Beyond the Edge: A Veteran's Guide to the Universe.

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Author's Biography.

Vice Admiral Eric Shayne is a second-generation serviceman. He rapidly rose through the ranks, earning a reputation as a demanding but caring officer. On board his starship, the Eagle, Eric managed to save the crew from multiple potential disasters, eventually rising to the rank of commander. During the first Borg Invasion of Sector 001, his captain ordered Eagle to engage the enemy, but their distance from Earth made it impossible to join the battle. While he understands that there was nothing he could have done, present or otherwise, he was never entirely able to shake a feeling of guilt. Many of his colleagues had been present at the massacre.

Several years later, the captain of the Eagle was promoted, leaving the seat wide open for Eric to fill. He accepted, but his exploratory goals were put on hold when the Dominion cold war elevated to full scale war.

After the war, Eric took several tours of duty studying fascinating new astronomical phenomena, before eventually moving to a desk job commanding Starbase 912, on the border of Tholian space. It was here that he met Heidi Christine, an occupational therapist serving onboard the station. Love, followed, and marriage wasn't far behind. After nearly a decade in that position, Eric finally decided to retire. He has since devoted himself to writing a book about his experiences on the fringe of explored space.