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Evanna Blackwood
USS Avandar
Chief Science Officer
A Brave Science Officer
236109.06 238905.20
Avieorn, New Scotland
Aged 27
Species Human
Gender Female

Awards & Service Ribbons
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Bajoran Campaign Ribbon
Neelix Award
Extended Service Ribbon

In Memoriam

Incident Report

  • Stardate: 238808.18
  • Vessel: USS Aurora
  • Incident Location: Holodeck 2
  • Parties Involved: Lt JG Eerie

((Holodeck 2))

:: Evanna stepped into the holodeck, she'd arranged to meet Eerie here and show him some of her home planet, but he hadn't arrived yet. ::

Blackwood: Computer, load program Eva.NS3

:: Blackwood checked the parameters of the program and made some adjustments. She reduced the strength of the wind slightly, raised the temperature by a few degrees and increased the density and strength of the ice significantly. Standing in her warm outdoor clothes she pulled her woolly hat on, waving to Eerie as he entered. ::

:: Eerie was wearing a heavy cloaked hooded robe, as he took the short walk from the shared quarters to the holodeck, he looked like a medieval monk, as he walked in icy/snowy path he could see red hair under a hat, with a smile plastered on it.::

oO(Eerie) Darn it is coldddd.... I hope she did not disable the safeties on this program.Oo

Blackwood: ::Grinning:: Hi buster! Make sure you are going to be warm enough!

Eerie: It is cold.....Blackwood....

Blackwood: What? This is hard core territory; you have to be made of stern stuff to venture out here! I'd hate for you to freeze solid.

Eerie: I can deal with anything you can dream up...::Raising his voice a bit to be heard:: even in this forsaken place.

Blackwood: Hmmph! This is my favourite place in the whole of New Scotland. I lived in a small tourist trap near here.

oO(Eerie) Tourists, more like prisoners if they are ever allowed to leave.Oo

::Turning around Blackwood pointed to a settlement that could just be seen off in the distance.::

oO(Eerie) I see the prison right now, but behave yourself, remember you agreed to this, in a moment of weakness.Oo

Eerie: This isn't like California on Earth.

oO(Eerie) I loved Death valley what a great place that was.Oo

Blackwood: This is what it's like in winter, my favourite month. It's the most fun!

oO(Eerie) Perhaps I am looking at this wrong, this place, hell hole it is, ... this is important to her, and she is sharing this experience with me, so buck up Eerie and get with the program.Oo

Eerie: OK, let's get moving.

Blackwood: ::Picking up and putting on a backpack.:: Well keep those beady marbles peeled; there is a lot of great wildlife in these parts. Come on, we have a long hike up Ben Lochaider, it's one of New Scotland's toughest and most fun Munros to climb. We're going up to the summit and down through the forested valley on the other side to see the lake.

oO(Eerie) Lake? I don't swim, I sink.Oo

Eerie I'll keep an eye out, Lieutenant.

oO(Eerie) You can call her by her name this is recreation, I think.Oo

::Blackwood pounded Eerie a cracking hard whack on the back in an excited and spirited fashion by way of answer and went charging off up the steep, rocky mountainside.::

::Eerie stirred, but calmed back down quickly.::

Blackwood: Come on then, before spring gets here!

oO(Eerie) Spring? They have spring...better get moving.Oo

Eerie: Lead on Lieutenant...I mean Blackwood

::Blackwood led Eerie up the mountainside, pointing out geological and botanical wonders as they went. As they climbed the visibility dropped, the winds picked up significantly and it began to hail. The hail stones were big and powerful, and pounded the pair as they continued upwards. Blackwood was crouched low, to avoid catching the wind, she didn't have the benefit of mass to keep her from being blown off the side of the mountain.::

Blackwood: ::Loudly:: Breathtaking views huh? ::Looking again at Eerie's strange robes:: Your people do have a sense of aesthetics don't they?

Eerie: We don't get any cold weather except for the poles, and well, we don't go there. I saw what you call an old movie and this looked warm:: The wind continued to blow and thankfully his weight keep him pretty grounded but if he stepped off the path, he would sink into the snow, he moved quickly back to firmer ground. ::

Blackwood: ::Shouting over the winds:: This is great. You have to respect the mountain you know!!! How do you like your first trip to New Scotland then?

::Eerie looked around the vista, it was beautiful in its own way, if it wasn't for the cold weather, but the views were great.::

Eerie: I actually like it, next time I'll wear something a bit more snug. :: Raising his voice over the wind, and as the hood flapped over his face making his view difficult. It was a poor try at humor, and it fell flat. ::

Blackwood: ::Cross:: HMMPH. I knew you could never appreciate or handle it.

Eerie: Evanna .... ::Eerie didn't know what to say, humor was not his strong suit, well it wasn't even in the deck particularly verbal.::

Blackwood: ::Picking up a rock, yelling in Eerie's face:: What's the difference between this and you Eerie?

oO(Eerie) Is this a trap? I have been listening to this stuff during all the years at the academy, I dealt with it but not today, rocks on my bed, on my desk, in my stuff, at least they never said it to my face.Oo

Eerie: I am not a rock, Blackwood, I am just as good as you!::His voice was strong over the howling wind. ::

::Eerie was starting to warm up, but it was temperature rising in him.::

Blackwood: This... ::gesturing at the rock:: made of sterner stuff. ::Blackwood flicked the rock, which caught the wind and bounced off Eerie. oOHe'll think I did that on purpose!Oo

::Eerie saw the stone come flying out her hand, and strike him in the head::

Eerie: BLACKWOOD! You did that on purpose again!, I am not a target for your amusement.::But his statement was drowned out by the wind::

Blackwood: What? ::shouting:: WHAAAT? Come ON, the summit isn't far!

