Black, Jeremy Darius

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You may be looking for Black, Jeremy; a science officer on Ursa Major.

Full name: Jeremy Darius Black
Age: 25
Species: Human-Betazoid
Gender: Male
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’10”


  • Parents:
    • Mother: Kara Black (Human)
    • Father: Darius Black (Betazoid)
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Telepathic Skill: T4/E2

Explanation: Jeremy is limited in his ability to read other beings emotions due to his partial Betazoid heritage, this ability is generally limited to Betazoids, or other Telepathic Species. Jeremy can sense the thoughts of others but to him they feel quite distant unless he is focusing. Jeremy has shown skill in forming illusions or impressions that he can project into willing telepathic minds.


Jeremy grew up on Earth where his mother and father both worked as independent researchers at the Oxford University. Kara and Darius labored together in their research on temporal physics and applications of theories pertaining to temporal causality. Starfleet heavily utilized their research, as the practical applications of the research were astounding.

Jeremy spent much of his life surrounded by academics and scholars. He frequently found them boring but their research was intriguing and often brought people from various worlds to see them. Though Jeremy’s parents were quite poor at dealing with social encounters Jeremy had a natural flair for hospitality and cultural awareness. He frequently was placed in situations where he could chat with some of the most intelligent and powerful people on Earth as they came to visit the University.

Jeremy left Oxford to study at Yale in North America where he studied the social sciences with a focus in sociology and political science. Jeremy took well to his studies and intensified his time at Yale such that he finished his Undergraduate Degree in Political Science in three rather than the customary four years. Jeremy immediately took a graduate position at Yale and received his Masters in Intergovernmental Diplomacy and Affairs. His Masters thesis regarded the manner in which recent Federation diplomacy had resulted in more rather than less violence and was a damning criticism of many recent diplomatic disasters.

Jeremy is staunchly pacifistic and believes that violence serves no purpose but to produce more violence. He has stood toe to toe with many of the brightest minds in the Federation and espoused these views. On something of a dare from a rival Jeremy enlisted in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps to prove that his theories were worth more than the paper they were printed on.

He continues to maintain contact with his family and friends on Earth. Jeremy maintains a continued heated debate with his Masters supervisor over the legitimacy of the Federations lack of intervention in planetary scale disasters when faced with a Prime Directive violating decision; he is currently winning the argument.