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USS Eagle
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Blaidd Vescori
Position Security Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237203.31
Age 24
Birthplace Herford, Germany, Earth
Writer ID E239601BV0
Contruction in progress! Please mind the plotholes and glaring lack of common sense for a while, until we are leaving drydock.

Stardate 239703.29: Ensign Blaidd Vescori is currently serving as a security officer aboard the USS Eagle.

Rumor Mill

What class- and shipmates had to say about Blaidd over the years:

  • "You know that he is in trouble once his mom starts to call him by his full name, Blaidd Caerwyn Vescori."
    • "There are mirrors all over his private quarters. Not just the walls, even on the ceilings."
  • "If you meet him during his swordplay, don't be surprised if he starts to talk to his two-hander. Apparently his blade is like a person to him, he even assigned it a name."
    • "Totally has that habit of talking not just with his mouth, but his hands, too. Pretty much everything is accompanied by gestures, sometimes it really gets over the top."
  • "They say he needs his workout so that he won't fly off the handle. Got way too much energy, so he needs activities to put it into or he will end up cranky."
    • "Forget about offering him green stuff. The man is a predator, he craves meat."
  • "Is there ever a time when he is not actively listening to music or humming some tune to himself?"
    • "Forget it, Blaidd, no matter how much you train under the showers, you will never make Federation Idol! So have mercy with your neighbors already..."
  • "The use of compliments and a playful flirty attitude seem to be his style in just about any conversation, no matter who he is talking to."
    • "Sure, he is single. But I've been living in the same dorm as him for the last four years and seen him go through a large number of male partners, so pardon me for having my doubts about him being relationship material."
  • "He has a huge plush wolf taking up at least a third of his bed, which he cuddles up to each night."

No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information.


  • Height: 193cm / 6'4"
  • Weight: 136kg / 300lbs
  • Hair: Platinum Blond
  • Eyes: Emerald Green
  • Handedness: Left.
  • Poses: Has the habit of flexing his muscles or striking poses without actually putting any thought into it. Can come accross as somewhat cocky.
  • Expressions: Has an active, elaborate body language and most of the time you can read his moods by a quick glance at his face. To reign it in, he has to actively focus on not letting his emotions show.
  • Voice: Deep, smooth and with a feral timbre to it. He certainly knows how to roll his 'Rs'.
  • Build: Beefy, Heavyweight Bodybuilder
  • Appearance: Tall, wide and intimidating to some. That is until one notices the lines around his mouth that hint at someone who often laughs. Even when dressed in uniform, his impressive physique is easily noticable. There is rumor about a betting pool if he will burst out of his wardrobe the next time he is going to bent or flex.
  • Off Duty Appearance: In the privacy of his quarters or when- and wherever he can get away with it one can often encounter him going shirtless, just wearing trunks.
Inspecting the results of today's workout.


  • Talents/Abilities: Public Speaking; Communication Skills; Empathy; Imagination; Conflict Resolution; Athleticism.
  • Likes: Feeling pumped from a recent workout; Frolicing in the water (be it a river, the sea, a jacuzzi or simply spending way too long under the shower); warming up in the sauna; Consuming way too much junkfood; Flirting playfully; drinking beer (real beer!); Feeling the elements on his bare skin.
  • Dislikes: Silence; Strict vegetarian or vegan cuisine; Wearing his uniform; being caught up in a hectic rush; People that go back on their word; Sleeping alone.
  • Quirks: Sings when under the shower; Enjoys to howl like a big bad wolf; Blaidd is giving names to inanimate objects.
  • Hobbies/Interests: Bodybuilding; Wrestling; Swimming; Swordplay; Singing & Karaoke (even if not at Federation Idol levels); Holo-Novels & Role Playing Games.
  • Strengths: Physical Strength; Extroverted; Honesty; Self-Confidence; Cooperativeness and Imperturbability.
  • Weaknesses: Self-Discipline; Power of Concentration; Flattery; Narcissism; Not a morning person; Hard time hiding moods & feelings.
  • Quarters: He has turned part of his quarters into a basic gymn, despite him also being a regular in the ship's facilities. All seats and his bed are clad out with mostly artificial furs. The large number of mirror on various surfaces is also quite noticeable.
  • Favorite Drink: Alcoholic: Doppelbock (strong lager of German origin); Non-alcoholic: Caramel milkshake
  • Favorite Food: Steak, Hickory smoked beef & pork ribs, Home-made burgers
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Raised Roman Catholic, today a follower of Therianity.
  • Ambitions and Goals: See the galaxy; Find peace within; Reunite with a family member.
  • Temperament: Sanguine(Extrovert).
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): Spheksophobia.