::Blackwood led Eerie to the summit, it was as exposed as you could get. Blackwood had half a mind to have the program change the weather. It was a shame to come all the way up here and not get to appreciate the ultimate panorama, and something told Blackwood that Eerie wouldn't come back. It was an accurate representation however, that's how it went in the wilds, so she left it be.::

Blackwood: Well this is it! 3998ft above sea level, right here at the top!

::Eerie could barely feel his feet, but the climb was invigorating, and he was actually enjoying the climb, he looked over and it was vast view. ::

Eerie: Blackwood, I have always been amazed by the varied geography of Earth!

::Blackwood sat down in a sunken area to get a little shelter and motioned for Eerie to do so too. She reached into her backpack and brought out a flask of hot chocolate. ::

Blackwood: ::Waving the drink.:: Did you bring something hot to drink?

Eerie: Please. ::Is she kidding?::

Blackwood: ::Laughing:: I TOLD you it would be cold! That's bad planning.

:: Blackwood toyed with Eerie a bit and sipped a little of the drink. She let him sit for a few minutes, allowing him to think she wasn't going to share. After a while she leaned over to pass him the drink, but got caught by the wind, which had started to calm down a little, and spilled some of the scalding hot liquid on him. ::

Blackwood: ::Still giggling:: Here you go buster!

oOIf Blackwood was on the Borg ship in Wolf 359 we probably would have won and the Borg would have never come back!Oo

:: The Hot liquid rained down on his hood, and with the wind it cooled quickly, with the cold wind, causing the hood to freeze.::

::Eerie could feel his blood rise even in this frozen panoramic scenery. ::

Eerie: Just what I want.

Blackwood: Eerie...

Eerie: You did that on propose!

Blackwood: Hey, it's not like that!

Eerie: Yes it is.. ::Most of his pretense to his usual stoic side was lost in the cold. As he was shivering.::

Blackwood: ::Feeling her temper rise:: Hey!

:: She flicked Eerie firmly between the eyes, trying to get his attention. ::

Eerie: Don't do that!

Blackwood: Hey! Just listen. It's not like that okay. Look... come on...

:: Blackwood grabbed his hand and started pulling him down the other side of the mountain. The first bit was pretty steep, but after a good descent the ground levelled out and they headed into the shelter of the woods. Blackwood stooped down and picked up a little snow in her gloves, formed it into a loose ball.::

oO(Eerie) What in the blazes of nebula's moon is she up to now?Oo

Blackwood: ::Throwing the snow ball at Eerie, and grinning.:: Phew! It's much calmer now. No more nasty wind. Better for you?

:: She didn't mean it as a slight, but after it escaped she realised it might be taken as one. oOMe and my frakin big mouth.Oo. She looked uncertainly at Eerie.::

oO(Eerie) OK, rocks thrown at me liquid spilled on me, comparing me to a rock, and now snowballs. Oo

Eerie: Pippi, I have had it, I am going back unless we clear the air.........

oO(Eerie) Uh-Oh...(there is a major pause)...perhaps is it is a good thing to get it all out in the frozen open. Oo

:: There was an audible gasp. At first Evanna was shocked and stood there mouth agape like a fool. Then the surge of anger washed over her and her stance became more aggressive. Her muscles in her body and jaw tightened, she clenched her fist. She glared thunderously through narrowed eyes. She suddenly pointed a finger at him and bellowed. ::

Blackwood: So it was YOU!

::Eerie stared directly at Blackwood, she looked like a ton of rocks had fallen on her. ::

Eerie: Yes, I had someone write the program, and send it to you. It was ...I am sorry:

Blackwood: What?

Eerie: I have had to deal with the rocks in on my bed, on my clothes, in place of my PADD, I was hoping things would be better on board the Aurora than the academy.....then you came blowing up on me in the quarters that day. I may not look it but I have some feelings too.

Blackwood: What the frak! You have ONE bad meeting with someone, and what pull a stunt like that? It's no wonder you have no friends if this is the kinda stuff you pull!

:: Eerie looked a bit pale, despite the wind and the cold weather a bit of a change came over his face. ::

Eerie: Feelings and emotions are very private matters on Brikar, only very trusted friends or family are to be exposed to them. We have been taught to bury them from an very early age, Only the very old express any emotions in public.

Blackwood: Right, so what you're saying is rather than tell me I ticked you off, you decided to make that program up toooo.. tell me in a ...round about way?

Eerie: I hope you understand, Blackwood

Blackwood: Wouldn't it have saved an awful lot of time, and a whole lot more, if you'd just told me... I dunno... something. Try these on for size... Evanna, you're a jack ass... Evanna, shut the frak up... Or how about this, Stop pissing me off...

Eerie: We just don't go around insulting others.

Blackwood: I get you, but get this; pick one and use it. Oh, and be thankful I am in a good mood today, coz otherwise we'd be playing a different game. Football. With your head.

Eerie: I am sorry, but despite what you think, I do have feelings.

Blackwood: So who else pissed you off then?

Eerie: Well....

