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Ambassador Beq.JPG

  • Date of Birth: 217102.05
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: El-Aurian
  • Place of Birth: El-Auria / Delta Quadrant
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Pale Blue / Blind
  • Height: 6'3"

Family History

  • Mother: Layna Beq
  • Father: Burke Beq
  • Siblings: none
  • Spouse: Counselor Deran Beq
  • Children: Tidus Beq (Missing)

Personal History

  • Matthias Beq comes from a long line of royals within the El-Aurian heirarchy. But, sitting back in the world of influence and politics did not interest Matthias Beq. His interest lay in the world of security and martial arts.
  • At the age of 6, Beq became a prodigy in the field of martial arts. He won several medals and awards growing up. Matthias was quickly approached by the High Guard and Security Forces of El-Auria. Matthias rose thru the ranks of the Security Forces quickly, becoming a Captain of the Royal Security Guard.
  • It was while scouting for new recruits that Matthias Beq found Deran Dalonega. Ms Dalonega was a gymnastics teacher in a school that also taught martial arts. Upon meeting Ms Dalonega, Matthias Beq quickly pursued the younger woman. The two were engaged one year later, and later married. Together they had one son, Tidus.
  • Matthias and Deran were separated during the Borg Invasion of El-Auria. Matthias and Tidus were both assimilated. Deran Beq escaped.
  • While on a Borg scout mission, Matthias and other Borg were captured and later deassimulated by a Federation science team. The team was able to deassimulated Matthias Beq, leaving only 10 percent of his Borg mechanations.
  • Two years later, Matthias and Deran were reunited on the USS Odyssey, near Vulcan.
  • 217102.05 - Matthias Beq born
  • 225811.14 - Matthias Beq marries Deran Dalonega
  • 225904.05 - Tidus born
  • 226507.08 - Borg Invasion, Matthias Beq is assimilated. Deran Beq escapes.
  • 237907 - Matthias Beq & other Borg drones captured & scientific deassimulation begins.
  • 2382 - Matthias and Deran are reunited on USS Odyssey at Vulcan.

Professional History

  • 221105.05 - Recruited into the El-Aurian Security Forces.
  • 221603.14 - Reassigned to the El-Aurian High Guard Security.
  • 222210.28 - Promoted to Lt equivalent in High Guard.
  • 223311.17 - Promoted to Lt Commander equivalent in High Guard.
  • 224104.10 - Promoted to Commander equivalent in High Guard.
  • 225006.16 - Promoted to Captain equivalent in High Guard.
  • 226507.08 - Assimilated by Borg.
  • 2379 - 'Rescued' by Starfleet and deassimulated.

Personal Data

Starfleet Medical Science was only able to remove 90% of the Borg implantations. Due to significant scaring and effects of the Borg eye implants, removal of the damaged eyes was deemed dangerous. This has left Matthias Beq blind. Matthias is constantly learning how to make up for his blindness with his other senses.

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Character Data

  • Current Rank: Civilian
  • Current Ship:
  • Date Joined Current Ship: 2382
  • Current Post: Civilian