Personal Records

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Jessica Vescori

Blaidd knows his mother as a competent botanist, apiarist and landscape gardener. He heard the story how she originally met her later husband during a work project at least a thousand time. How they 'clicked' together, both professionally and in their private life... And he is willing to hear it another thousand times, just to witness the way her eyes light up when she talks about it. Despite a keen interest in terraforming, his mom was too attached to her familiar neighborhood to actually follow through, leave Earth and pursue this as her active career. Still, she and her husband occasionally took part in the planning stages of such endeavors and to this days she is selectively breeding certain plants and bees with the general idea of them being used in extramundane environments.

A very family oriented woman who loves her sons dearly and for the time being knows better than anyone else how to perfectly spoil Blaidd. He understands that she sometimes laments about never giving birth to a girl. It amuses him that now with most of the kids out of the parental home, she is trying to convince Adrian to try for another child. Blaidd wouldn't be surprised if she got her way in the end, but it would surprise him if anything but another brother would come from it.


Adrian Vescori

Blaidd's dad is the owner of a large construction enterprise, which specializes in landscaping. He has never been a pencil pusher or desk person, preferring to get his hands dirty and take part in almost all day-to-day operations outside of the office. He is a very physically active man, both due to his hand-on approach to work and his interest in sports, particularly soccer, hiking and swimming. His wife signed both herself and him on to be an advisors to some terraforming projects, which he usually did to please her, albeit he wasn't as passionate as she due to the more theoretical nature of this work. Still, he managed to meet many interesting people due to this, some of which proved to be beneficial to his line of work, others who made for good friends, Starfleet personal among them.

Adrian always bonded best with his sons over team sports and athletics. He also made sure that they all would experience manual labor early on, often signing them on for work duty in his company on the weekends or during school holidays, something Blaidd still feels ambivalent about. While there is no doubt that he loves Jessica, Blaidd also has no illusions about what a womanizer his dad. Past extramarital affairs are a fact, not just a rumor.


Rufus Vescori
Older brother

While probably not role model material all over, Blaidd always looked up to his big brother. He and Rufus shared a rather close bond and did a lot of things together. The older one often allowing the younger to tag along even when he was hanging out with his friends. Rufus introduced Blaidd to games (they shared the passion for pen & paper role playing games), became his workout buddy when he picked up bodybuilding and during Blaidd's teens he did most of the heavy lifting when it came to his brother's sex education.

Being a star-player at their school's football team, Rufus enjoyed a lot of popularity, often getting too cocky for his own good. It was actually due to a family friend, that Blaidd's big brother would turn his eyes towards the stars: John Horwood, himself a Starfleet officer at the time, would openly tease Rufus about him not having what it takes to make it as an officer, let alone captain. And as so often with reversed psychology, the more John argued against it, the more Rufus became convinced to show the old man what he could so if he set his mind to it. When Rufus enlisted with Starfleet, Blaidd was happy for his brother, but still had some trouble filling the void he left, because prior they rarely had been apart for more than a few days at a time.


Eiric Vescori
Younger brother

Despite less of an age gap than the one between Blaidd and Rufus, the relationship with Eiric always felt somewhat reserved. Hard to say if he felt left out of activities and resented that special bond Blaidd shared with his older brother, but while the two could get along agreeable, their relationship more resembled acquaintances than brothers. Didn't help that Eiric wasn't into team sports the way his older brothers where, preferring tennis and running on his own.

These days, Eiric is the most likely candidate to fulfill their mother's wish for grandkids, as he has been in a steady relationship with the same woman for the past couple of years. He is studying medicine, planning to be a general practitioner in the general area where their parents live.


Renard Vescori
Youngest brother

Youngest of the Vescori bunch and pretty much the pet of the whole family, Renard was spoiled in many ways at an early age. Still, to everyone's surprise, he came out a rather well-adjusted and affectionate man. Blaidd has fond memories of teaching Renard how to swim and later helping him to make the swim team. His younger sibling in turn showed up at every football game or bodybuilding contest Blaidd and Rufus attended, cheering his brothers on.