Blackwood: Well... I'm not the only one that saw the program mate, and lemmie tell you, the other one that did thinks you made THEM look like a frelling idiot too.

Eerie: It was meant as a private program, I hope we can keep this between us.

Blackwood: Oh I ain't saying anything. You can have your secrets and I'll have mine, but I'd have thought you'd want to be on their GOOD side. ::Giggle::

oO(Eerie) I'm on her good side, I would not be on her bad sideOo

Eerie: I have to admit you do have certain qualities.

Blackwood: HAH! ::Laughing:: You're not so bad buster. Come on.:: Slapping Eerie on the back:: I didn't bring you here to grind your patience, contrary to appearances.

::That strange feeling again stirred in Eerie, he was sure that she didn't know what she was doing but he was going to put an end to it::

Eerie: I really wish you didn't do that Evanna, it is not appropriate, except between Brikar... ::Trailing off::

Blackwood: ::Raising an eyebrow:: Just being friendly.

Eerie: You have certain mating rituals, Evanna, I would prefer you do not do that ::Eerie was looking directly at Evanna staring in her eyes::

Blackwood: ::Awkward:: Oh... oOThats the problem with closed societies. You never know what you can and can't do, and you can't look it up coz they don't tell anyone until it's too late.Oo Care to expand on that?

Eerie: Perhaps someday, lets get going.....


:: Evanna shuddered then skipped off down the woodland trail. It was a slightly downhill, curved path with a light covering of snow and lots of rocks and roots to trip the unwary. Evanna whistled to herself merrily, ushering Eerie down the path enthusiasticaly. She was hell bent on having some fun with the big boulder. It was her mission- she'd decided she was going to make that big brick have some fun if it killed her. ::

Blackwood: Check it out! Loch Arin, for a lake it's not that big and not that deep. To be honest, most have described it as a great big pond, but don't let that fool you. It's plenty enough deep for idiots to drown in.

Eerie: Brikar don't swim, we don't go onto water ::Eerie stood by the side of the lake stoic as ever.::

Blackwood: Here's the best bit! It's frozen solid! You can have hours of fun skating on it! It's the basis for several sports on Earth and where I come from.

Eerie: Brikar don't have ice, I have only experienced this weather a few times on Earth.

::Blackwood scoots off across the ice.::

::Eerie looked at the pond, it appeared to be frozen and he was pretty sure that it was safe.::

oO(Eerie) I am a Brikar warrior, I can deal with anything.Oo

Eerie: OK!

::Eerie walked out on the ice slowly and followed Blackwood.::

Eerie: Slow down, Blackwood.

Blackwood: ::Smiling:: Okay okay.

:: Blackwood slowed and turned and slowly started back towards Eerie. She could see he was being slow and cautious, but was impressed he was going to try it out. She'd already reinforced the strength and density of the ice specifically to make it safer for him, so there was no reason he should worry. ::

Blackwood: You slide see. Slide slide slide...

Eerie: Slide?

Blackwood: See there's lots of fun to be had out here, this isn't even ha-

:: Blackwood stopped mid-sentence at the sound of cracking. They were nearly 20m from the shore edge, the ice should be holding. She looked horrified at Eerie's feet, where small cracks were quickly spreading out. ::

Blackwood: Slide that way! ::Pointing to the shore.::

Eerie: Ahhhh............

:: Blackwood scooted closer to Eerie and took his out stretched hand with her own. Keeping a maximum distance she could she scooted towards shore as quickly and smoothly as she could, pulling Eerie behind her. The sound of cracking continued to get louder, they had closed a large portion of the gap when Eerie's hand suddenly shot out of hers. With a massive crunch the Brikar plummeted into the loch. oO Frak! It's subzero in there. Oo ::

Blackwood: ::Shouting loud:: EERIE! SWIM! Kick your legs!!!

Eerie: What?

::Eerie could feel the cold, dampness envelop him as his fell in the water, knowing that the robe would be more of hindrance now, he got most of it off before his arms and legs started to feel very heavy, he grabbed a big gulp of air as the water closed over his shoulders and then his face.::

:: Blackwood knew the risk of dying was very real, not least of all because the safeties were off. Blackwood didn't waste a second, the last thing she was going to do was allow Eerie to drown - or live long enough to die from hypothermia. She pulled the backpack off and threw it towards the shore then leapt into the water, he was already sinking under the surface. oOI hope he can hold his breath!Oo::

:: With a big gulp of air Evanna dived under the water, she could see him struggling and swam to him. She grabbed him and pumped her legs trying furiously to get them both to the surface. It was extremely difficult and Evanna wished she had brought her climbing ropes. For a while it seemed as though Evanna was only able to stop them sinking deeper into the water. Eerie seemed to be getting heavier and Evanna was running out of breath. ::

:: Evanna wasn't sure how it happened, but just as she felt herself starting to fail she found they'd broke the surface once again. Evanna couldn't tell if Eerie was conscious or not. She sucked in huge gulps of air as she clung to surface ice with one arm, and pulled Eerie up with the other. ::

::Suddenly Eerie became much heavier and Evanna tried with all of her might but self preservation kicked in and Eerie grasp loosed and she had to let go and he quickly fell back in the water under the broken ice.::


::Sitting at his desk Barnes reviewed the last mission logs, drumming his fingers on the desk he sighed.::

