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Room 408, the Eagle's nomenclature for room 8 on deck 4, used to be a fairly standard single Crew Quarter aboard the USS Eagle. It consists of a bedroom, a living/dining area and a small bathroom. Since it was assigned to Blaidd Vescori, it was turned into an experience of it's own, mostly by a mix of furniture, lights, rugs, furcoats and lots of furnishing fabrics. However, there have been some minor structural changes to implement a functioning fireplace in the middle of an 24th century crew cabin.

Main Room

The main room functions as both Blaidd's Den which combines Living and Dining Room, as well as his private gym area.

The Den

The first thing that usually draws a visitors eye is the open fireplace in the middle of the den, which was modeled after classic examples, complete with lavish ornamentation, depicting hunting scenes of great beasts in the wilderness. The mantle is full with knick-knackery, several figurines of wolves and mythical creatures as well as various sport trophies among it. A central spot belongs to a holographic image of Blaidd among his parents and siblings. Right in front of the fireplace there is a huge bearskin that kinda invites you to get down and rest in the light of the dancing flames.

Two divan beds all dressed up in fur face two opposite sides of a nearby dinner table. The furniture has an old and somewhat worn look, definitely pieces that go for coziness rather than style. There is an impure emerald, at least the size of Blaidd's fist, sitting as the centerpiece of the table, some tea candles arranged in a pattern around it.

Other objects of note: A wooden drinks cabinet, filled with several bottles of mostly German wine, Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whisky. An old book cabinet, filled with some leather clad books. A painted treasure chest which looks straight out of a fantasy novel. A stand for a huge Two-Hander, that doesn't seem to be a mere prop, but rather the real deal. Almost live-sized statues of muscular human men in poses related to sports and body building, the style reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman statues.

The food replicator is carmouflaged to look like a fitting wooden kitchen cabinet.

Gym Area

Blaidd has turned part of his quarters into a basic gym, despite him also being a regular in the ship's facilities. The primary focus of this area obviously lies with bodybuilding, all the weights, equipment and machinery perfectly adjusted to serve his needs. It is easy to notice that this part of the room sees daily usage, if not by sight alone, then perhaps by the aroma that usually hangs in the air.

The Walls

The walls are lined with furs and decorative furnishing fabrics, leaving only room for the windows, the pieces of furniture that touch the wall and a surprisingly large number of framed antique mirrors (replicas obviously),that allow you to observe the room from many interesting angles and perspectives. The lights are hidden among the fabrics and add a mellow, indirect illumination to the room.


The central piece of Blaidd's bed room is a king sized bed, large enough to offer a whole family quarter for the night. The red satin bedding and the black wood of the bed set the tone for the rest of the room, color wise. Somewhere in the middle of it all a visitor can make out a huge plush wolf, probably life-sized, which takes up a decent chunk of the bed. Lying down one can't help but notice that the whole span of the roof is one continuous mirror.

There are two bedside tables filled with Padds and the odd leather bound book. Lush furs cover the ground, but one can easily make out the shape of some barbells to both sides of the bed. Any newcomer is presented with a challenge to not stumble over one on his way through the room.

One corner of the room clearly is Blaidd's command central, an old fashioned black desk with a state of the art terminal and a cozy red and black leather executive chair. Mirrored glass covers most of the wardrobe and a wooden rocking chair with another fur draped over it completes the rooms furniture.

On the decorative side, the various kinds of candles sitting all over are most noticeable and allow for some mood lightning when the situation calls for it.

The Walls

The walls for the most part resemble the way things were done in the main room, though the color scheme is darker, trying to fit the black and red motif. Also instead of just the mirrors, we have some other items adorning the walls: There is an oversized Rainbow flag hanging over the bed. On the opposite side is a wall-mounted huge screen for both entertainment and communication. When not in use, it often enters a mode where it resembles a landscape painting, showing a scene from rural Germany on Earth. To the left, there is an actual oil painting of a huge wolf, to the right another oil painting, this time depicting the landlord, showcasing Blaidd's physique.


A mostly standard washroom, except for that huge mirror spanning the roof in addition to the mirror over the sink. There is a shower and a toilet and at both sides of the sink one can find wash cloths, dental care utensils, shaver, combs and brushes, but surprisingly no perfume, deodorant or aftershave.