Biomechanoid Dreams (Independence-A)

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Stardate 238401.19

With the arrival of a newly built Prometheus class ship, the remaining crew of the former USS Independence begin leaving DS17 to the ship to take over positions while still investigating and tracking the whereabouts of a biomechanoid that drained the station of some to fuel itself.

It was quickly located in the 3A9 system, where the USS Cerebus encountered the lifeform and lost considerable amount of power before the Independence-A could arrive on scene. It was discovered the creature had deployed several hundred drones in the construction of what may have been an infant Dyson Sphere which was proceeding to its expansion ratio. Through the efforts of Admiral Anassasi and her crew, they were able to destroy the expanding sphere, but not before the creature, believed to be a Builder, left through a spacial distortion in the center of the construction.

Stardate 238404.13 The ship and its crew are on their way for some well deserved shore leave.