Barnes: =/\= Computer locate Lt. JG Blackwood and Lt Eerie =/\=

Computer =/\= Blackwood and Eerie are on holodeck 2 =/\=

::Raising his eyes Barnes stood and left the office and headed to the holodecks. Finding the one that was running he entered the suite and into a frozen hell, walking forward three paces he called out above the wind.::

Barnes: =/\= Computer adjust temperature to human normal. =/\=

Computer =/\= Unable to comply, safeties have been removed from this program. =/\=

::Swearing to himself Barnes got himself a thick winter coat. Walking towards the trees struggling to walk through the snow into the relative cover of the pine trees, stepping out to a frozen lake Barnes stopped. Looking over the vista he shook his head. Tapping his badge he tried to locate the others.::

Barnes: =/\= Barnes to Eerie and Blackwood =/\=

::Getting no answer Barnes walked forward to the edge of the ice, walking 20 metres in a clockwise direction he found no one, turning he walked back to his stat point and walked 20 metres in a anti clockwise direction. Finding no one he swore, turning back he spotted a rucksack on the ice, treading gently he walked out towards where it lay. ::

::Finding a damp rucksack, Barnes lifted it and opened it. He tipped the contents onto the snowbank. oOOne flask, some half eaten food, some energy bars, well someone came prepared then.Oo::

::Leaving the backpack where it lay Barnes walked out towards the center of the small lake. Looking round he spotted the hole about 15 metres to his right. Approaching slowly he dropped to his knees. Laying flat he crept slowly to the hole and peered in, seeing two figures floating below the surface. Reaching into the cold water he reached for anything to grip, feeling the rough skin of what could only be a Briker he pulled back. ::

::Eerie feel something, it was hard to tell, most of his outer skin was now numb, if it was Blackwood why didn't she turn the program off. He tried to move, but he was so heavy, even with the water he should be able to move more freely, perhaps the anti gravity unit had failed, the only thing that was keeping him awake was getting back at Blackwood for this fiasco. ::

oO(Eerie)I hope she is Ok! Darn it is cold, I hope she has the safeties on, I think I got some air as I went down.Oo

:: Evanna had lost grip of Eerie and he again began to sink to the bottom of the lake. She cursed herself as she swam underwater trying to reach him again. She didn't have a good capacity to breathe underwater and sincerely hoped that Eerie did! She had noted previously when they'd broke the surface that her skin had started turning blue at the extremities. She'd already spent a lot of time in the water and if she didn't get Eerie out this time she wouldn't have enough motor control left to swim at all. ::

:: Evanna grabbed and yanked at Eerie, he felt heavier now than before. She put significant effort into trying to haul Eerie to the surface. She barely succeeded in keeping him near the surface and further injured her overworked muscles. She couldn't prevent herself crying out in pain, but under the water all that came out was a gargle which left her thoroughly out of breath. Evanna looked at Eeries face, trying to find some indication of whether he was alive or not. She had no idea what his status was. She gave one last enormous heave that forced him to the surface momentarily, ripping several muscles and caused her to be pushed deeper underwater. She lost consciousness and started drifting with the current. ::

::Eerie knew that he could not get himself out of this mess, but he felt the body that was grabbing him as he slipped back and forth into sleep, he grabbed the now limp body as it bumped into his, he could barely feel it as his fingers had grown numb , but there was some feeling in his arms, and with all of his remaining strength he pushed the body towards the shore. ::

oOHopefully Blackwood, ...will make it is so cold.....Oo ::Eerie faded to a semi-sleep.::

Medical Report and Investigation


::Jen felt her heart quicken as she waited by the biobeds. The call had come in about an accident in the holodeck, but that was all the information she had at the moment. ::

::The shimmer of the transporter beam filled the empty space of two biobeds, slowly revealing the unmistakable form of Eerie on one, and on the other, Blackwood.::

::Jen took an involuntary step back as large splashes of water cascaded off of the table and spread across the floor. She looked at the biobed and it took her a brief moment to realize the water was flowing off of Evanna's hair and body. ::

::The transporter beam dissipated and Jen threw her hands against Evanna's still chest. The biobed confirmed the fact that the woman was not breathing. She was encouraged to find a heartbeat under her palms and immediately began mouth-to-mouth, hoping to expel the water from Evanna's lungs::

:: Evanna started to come around but it was slow like dragging yourself through the mud. She first became aware of lying on a hard surface and the fact of no longer being underwater. She shifted about slightly and became aware of another presence. She lifted her arms, which felt like numb dead-weights with the intention of pushing the presence away. She didn't have strength enough in them and they fell away, as did the unknown presence. After a minute or so she managed to open her eyes, but they stung - it was bright and she wasn't able to focus properly so she shut them again.::

::Jen took a deep breath and took her hands from Evanna's face. She slipped her arms underneath her back and lifted her into a sitting position.::

Malcolm: Evanna, take a breath for me.

::She pounded her on the back, waiting for the coughing jag that would open her airways::

:: Evanna was vaguely aware of being lifted up, at first she thought she might have died and gone to heaven. Then the pounding on her back made her realise it was hell. She coughed and hacked up half a pond, a most unpleasant and painful experience. Eventually she managed to take a few strained, painful breaths before vomiting. ::

::Jen ran her hand across Evanna's back, nodding in approval as the water gushed out of her::

Malcolm: That's it. Good. Take some slow breaths...

