Black Tower Divisions


“The better part of valor is discretion”

Henry The Fourth, Part 1 Act 5, scene 4, 115–121

Sector 118 Intelligence is composed of three major branches and within these branches exist different subdivisions:


The main administration of the sector intelligence, it is headed up by the Director, Deputy Director, and any adjunct administrative officers. Command oversees all intelligence operations in the sector and designates missions for agents assigned to Black Tower and those assigned in the field. However, intel command does not have direct authority over the agents whose duty station is aboard an installation within UFOP. Agents assigned to those duty stations are only required to provide reports to intel command.

Tower Ops

This branch’s activities are widely more connected with intel. Tower ops carry out most of the active operations for Sector 118 Intelligence and answers directly to the intel command. It is led by a team leader, but all agents in this division are capable in executing independent missions. Assignments of Tower Ops agents are usually mission related. Agent trainees are prepared in this branch until they are ready for either the command or field branch.


The field division of intel are composed of agents who are sent on extensive away missions. Most are assigned to Black Tower, but agents may be assigned somewhere else. Those agents are required to report to intel command frequently, they are under the direct authority of the Commanding Officers of their respective duty stations. Intel command can only assigned these agents their duty stations, not specific missions. The field agents’ assignments aboard their installations are to the Commanding Officer’s discretion. However, the Commanding Officer cannot order agents aboard their ships to “spy” on Black Tower, just as Black Tower cannot do also.