Betazoid Government Council

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The Betazoid Government Council (BGC) hears and settles any disputes between the Houses of Betazed.[1]

Prior to a hearing, all participants must accept service and jurisdiction of the the BGC.[2]

During a hearing, all "official" arguments must be verbal, however there is nothing stopping participants using telepathic intimidation on other participants, requiring them to leverage mental blocks during hearings.[2]

A Government Council session was adjudicated by a Moderator, who was an elected citizen. Their aid is known as the Proclaimer.[2]

Given Betazed's culture of transparency, oaths of truth were not required as lies could be detected before they were emitted.[2]

The main Government Council chamber is in Rixx. It is an opulent, vast room in the center of which is open space. Towards the rear is where the Moderator sits, with the Proclaimer slightly lower down. On each side of the open space is a small desk area, for each of the parties relevant to the case. Surrounding the entire chamber are individual boxes for the noble families, as well as the elected citizens who sit on the council.[2]