Threespirit, who had gone down. The two away teams find each other in the tunnel. Outside the officers are beamed back to the Constitution.

Tirtahl Away Team

  • Administrator Sharppaw meets with Atan and Townson about a sabotage attempt and the trio begin to investigate an incident of arson from the previous night.
  • MCPO Danjuma reports to Atan about protecting Starfleet's equipment from further damage, and to contribute to the investigation before the two of them and a Hinji engineer are confronted by an aggressive Hinji.
  • With help from the Hinji engineer, Atan and Danjuma deescalate the confrontation and continue the investigation into the sabotaged replicator.
  • A group of angry Hinji show up.
  • Rajel and Valerius await consultation with Brindlehide, and a tense conversation ensues before they return to the Starfleet Tirtahl facility. Valerius hands off a proposal to make Tirtahl more livable in the long run.
  • Rajel and Valerius are approached by T'Mar, and then soon joined by Administrator Sharppaw.

Survey Away Team

  • McLaren awakens after an evening of rest and feasting with the Hinji, who received news of her "godliness" fairly neutrally. She is curious about the datapad-like object left behind by the first Sunmother and consults her team, who stayed the night in the common house.
  • The team discusses the situation while Choi uses the discarded power component to power the unresponsive datapad. It reveals a holographic projection in the room that travels through a display of the universe, moving through star systems in the Milky Way before honing in on Leron III.
  • McLaren has an idea about the suncrystal statue in her room and leaves to find it. She discovers Georgio transformed into the shape of a cat, and a young Hinji acolyte, Lightfoot, explains that the ombro is in pain in the main sanctum, and directs the officer's attention to a mob of Hinji searching for the Starfleet officers. McLaren requests Lightfoot to retrieve the suncrystal and take it to the rest of her team, while she continues into the sanctum to find the ombro.
  • The officers regroup in the sanctum with Lightfoot's direction. Dr. Milsap sees to the pained ombro, eventually removing a strange metallic sliver in the animal that seems to help it.
  • T'Reshik and Choi investigate the suncrystal statue of the Sunmother. Choi climbs a wall to open a window and deliver light to the suncrystal, discovering the Hinji mob have set fire to the building where McLaren stayed.
  • T'Reshik locates a space to insert the datapad and, powered by the suncrystal, the datapad illuminates the sanctum with the holographic project of a number of star systems.
  • With the ombro seen to and sleeping peacefully, but concerned about the Hinji mob, the officers discuss the next course of action. Cat-Georgio attempts to draw their attention to the approaching mob, but a malfunction in his mobile emitter shuts the holographic being down. Choi retrieves the emitter, believing the only way to save Georgio is to return him to the Constitution to operate on the emitter.
  • Lightfoot, intrigued by the holographic image, locates a strange glyph projected near the suncrystal statue. Choi approaches and touches the glyph, opening a ramp to a strange facility built into the mountain below the sanctum.
  • Intrigued and feeling they have little other option the away team proceeds into the alien facility. McLaren muses that it may be the origin of the interference field. The team descends through the facility, musing on its purpose, before they find what they believe to be a central control room.
  • After some experimentation, Choi and T'Reshik activate a holographic projection of a white-haired being who calls herself "Portal 88," clearly the first Sunmother. McLaren is able to access Portal 88's logs, and she learns that the being was on Leron III with a science colony from a planet called Eremar, but was left behind and completed the colony's work.
  • Wondering if the ombro knows anything, Milsap awakens him. He transforms into a humanoid form, revealing himself to be a Hinji. He wonders how T'Reshik and McLaren accessed Portal 88's logs.
  • T'Reshik connects to the system and voices Portal 88's "Proxy," which reveals that McLaren has genetic encoding that identifies her as the Portal, and that this encoding is shared with certain Hinji to give them access to the facility.
  • McLaren manages to turn off the interference, which slowly dissipates. She sends a message to the Constitution before the away team proceeds out of tunnel revealed by the ombro.
  • They encounter the facility's defences in the tunnel, and run into Threespirit in his feline form. Choi figures out a way to get through the defences unharmed just before Threespirt is attacked by the ombro. McLaren tries to break up the fight.
  • Threespirit enters the facility's central control, the ombro follows, the team follows and Threespirit questions them before connecting to the facility, while T'Reshik turns off the defences.
  • The ombro bids them farewell and they exit through the tunnel, running into the search and rescue away team. Outside the officers are beamed back to the Constitution.