::The biobed reported a list of other injuries including a dislocated shoulder and some torn back muscles. Those could wait however, for now that Evanna was breathing again, Jen needed to raise her dangerously low body temperature. She was already starting to go into shock::

::She eased her back against the biobed while a nurse cut away her wet clothes. Jen prepared an infusion unit of dexalin as well as an antibiotic and administered it. She watched as Evanna slowly stabilized and threw several thermal blankets over her::

:: Evanna was only dimly aware of being slightly shifted about as the nurse did her job. She was exhausted, but the severe pain in her head, lungs and muscles kept her awake if not aware of her surroundings. She groaned in misery. ::

::Jen pulled Evanna's wet hair away from her face and tucked another blanket around her shoulders. She gave her a gentle pat on the head to get her attention::

Malcolm: You're going to be ok, Evanna. Nurse Campbell is going to stay with you. I'm going to check on Eerie.

Blackwood: ::Raspy and weak::...Eerie... oOGod I really hope he is okay!Oo

::As Jen walked to the other biobed she noticed Barnes had joined them. He, too, was wet, but obviously far better off than Eerie and Blackwood.::

Malcolm: Barnes? What in God's name happened?

::Entering sickbay, Barnes was aware that he'd left a trail of water behind him leading from holodeck 2 to sickbay. Walking into sickbay he watched as the Doc worked on Blackwood, standing there he felt the surge of several emotions running through his veins. Approaching the biobeds he looked down at the pair of them and shook his head. Looking at the Doc he shook his head.::

Barnes: I have no idea doc, I found this pair of idiots floating in a lake of ice cold water, looking at the scene they seemed to be crossing a ice covered lake when it gave way. I found the pair of them under the surface. I had to stop the program in the end or rather get an engineer to shut down the entire suite.

Malcolm: What happened to the holodeck safeties?

::She shook her head and continued on to Eerie's biobed. She knew he had come into Sickbay breathing - thankfully, as she wasn't sure she'd know how to give a Brikar CPR::

::She bent over his biobed. He was unconscious. Shallow breaths and a low body temperature indicated hypothermia. She instructed the removal of his wet uniform and got to work covering him with thermal blankets.::

::Walking over to where Eerie lay on the bed Barnes shook his head, he knew little of Briker physiology so could do nothing to help the doc. Stepping back out of the way Barnes turned to Blackwood, looking down at the bed he folded his arms and raised his eyebrows.::

Barnes: So feel like telling me what happened?

:: Blackwood was startled by the sound of a voice. oOIs that directed at me?Oo She opened her eyes again slowly, blinking and adjusting the the light. Turning towards the sound she saw a wet and less than impressed looking security chief. oOFrakOo ::

Blackwood: ::Gulping:: Whadda ya mean?

Barnes: Lets put it this way, I have you on a biobed, Eerie on another, both soaked to the skin, both frozen to the core, a program running with no safeties, so what happened?

:: Blackwood groaned and shut her eyes tight, she opened them a few minutes later... he was still standing there. ::

Blackwood: Jeez, gimmie a break... or at least a cup of tea or something... I'm so darn thirsty I could drink the frelling lake and crunch the icecubes for fun.

Barnes: ::Laughing.:: Well a cup of water will have to do, and looking at you, you've drunk the lake already.

Blackwood: ::Blushing:: Okay. Forget I asked.

((Eerie Dream))

There was something strange going on he was floating, Brikarn don't float... and his entire body felt so numb, there was a blue aura about him, Ensign Blackwood was there she had a rock in her hand, there was was a strange smile one he had not seen...then someone one was unwrapping him, that was fine.....Brikar normally didn't need to wear clothing on Brikar....... Commander Barnes then appeared like a wizard with an shotgun, he was smiling too, ....Cookies Brikarn cookies falling from the sky::

((End of dream))

::He awake in a half sleep, the doctor was there, taking his clothes off....::

oO(Eerie) Interesting ...what is going on, it is so cold, what am I doing in on this biobed, darn soft thing, it's so cold.....Oo

Eerie: What? ... ::His voice was so weak, he drifted in and out unsure of reality, then he realized that he had lost track of time, and was unsure if he needed to report for duty.::

Malcolm: ::Eyes on the biobed's readouts.:: Eerie, you're in Sickbay. You're going to be alright, we just need to get you warmed up.

::Struggling to move, which way impossible, his legs and arms weren't working, but he saw Barnes in the corner of his eye.::

Eerie: Commander, I need to report.....for duty::His voice was very weak, with out a functional anti-grav unit and with his energy sapped by the cold he was not going anywhere::

::Turning at the sound of Eerie's rasping voice Barnes placed his hand on his cold hard shoulder, shaking his head.::

Barnes: Your going nowhere son, until you've got better, as of now your relieved of duty until the doc says you can come back.

oO(Eerie) Where is Evanna, is she OK? Where is that redhead...Oo ::He drifted back into semi-sleep and back to the world of dream.::

::Jen watched as his heartbeat and blood pressure slowly returned toward normal. She gave the large tactical officer a shake, rousing him from his sleep.::

Malcolm: Eerie, stay awake for me for a little longer.

