Beta Shift Mystery (Constitution)

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Captain Rocar and his senior staff are re-assigned to the recently retrieved USS Constitution. ready to start new adventures in deep space exploration, most of the Senior Staff are granted a short R & R leave whilst Captain Rocar is sent to mediate negotiations in the Orelius sector.

Meanwhile, the USS Constitution's new Ensigns and Beta Shift staff proceed to Catterick IV following a request for help from the colonists after the unusual disappearance of two scientists from the Science Dome and the subsequent discovery of the missing colonist's corpses. The Colonists called for Starfleet's help since such deaths were previously unheard of in the planet's history; it was unclear as to whether this was the workings of a serial killer, an unknown creature or an act of the paranormal, however, the colonists lacked the necessary trained investigators required to solve the mystery on their own.

On their arrival, the away team was met by two gregarious children and some of the residents before being greeted by the Science Dome's facility administrator. But before introductions are concluded, the discovery of two dead children, the same two that greeted the team, begins to strike an uncomfortable unease that was about to grow exponentially.

On the scene, Doctors Mannell and Koer checked the dead children and discovered many frightening issues, notably the pervasive presence of the Terran Hemorraghic virus Lassa. Koer noted something also odd about the children's physiology to which both doctors urged the necessity to return to the USS Constitution-B for a proper autopsy.

The security team also noted the presence of tetchyon particles, which are similar to but somewhat different than tachyons due to its quad anion structure. Setting out to find a possible cloaking device, the team found a power supply and a masked operator who vanished via a transporter.

Lt Commander Annabeth Hayes collapsed suddenly, and while speculated that Lassa virus or an energy weapon was the culprit, Catterick IV Program Manager Leonardo Tavosz disclosed a shocking secret: The facility was currently testing dangerous airborne-based viral diseases and a broadband airborne-based cure. He also noted that Hayes was succumbing to an allergic reaction to the "cure" which could be treated with a strong antihistamine. While being interrogated by the Security staff, Tavosz was covertly murdered to the shock of those standing around him.

Meanwhile in Sickbay, Mannell and Koer made even more shocking discoveries. Apparently both children died suddenly and violently without any outward signs of trauma, which was all internal. The boy's brain was thrust inwards with a weapon of sorts while his skull was left intact; the section of the girl's spine was completely severed and internal organs were shredded, and like the boy, there was no external sign of trauma. A cast mold of the boy's injuries revealed that a gloved hand was the culprit, and riddled around the internal wounds was a great deal of Tetchyon particles.

Where this mystery goes is unknown at this time.