Mission reports

SD 239408.1

Headline: Missing Constitution shuttle could spark Hinji outrage
Location: LERON III- A covert mission into restricted Hinji airspace goes sideways as the Conny loses contact with its crew
Plot Summary: Under directions of Starfleet Command, the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B has reported to the Hinji homeworld to give relief efforts at one of their largest displacement camps. However, Starfleet Command had another, more secretive command for the crew - conduct covert ops in determining a possible military installation on their homeworld which could be in contravention of their Federation charter membership. Now, with the Hinji government demanding the area off-limits and tensions already at an all-time high, Capt Jalana Rajel has to face the possibility of a shuttle downed and missing in action in restricted airspace.

Arriving at Leron III, the Constitution readied a party led by Chief of Operations Lt Prudence Blackwell to the planet’s surface to install industrial replicators and water reclamation units, as well as provide medical supplies and expertise to Tirtahl Camp, an expansive displacement camp of underprivileged Hinji. “I don’t understand why we’re going through so much effort to help them out,” sighed PO Bazreet of the quartermaster’s office. “I’d say just as many of those prideful Hinji would drive us forcefully off their planet as thank us for our help.” However, a second, less announced party was being organized by LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor under direct orders of Starfleet Command. This party, led by Chief Intelligence Officer Lt Solaris McLaren, was to take a shuttle to the surface and covertly approach a sensor blind spot on the surface of Leron III. Considering the animosity between the Hinji and the Linarans, there are concerns that military weapons are being hidden for potential use against their stellar neighbors and fellow Federation members. With the Hinji government being obtuse and belligerent about the area, it fell on the Constitution covert Away team to stealthily prove or disprove these suspicions. With the relief team onsite and setting up without too much incident, attention soon turned onto the shuttle as it disappeared from sensors and comms upon reaching the blind spot, only to fail to emerge out the other side.

In earlier conversations with Adel Brindlehide, Hinji Adjunct of Military Affairs, it was stated in no uncertain terms that a Starfleet presence in the area of the sensor blind spot was unwelcome and indeed prohibited, and that the Constitution was to provide relief efforts at Tirtahl Camp only. Now, with a possible search and rescue effort needed in that very area, what will the response of the Hinji be? With many disenfranchised Hinji already resentful of Starfleet, will there be repercussions not only for Hinji-Federation relations, but more immediate safety concerns for the relief aid Away team at Tirtahl camp? The Constitution is about to find out as Rajel, Traenor, and the rest of the senior crew face the reality of a covert mission gone sideways.

SD 239408.21

Headline: Missing away team found alive as search and rescue under way
Location: LERON III- Relief effords continue as a team is sent to find their missing crew members in sacred off limits area
Plot Summary: The USS Constitution continued its relief efforts as a team was sent to find missing Starfleet crew members in a sacred off-limits area.

The USS Constitution still rests in orbit of Leron III to give the overpopulated inhabitants, a shapeshifting species called the Hinji, much-needed relief at one of their last displacements camps in Tirthal. To do so, Starfleet organized deliveries of replicators, water purifiers, and medical assistance. A team built around the Chief of Operations Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell worked tirelessly to give the Hinji their first taste of Starfleet assistance. During a feast arranged at the evening of their arrival, many Hinji tasted food that wasn’t rations for the first time in many years.

Yet not everyone in the jam-packed camp was happy about the efforts. A chemical fire interrupted the celebrations, though it did not cause any casualties. All that is known at this point is that the attack didn’t target people but rather Starfleet’s replicators. Lieutenant Commander Atan T’Seva, Acting Chief of Security of the Constitution, is leading the investigations at this moment to find the culprit and ensure safety for the camp and the equipment.