Eerie: Evanna? Are you OK? ::He had to struggle to get the words out, he could only see vaguely directly in from of him, but his voice was weak, and he couldn't hear much, there were some voices but couldn't hear his own voice, he drifted back into a dream::

((Eerie's Dream))

::The music of Mozart's K626 drifted on the Bridge, Blackwood had the conn she had the pipps of a captain on her collar, and was sitting in the captain's chair, an Orion the one that had stormed the Bridge was at the helm position, his Vulcan roommate from the academy was at the science station, Eerie was standing at the tactical position, watching a Klingon Opera on his display, and T'Lea was there with her baby and handed it to Eerie. Peiy was standing next to him, ready for duty, like always.::

T'Lea: Remember to put her down for her nappy in a little while, and if you could do some formula, for me that would be great.

Eerie: Yes, Commander ::Putting the baby up against a small blanket over his shoulder, there was a small burp, and Eerie patted the baby gently.::

::Eerie looked around the bridge, the Orion had turned towards Eerie and was laughing at him, he wanted to go over and pummel the Orion, but not with the baby, the dream faded into nothingness.::

((End of Dream))

::Turning back to Blackwood, Barnes sat on the edge of the bed.::

Barnes: So what did happen, you know that now there's going to be an investigation. Two officers nearly killed in a holodeck accident? Both nearly drowning in ice cold water, a third placing his own life at risk in a heroic if I may say so rescue attempt, So what happened? You two have another falling out?

:: The security chief was back again, with more questions too. Blackwood tried to concentrate, the last question caught her attention. She looked over at Eerie, then back to the chief. Fishing an arm out of the sea of blankets she told him what she thought about things. ::

Blackwood: Falling out? Me and Eerie, we're like that... ::Crosses fingers:: ...but closer.... ::Pause:: In fact I don't recall falling out with him about anything... ever...

Barnes: ::Smiling down at Blackwood.:: Whoa rover, calm down. Look it's my job to investigate what happened and I'd rather do it now before it becomes officially my job to do so, all I know at the moment is that the pair of you have been fished out of a lake through a hole in the icy the size of......well lets say that I struggled to get you both out of the hole together, it had to be one at a time and it was touch and go.

:: Blackwood settled herself and looked at Barnes, she was exceptionally grateful to be alive. She wasn't particularly good at expressing herself, she didn't tend it vocalise her feelings so much as she showed them by doing things. Unfortunately she wasn't in a position to do anything right now, so resolved to do something nice for him when she was able to. ::

Blackwood: Okay... Thanks for saving our skins, I'm really grateful.

Barnes: So if I may ask, why where the safeties off? That was a bit silly.

Blackwood: Does real life have safeties? oO Honestly where is the fun in that, may as well roll over and die if you cannot have a genuine experience.Oo Besides. I DID reinforce the ice at the configuration stage, it was supposed to hold.

Barnes: The weight of the average Briker? and no real life doesn't have safety devices. But that doesn't mean you can throw the life you have away on stupid futile gestures. The idea is to experience new things without the danger of dying thrown in as well.

:: Blackwood turned red by way of an answer. oO Thats one way to warm up...Oo She scowled and rolled her eyes. ::

Blackwood: Anything else?

Barnes: ::Seeing the scowl and the look Barnes shook his head:: No nothing. I think I've got it all down, just a stupid accident.

Blackwood: HMMPH Stupid is right. It was SUPPOSED to be fun, you know team building. Show the old stick in the mud over there some fun things to do in my home. HMMPH

::Turning from the bed Barnes spoke to the doctor.::

Barnes: Doctor Malcolm, when Mr Eerie wakes up I'd like to speak to him if that's okay?

Malcolm: That should be fine. He should be feeling better in a few hours.

::Nodding to the doctor Barnes turned back to the other bed he placed his hand on Blackwood's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.::

Barnes: Hey relax, listen I have some more to do, other then getting out of these wet clothes, how about a drink later.

Blackwood: ::Quirkling a small smile:: Are you kidding? oOCoz if you are it's not very funny and I will punch yer lights oot.Oo

Barnes: ::Frowning:: Kidding about what? I only asked if you wanted to join me in a drink later, if not it's no big deal.

Blackwood: It's just strange that you prefer the company of lunatics over more... ugh...sensible and reliable people. That's all.

Barnes: Well I wouldn't class you as a lunatic, and sensible can be boring. What makes you think I don't enjoy your company.

Blackwood: :: Shrugging:: Meh, I dunnno, but you're on... if I can get out of here that is.

Barnes: Okay. I'll pick you up around 8 ish, if Bones has let you out.

Barnes: ::Moving to the other bed, Barnes looked down at Eerie.:: Hang in there big fella.

::Fading back into the land of the living, Eerie coughed::

Eerie: Evanna...? ::It was so weak, no one hear it.::

::Turning to walk away Barnes, thought he heard a faint groaning noise, turning back he looked at the Briker laying on the bed, bending closer he placed his head near his face, shaking his head he turned to walk out.::

Eerie: Doctor, it is so cold....::His voice was cracking.::

::Pausing at the doors Barnes spoke to the doc.::

Barnes: Looks like he's awake now.

::Jen held her arm out, inviting Barnes back into the room.::

::Turning back Barnes approached the bed.::

Barnes: Whoa big guy. You okay?

Eerie: Need heat........or I could shut down, or go back into hibernation.....phaser ....heat. ::He drifted back into a sleep, there was shallow breathing.::

::Looking at the doctor Barnes raised his eyebrows.::

Barnes: Any idea?

::Jen looked toward the emergency locker, considering what Eerie had mumbled. oO Phasers? Oo::

Malcolm: ::shrugging:: It’s not a medical procedure I'd ever dreamed of doing, but I suppose the phasers could heat him quickly.

