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  • Date of Birth: 220002.11
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: El-Aurian
  • Place of Birth: El-Aurian System, Delta Quad
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5' 9"

Family History

  • Mother: Tora 'Zera' Dalonega (unknown)
  • Father: Atticus Dalonega (deceased)
  • Siblings:
    • Eris Zera (half-sister/unknown)
    • Lexie Zera (half-sister/unknown)
  • Spouse: Matthias Beq
  • Children: Tidus Beq (unknown))

Personal History

  • Deran had begun life without too many wild expectations. Life would be simple. And it was, at first. Daughter of a Bookstore owner and a nurse, Deran did not look beyond like from El-Auria. She was a good student, excelling at many of her classes. But, there was really only one thing she wanted. And that came in as the man she married, Matthias Beq. Antonio and Deran had a happy simple marriage. A marriage that was even more blessed at the birth of their son, Tidus.
  • But, when Tidus was only six years old, their lives crashed and tumbled. The Borq came to El Auria. They spread like the plague. Not many were able to escape or run. Matthias and Tidus did not. Deran had been out shopping when the Borq swept thru Izar without warning. And before she knew it, she found herself pulled onto a small transport ship that was leaving Izar and El Auria.
  • The shuttle was attacked by Anarchs, after passing thru the Choran wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant. Upon their capture, Deran was sold to Commander Chin'e as a servant.
  • Commander Chin'e was an explorative military Anarch. His ship often came close to the Beta Quad side of Federation space. It was during an attack upon a Betazoid ship, that Deran Beq was rescued and later taken to Betazed.
  • With nothing to look forward in life, Deran did just odd jobs over the years. Barely getting by. But, one day a friend told her, she had to live on for her race and her family. After healing herself of the tragedy,
  • Deran applied for Starfleet Acadamy. SFA was even more healing for the El Aurian. Her mind was able to be swept away in her studies and in helping others.
  • Her SFA courses were broken in half due to the Dominion capture of Betazed. During this time, Deran became part of the Betazoid Resistance.
  • After the Dominion War, Deran resumed her courses at SFA and eventually graduated.
  • Reunited with husband, Matthias Beq, after he was found and deassimulated by Starfleet in 2382.

Professional History

  • 2240-2265: Gymnastics teacher in Izar.
  • 2265-2266: refugee
  • 2266-2267: unemployed
  • 2267-2325: women's center employee: social worker
  • 2325-2366: gymnastics teacher on Betazed
  • 2366-2372: Attends Betazed University; Degree Counseling
  • 2372-2381: Attends SFA at Medara, Betazed ; Degree Counseling; secondary Degree Medical
  • 2381: Cadet Cruise on Starbase 118
  • 2381: Assigned to USS Steadfast as a Medical Officer.
  • 238203.20: Assigned to USS Steadfast as Ship's Counselor.
  • 238205.31: Promoted to Lieutenant.
  • 238211.09: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Personal Data

Character Data

  • Current Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Current Ship: Walton
  • Date Joined Current Ship: 238108.25
  • Current Post:
  • Date Joined Group: 238108.25

Dates of previous rank upgrades

  • Rank : Ensign

Updated On : 238108.24

  • Rank : Lt.JG

Updated On : 238201.05

  • Rank : Lieutenant

Updated On : 238205.31

  • Rank : Lt. Commander

Updated On : 238211.09