Meanwhile, a team headed by ship’s counselor Commander Saveron put together a search and rescue effort to head into the jungle’s blind spot and find a lost away team led by local preacher Drajev Flamespeaker and his husband Laris Threespirit. Shortly before leaving the camp, the team learned that the blind spot is a sanctuary called Dawn’s Cradle, home to the Order of the Sacred Daylight, a reclusive religious group worshipping the Sunmother of Leron III. The Hinji see this area as sacred and might see an intrusion by outworlders as a hostile act. Time is scarce.

Only hours later, long after the away team entered the area hidden from sensors and communication signals, the crew of the Constitution received a heavily fragmented emergency signal right from the heart of the Dawn’s Cradle. After several officers worked on the message, relief was great. Said message was sent by the lost away team by Lieutenant Solaris McLaren, requesting extraction and making sure that it was known that they all lived. Without being able to reply directly, a repeating message to inform the team about their rescuers being on the way was sent immediately.

As not much else can be done from their seats on the bridge, another challenge offered itself in form of Commander Titus Cassius Valerius, who relieved First Officer Maxwell Traenor from his duties and took the place as Captain Jalana’s right hand. Sent by Starfleet to ensure that no additional problems come up during this simple relief mission, Valerius has strong ideas on what to do to handle the situation.

“I’m simply saying that Starfleet would endorse a more heavy-handed approach to the myriad of problems we’re facing on Leron III,” Valerius stated towards Rajel, whose style as a captain is known to be the complete opposite of his military approach.

SD 239409.5

Headline: Ancient Tkon Empire facility discovered beneath Hinji monastery
Location: LERON III- Away team found after discovering the true origins of the Hinji Species
Plot Summary: After over a day of searching, the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, has finally retrieved the away team, which had crashed in a shuttle on the surface on Leron III, as well as the rescue team sent after to find them. The past day after the crash has brought surprising and new discoveries that could change the face of the Hinji culture forever.

After being found by a monk of the Order of the Sacred Daylight Monastery the away team under the leadership of Lieutenant Solaris McLaren, has enjoyed the hospitality of the order. Much to McLaren's surprise though, she was believed to be the returning Sunmother, the deity of this majorly spread Hinji Religion. Assurances of the opposite were ignored by most. Through a turn of events, the away team were forced to find a way out of the monastery to avoid a mob of angry Hinji who had found out that the 'Sunmother' and her followers in truth were Starfleet Officers, and by accident stumbled over a secret passage.

The passage lead to rooms that stood in complete contrast to the old monastery on the surface and turned out to be of Alien origin. Soon after entering the room and activating its energy the team witnessed the accounts of so called Portal 88, reporting of finding and caring for a primitive species found on Leron III called the H’inji and bringing along their development over a period of 500,000 years before leaving the planet to an appointed Guardian, protecting and watching over the Hinji and the facility.

After return to the Constitution, research and comparisons of imagery and Portal logs have unveiled that the 'Sunmother' belonged to the long extinct Tkon Empire and adds another layer of mystery to the elusive species, Starfleet has only encountered briefly before. After careful consideration Captain Jalana Rajel decided to inform Administrator Eda Sharppaw, Leader of the Tirtahl Displacement Camp on Leron III of the team's findings. What to do with the information and if it is going to be public knowledge remains to be unknown at this time, but will be in the hands of the Hinji involved in the situation.

"Yeah, I mean, it's going to be hard to adjust to but..." stated Laris Nesterovi, and was interrupted by his husband and Hinji preacher Drajev Nesterovi, "-but this gives us a chance to unite all the Hinji people under a renewed and more complete faith! Finally, we know the sunmother's divine plan for us!"

If the rest of the Alien-opposing population of Leron III will be as excited about the massive change as these two will only be seen in time. But those who have dealt with Drajev before might assume, that if there was any way to convince him, the rest will be a child's play.