::Nodding Barnes walked over to the emergency locker and grabbed two phasers, setting them both to level 3, he handed one to the doc and pointed the other at Eerie, swallowing he pressed the firing trigger and watched as Eerie slowly began to glow.::

::Eerie felt the warmth enveloped his body and his core temperature started to rise and as it did, he felt better, and started to wake up.::

::He heard the familiar sound of the phaser fire, and his body drank in the energy, the silicon based blood started to flow more freely.::

::Eerie now started to feel the radiated energy against his body and it felt so good after being so cold, and he was now fully awake.::

oO Another few seconds should be fine, oh that is great. Oo

::Eerie opened his eyes.::

Eerie: Doctor, Commander, that will be sufficient ::His voice was still weak but the confidence had returned:

::Releasing the trigger Barnes lowered the weapon.::

Barnes: I must admit that's the first time I've used one of these for healing.

Malcolm: That makes two of us.

::She set the phaser down, having it in her hand was rather uncomfortable.::

Eerie: Thank you Doctor, Commander, that is much better. ::Using a great deal of his strength to turn his head he could see Blackwood on another biobed.::

Eerie: Blackwood OK?

Blackwood: Nice slumber there Eerie? I am okay I suppose... thanks to Barnes ::Nods at Barnes:: Yourself?

Eerie: Commander, thank you for getting us out of the water ...why was it so cold?

Blackwood: It's New Scotland, everything is cold... Even in the summer, it's cold. You know I did tell you to expect a challenge.... oOJust never imagined it would be that big of a challenge.Oo

oO(Eerie) Something is wrong here, the safeties must of been off!Oo

Eerie: Why were the safeties off, Ensign? ::He was starting to regain his strength, but he could still do little more than lift his head::

Blackwood: oONot the frellin safeties again... Oo ::Sigh:: I almost always have them off, bad habit you could say... oOBad admission too.Oo

::Eerie could feel his blood start to boil, if he was ever frozen again Blackwood would fire him up, but he was happy to be alive::

Eerie: Blackwood, I am glad to see you are awake and in at least good spirits. Commander could someone get me my other antigrav unit, it is in my bottom drawer, a little food and some rest and I will be ready.....

Barnes: I'll send someone to get it, when your ready I'd like a statement of what happened. Just a formality. Nothing to worry about.

Eerie: Of course, Commander.

::Eerie fell back asleep but when he awake the anti gravity unit was attached to a belt which with a little difficultity he was able to attach and activate, now he could move freer, and was thinking about food when he saw Blackwood dozing on her Biobed, the doctor was in her office working on something, the lights had been dimmed.::

Eerie: Blackwood, are you sure you're OK?

:: Blackwood was napping when she was disturbed by a noise, blinking awake she looked around to Eerie.::

Blackwood: ::Yawning:: You say somethin'?

Eerie: Pardon me, but what were you thinking about keeping the safties off, Ensign.

:: Blackwood tried to prop herself up on her elbow to get a proper look at Eerie, but flopped back onto the bed. She didn't know if they had healed her shoulder and back yet but they were definately stiff and very very sore. She masked her pain using her hands to wipe her face. oOThe safeties again! I have already answered this twice, what do they want from me?Oo::

Blackwood: Honestly Eerie, there is no big and wonderful reason behind it. It's more a habit than anything. It just seems you have no reason to be careful and take things seriously when you know nothing bad can happen to you. If I learned a new skill in the holodeck and didn't take it seriously enough - the safety concerns - then when I try it in the real world I would be more likely than not to sustain an injury.

Eerie: To die in a Holodeck, is not the way that a warrior should die, Ensign.

Blackwood: Last time I checked... I am a scientist. I test things... oOLike how far I can push my luck it seems.Oo

Eerie: Just please be a little less self destructive, or do it on your own time.

Blackwood: ::Sighing:: Whatever you say buster...

Eerie: I do not want to see you killed Blackwood, you have friends here, you know. Even I like you for some strange reason, which I haven't fully figured out.

::The tone in Eerie had changed, Eeire barely notice change himself but it was there.::

Blackwood: ...well anyway, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. I really didn't intend for any harm to come to you. I only wanted to share some fun things to do with you, we didn't even get the chance to do most of them in the end anyway. You look like someone SORELY in need of some fun.

Eerie: Well, perhaps you are right, perhaps. I am sorry too, but ...I would do it again ...with you, at least with the safeties on the lake. ::Eerie's voice had lowered a bit, and perhaps a bit softer.::

::Eerie had turned fully toward Blackwood, and was now staring at her, but then turned away and back to the way too soft bio bed, and shut his eyes.::

oO(Eerie) What transpired in the lake?, last thing I remember is trying to push Evanna to the shoreOo

::Stepping back into sickbay Barnes approached the bed where Eerie lay, walking quietly so not to disturb their conversation.::

::Walking up to the bed, Barnes coughed.::

oO(Eerie) I would like to see Peiy, I wonder were she is Oo ::Eerie saw the Commander and straightened up in the biobed::

Barnes: Lt if you have time I'd like your version of events.

Eerie: We were walking on the lake, when the ice collapsed and I fell in, Commander Barnes. Blackwood fell in also, the last thing I remember was feeling someone trying to pull me out, it had to be Blackwood. And then I felt her body and giving her a push I don't remember anything after that.

