Between a Rock and a Hard ? (Challenger-A)

On assignment from Starfleet, the USS Challenger-A is tasked with resolving a 250 year-old war between the Klingons and a more-primitive race of insect-like beings known as the Xarantine. However, rather than peacefully mediate an end to hostilities, the Klingons wished to resume combat operations against the Xarantine, whom had stopped fighting due to unknown reasons.

The Klingons depend on the Xarantine War as a training system for officers and warriors. However, they use more primitive technology so as to not completely annihilate their opponent and lose their training grounds. This allows a perpetual stalemate for learning purposes.

Upon arriving and searching the area, the crew determined an third-party was likely behind the war itself, finding clues that led to more questions. Eventually, it was determined that the Xarantine ceased fighting due to the death of their Queen. The third party, whom the Xarantine called "The Others", wanted the fighting to resume due to their dependence on supplies from the Xarantine.

Once the Others knew the Challenger was on station, they boarded the ship under special cloaking technology to try and find information. The crew of the Challenger discovered these intruders, but a massive fire fight broke out on several decks. Bombs were detonated and casualties were had on both sides. The main mediplex was heavily damaged and an emergency triage center was set-up in Cargo Bay 1.

Lieutenant Hannibal Parker devised a means to unmask the intruders using a special sub-space scanning device known as a SLUG. Once installed and activated, the crew was able to subdue the intruders. But not before massive damage was reported within the ship.

The Others had a nearby ship under cloak to monitor the progress of the boarding party. Once contact was lost, they initiated self-destruct not only on their ship, but on the casualties left on the Challenger as well. The bridge crew knew a ship was nearby due to a strong neutron radiation pulse that was getting larger and closer to the ship, but couldn't track it well enough to evade damage. Knowing something needed to be done, Ensign Tobias Walker devised a plan to use a modified pulse from the deflector array to unmask the ship.

Once done, the Challenger got clear as the enemy vessel exploded, but not before receiving a coded message containing a computer virus that would have crippled (if not destroy) the ship. Quick action from the Engineering staff prevented any major problems.

Repairs were underway as Challenger mediated a temporary cease-fire with the Klingons on behalf of the Xarantine. Once the Xarantine have a new Queen grown in several years, the fighting will commence again.