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Bilire VI Planet

Planet Summary

Bilire VI is a M class planet in the Bilire system. It is sometimes referred to as Bilire IV because its orbit intersects with several of its neighbors, making it appear to be the fourth planet in the system at times. The "other" Bilire IV is a non-inhabited planet of little note, so in most circumstances, either name is acceptable and understood to refer to the larger M class planet.

In the aftermath of the Hobus supernova in 2387 and the subsequent destruction of Romulus, a number of Romulan citizens (almost all civilians, although with the Star Empire the distinction is a mite fuzzy) were granted a colony on this planet within Federation space. Before settlement by the Romulan people, this previously uninhabited planet was passed over by settlement for most species because of its terrain; deserts in the north and fetid swamps, harsh terrain and tendency to flood in the south.


Bilire VI's orbit is approximately 247 million kilometers from its star, Bilire. It is a large planet with a diameter of 21,291km. It has a density of 4.8 and a gravity of 1.22 G's, along with a standard atmosphere with a pressure of 1.19 with with nitrogen 62%, oxygen 22%, carbon dioxide 7%, methane 1% and argon 1% (remainder other).

Bilire VI possesses an axial tilt of 21%, which gives it significant seasonal variations. In the northern desert areas, daytime temperatures are on average between 40C and 50C, while the night time temperatures can be between -20C to -6C.

In the southern jungles, due to its thick atmosphere, high amount of surface vegetation and proximity to its sun, the temperature range in this area is from 31C to 42C in the day and 16C to 24C at night.

The surface of the planet is primarily desert in the northern hemisphere, but thick jungle, bogs, volcanic mountains, floodplains and rivers form the large body of the southern hemisphere terrain. Large bodies of fresh water are rare in the north; in the south, deep bogs cover large portions of the surface area. A notable exception are the two polar caps, which are both huge bodies of fresh water which tend to flow towards the equator.

Oceans are present in both atmospheres but they are high in salt and tend to be extremely turbulent.

A year on Bilire VI is 322 days, with each day being 26.1 hours long.

Notable Citizens

Tal Mnaeha Khellian is a Khre'Arrain (Lieutenant Commander) of the Romulan Empire and a serving Paectum'Saehne (Engineer) on Bilire VI.