::Eerie looked at Barnes, he was a good officer, and he knew that he still had a lot to learn from him and the rest of the crew, but he also felt that he had made a start::

Barnes: So in your mind it was an accident and no malice was intended?

Eerie: Commander, despite Blackwood's disaster record, she is a good officer, and I feel better for knowing her, it was an accident, Sire.

Barnes: I never said she wasn't. To be honest I'd already made up my mind about that.

Eerie: Yes, Sire. I will get a bit more rest but I will be ready for my next duty shift. Commander.

Barnes: If and when the doctor releases you that's fine, if not then someone will cover don't worry.

:: Barnes and Eerie finished their conversation. Eerie took some more rest and then was discharged.::

:: Standing over Blackwood's bed, Jen couldn't help but think back on the last time she was in sickbay knocking in death's door. It seemed almost impossible that in such short amount of time Evanna was in such a similar situation. ::

:: This time however, Jen was able to fix the problem. Evanna's temperature was just about normal, meaning Jen could attend to her other injuries.::

Malcolm: Evanna, I think we're going to have to engrave your names on one of these biobeds.

Blackwood: ::Weak smile:: Thanks but a reserved sign will do sufficiently.

Malcolm: ::cracking a smile:: I need you to sit back up for me. ::She slipped her arm under her to help her up::

Blackwood: Thanks doc. ::Wincing at the pain of sitting up.::

::Jen took an anabolic protoplaser and applied it to Blackwood's back to repair the torn muscles.::

Malcolm: I can't believe you're back here so soon, Evanna. What were you doing? ::She moved the machine a bit, eyes flicking between its readout and the biobed's sensors::

Blackwood: :: Launching into another long, rambling story:: Umm, you see the thing is... me and mister grim reaper we have a little game going. Or more specifically I have a little game going where I like to tease him. Then WHOOOP! you can't haaave meeee... yeah. Dodging death like a pro...

Malcolm: I wouldn't say like a pro...

::The protoplaser finished its work on Evanna's back muscles and almost instantly Jen could see Evanna's breathing ease. She inverted the biobed so Evanna could rest against it.::

Blackwood: Yeah well, I think I will try to live on the quiet side of life, at least for a bit.

Malcolm: I'm happy to hear it, because if we weren't about to go on shoreleave, I'd have to take you off duty for your own good. ::She smiled sympathetically:: And I'm sorry to tell you this, but we're going to have to pop your shoulder back into place.

:: Blackwood cringed at the thought but she supposed she had earned it. ::

Blackwood: Richt ye are doc.

::Jen lifted Blackwood's arm and bent her elbow. She placed her own hands on Evanna's shoulder and pushed on the shoulder blade to rotate it.::

:: Blackwood howled in pain as Jen tried to put her shoulder back where it belonged. Little sparkly white dots flashed across her vision and she felt a little faint.::

:: Jen tried to tune out Evanna's sounds of pain and concentrate on what she was feeling under her fingers. She pressed a bit harder and felt the head of humerus slip back into place. She could almost hear the pop one would expect with the movement::

Malcolm: Ok, there we go. Lie still now and we'll make sure it stays put.

Blackwood: Thanks doc... and... ::clearing throat:: Sorry about that.

:: Blackwood remained completely still, she was scared stiff that the slightest twitch would dislodge her shoulder again and they'd have to start over. She was glad that they hadn't trapped a nerve. oOAt least Eerie is not here. I am glad I did not baby wail in front of him!Oo::

Malcolm: ::Leaning on the side of the bed:: I'd say you've punished yourself enough, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't lecture a little bit. ::She crossed her arms.:: You shouldn't have been running around in the holodeck - in fact, I can't believe you had the energy for it after that Virus. I know I hardly do.

Blackwood: Yeah... i'm just full of beans! oOThats the trouble actually. Too much energy and nothing to use it on.Oo

Malcolm: I'm serious, Evanna.

Blackwood: Yeah me too, sadly. I get the picture though, really.

Malcolm: ::Smiling again:: I'm glad. I want you to take it easy on shoreleave. That's an order ::She tapped the new pip on Blackwood's collar:: Lieutenant.

Blackwood: ::Raising an eyebrow.:: Does that order come with sedatives?

Malcolm: How about painkillers instead?

Blackwood: Yeah good point I'll need those too...

Malcolm: Well, you're vitals are looking back to normal. I can let you go, if you promise I'm not going to see you in here again. ::She smiled:: I've got a vacation to get to.

Blackwood: Oh that sounds nice, where are you going?

Malcolm: Iowa. To see my folks and little girl.

Blackwood: How old is she? What does she like?

Malcolm: She's almost four. Her favorite has been playing dress up, but she changes her mind so fast, I'm not always sure. ::chuckling::

Blackwood: :Giggling: Aw well I bet she is a cracking wee girl. I better let you get back to her then.

Malcolm: ::Pulling off Evanna's thermal blankets.:: Just promise I'm not going to have to spend the whole time worrying that you're breaking your neck or something crazy.

Blackwood: :: Smiling:: Oh I absolutely promise I will behave myself.

Malcolm: ::nodding:: Very well. Off with you.

Blackwood: Okay thanks again. You take care and enjoy your break

Malcolm: I will. You too. Be safe. ::She raised her eyebrows to punctuate her statement.::

Blackwood: ::Grinning:: Oh I will.

:: Blackwood slowly got herself sorted out and headed off to her quarters. ::

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