Renard has inherited their parents interest for gardening and landscaping. He also seems quite impressed with the tales his older brothers share about their time at the Starfleet academy and their first assignments afterwards. Who knows, could be that he ends up outer space, too, doing terraforming for real.


Oddas Aria.png

Oddas Aria
Blaidd's current CO

Oddas Aria is the current Captain of the USS Eagle and Blaidd's first CO outside of the acedemy.

Delan Han.png

Delan Han
XO, Superior Officer

Delan Han ist the First Officer onboard the USS Eagle, he offered Blaidd his initial welcome and promised a grand tour and drinks later.


Irina Pavlova
Superior Officer

Irina Pavlova is the Chief of Security on the USS Eagle and thus Blaidd's direct superior. WIP


Blaidd was long overdue and an unusually tall and heavy baby at birth. He was the second son of Adrian and Jessica Vescori, a German couple living on planet Earth. Early on his father recognized that his boy had quite the strong urge to move and engage in physical activities and that he needed constructive ways to release all the pent-up energy. He took a lot of time to put Blaidd through a variety of sport activities. Swimming proved to be particularly effective and it comes as no surprise that Blaidd learned to swim and dive while some of his peers were still not steady walking on two legs. Water sports would remain his passion until he discovered weight training and bodybuilding during his teens.

Blaidd was a promising student by virtue of his abilities, though it was difficult to get the boy to truly commit or get involved with something, as he was much more prone to follow his instincts and spontaneous whims. His marks reflected that. Within his classes and on the schoolyard, he was naturally driven to be a leader, rather than a follower, encouraging others to submit to his leadership. Sometimes these school power struggles could get aggressive, physical even. Though it quickly became apparent that he had a tendency to champion weaker members of the class community, shielding them from being bullied or left out.

At the time he started to attend secondary school, sports, already a significant pillar in his life, pretty much took over the central role. Blaidd became member of various school teams and relished in being able to playfully compete with others. Initially he took on bodybuilding to gain further advantage in the team sports. Soon it turned the other way around: All those sports were merely part of a wide spread fitness program with the aim of helping him archive his bodybuilding goals. Blaidd enjoyed some popularity among his peers and had many cursory acquaintances, though he was much more selective with those he considered actually being among his circle of friends. Close friends remained a one digit number.

Shortly after moving to secondary school, Blaidd also realized feeling attracted to his own gender. He was able to come to terms with it quickly, most likely because his older brother had his own coming out not too long before. He is supported by his family, though that includes his mom pestering him about her wish for grandchildren, because according to her in this day and age there a plenty of ways for two dads to raise their very own bundle of joy.

Immediately after his 18th birthday Blaidd applied to Starfleet and was accepted the following autumn at the academy.

When asked about the reasons for his decision, he stated that he was hungry for adventure. His parents never travelled much and their family business (dealing with agriculture and forestry) had them pretty much tied to their respective lands, so he figured he needed to catch up on something in that regard. In addition, he is quite aware of the strength and energy he possesses and has high hopes that the role of security officer is among the best possible ways to direct these on the right track. In the following four years of study he gained some knowledge in the fields of computer and communication engineering, logistics, security management, sociology, linguistics and systems engineering. Electives often ended up being used for his sporting ambitions: He passed exams on weight lifting, wrestling and swordplay.

Adventure Log


'Ordering' History (USS Eagle)

The Cardassian Democratic Union has asked the Federation for assistance in retrieving an ancient artifact on Edrov VII. The USS Eagle Has been sent to aid in the recovery.

Blaidd had barely been on board the Eagle for a minute when he was already whisked away to the bridge. Forgoing all but the most brief of introductions, and postponing a tour of the ship and being assigned his quarters, he soon enough found himself manning the security station on the bridge, in the middle of a standoff with some over-eager Cardassians, juggling multiple goals, such as obtaining an artifact, rescuing their away team and preventing potentially dangerous tech from falling into the wrong hands.

Things didn't exactly go according to plan. It sure wasn't Blaidd's idea of a perfect first day to find himself tossed over a hundred years into the past by some chroniton energy wave. Well, at least the adventure log is going to start with a bang.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet, 4th Class 239201.02 - 239601.27 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco (Earth) Student
Major: Security
Minor: Com/Ops
Cadet, 3rd Class
Cadet, 2nd Class
Cadet, 1st Class
Ensign 239601.28 - Present USS Eagle Security

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239601.27
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Player Achievements

Player Achievements
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