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Ashton Bendix, a joined-Trill, is currently serving as medical officer aboard the USS Ronin


  • Name: Ashton Eden Bendix
  • Species: Trill (Joined)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 232
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown (Tied back most of the time)
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Family:
    • Father: Elim Disat - Federation Ambassador to Andor
    • Mother: Karim Disat - Starfleet Commodore in charge of Space Station 32
    • Brother: Jared Disat - Member of the Trill Scientific Guild and teaches at the academy of Scientific discovery on Trill.
    • Sister: Daress Disat - Teacher at Starfleet Academy. She teaches advanced sciences.


Ashton grew up like most Trill children. He had a love for life and a zest for the extraordinary. He did, however, have parents who were both involved in Starfleet in one way or another. He was very good at Terran football and was given a scholarship to attend Harvard University on a scholarship for academics and athletics.

This was a new thing for his family. All had grown on Trill and were in love with everything there. Ashton was able to quickly go through premed and play a sport he dearly loved. Upon graduation, he came back to Trill to add alien medicine to his already expanded knowledge of medicine. Quickly he grasped what he needed to succeed as a physician.

On his 19th birthday he met Looryx Bendix. The two of them became great friends. The Bendix symbiont found Ashton to be full of passion and life. Upon the death of Looryx, Bendix chose Ashton as his next host. Ashton never thought about joining Starfleet, but with having Bendix's past host memories flooding into him, he felt that Starfleet was where he belonged.

Joining Starfleet was a joy. Everything seemed to flow for Bendix. He finished top in his class and was given his choice of assignment.


Bendix is fun loving. He enjoys being with others and gets great joy from making people happy. He works hard as a surgeon, because he feels compelled to assist his fellow man. He is dashing and has a joy for music and cooking. Considers himself a ladies man.

Former Lives of Bendix


1680-1721 - Balin was one of the first successful symbiont/host relationship on Trill. Balin was swimming in the caverns where the symbionts are located. The Bendix symbiont spoke to him telepathically. Together they were able to instruct a surgeon on how to successfully combine them together. Balin died of old age of 110, but he is remembered by all as the pioneer he was.


1721-1742 - Feeling the weight of the previous host, Tapitha eventually went crazy later on in his life. He went on a killing spree and attempted to assassinate the ruling council of that time. He was captured and the Bendix symbiont was removed.


1742-1779 - Kai, a bioengineer, who died from an accident in an experiment involving the biological effects of prolonged exposure to the omega molecule. It was unknown at that time that the molecule was omega.


1779-1819 - Palad, a religious healer who died from cancer.


1819-1857 - Kalina was a talented professional athlete on Trill. To this date, Kalina holds major athletic records on Trill. He was exciting to watch and exciting to compete against. There is a statue of him on Trill for his excellence and talent.


1857-1932 - Ashley, very Vulcan like in control. Ashley was the prime minister on Trill for ten years. Very experienced in politics, Ashley died of Old Age at the age of 113.


1932-1946 - Clavain, almost the opposite of Ashley. Mercenary Pilot and very loud-mouthed. Never kept his feelings from anyone but was a very skilled pilot. Died in an accident at the age of 52.


1946-2002 - Rear Admiral Gredala, one of the best and most honored Admirals in Trill history. Very controlled and very aware tactically, Gredala and a few other admirals guided the Trill through one of the darkest periods in Trill History. Died of old age at the age of 112. Received the Award for Properous Career in the military.


2002-2068 - Arman was joined to the Bendix Symbiot. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a general practice doctor in a small town on Trillius IV. This was what had inspired his son Arman to become a doctor.


2068-2101 - Dorian was a scientist. His mother was a writer, and his father was a technician and repairman in a factory on Trillius IV. Dorian was inspired by his mother's science fiction to bring such fantasies closer to reality. Dorian's education includes master's degrees in real world physics, as well as warp drive physics. Dorian was part of a team that had designed a more efficient warp engine which lead to a recalibration of the of the warp factor scale.


2101-2160 - Kardina was a simple historian for the Trill people. Her job was to archive the many happenings of past Trill lives and the lives of their symbionts. She was in love with Bastill, who was the leading council member on the head inquisition of Trill physiology. Kardina lived a long life of longing to travel the stars. The Bendix Symbiont chose someone who would travel the stars as its next host in honor of Kardina.


2160-2201 - Julanna was one of the aides to the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire during the Khitomer Accords. He spent most of his life among Klingons, learning their ways and living their life. Upon his death in 2317, his death was mourned as any Klingon death would be. Julanna was killed during a battle of honor when his words were mistaken by the son of Kral. As Julanna prepared to fight the young warrior, he was attacked from behind by friends of the boy--they knew Julanna would defeat the boy in honorable combat. The boy and his friends were dishonored by the actions.


2201-2251 - Epharyn was a scientist. He made his home on the Romulan boarder, observing the phenomena that few Federation scientists had taken the chance to observe. His work was lost in a fire that claimed his wife and children and left him scarred and broken. The last days of Epharyn's life were spent wandering the Alpha and Beta quadrants, gathering data on effective methods for terraforming.


2251-2289 - Gredin was a Starfleet Engineering Officer, worked on early Excelsior designs and engines.


2289-2320 - Edron Drasil was a Starfleet Officer. Edron was a Navigations Officer, then a Strategic Operations Officer during the Dominion War. Edron later became Executive Officer, then Commanding officer of the USS Lancelot.


2320-2374 - Kyrii spent her life searching for causes. She helped in the liberation of the Nyccha'a from their I'sharen oppressors on Saelus III. Using the research Epharyn Bendix, Kyrii assisted in terraforming Saelus VI in order to provide a home for the Nyccha'a. Kyrii moved to Deep Space Nine when the Federation took control of the station. She was excited about the prospect of studying the Bajoran wormhole. In 2374, Kyrii was injured in a shuttle accident. Dr. Julian Bashir was unable to save her and Bendix was immediately transferred to Looryx, a Starfleet engineer from the USS Hannibal. The Hannibal had stopped by DS9 before heading into the Beta Quadrant to gather some astrometric data.


2374-2379 - Loory spent the next five years on the USS Hannibal, a Nebula-class starship. Once the Dominion war broke out, the Hannibal was reconfigured for combat. She saw a lot of combat in the First Fleet. In 2379, while the Hannibal was defending a supply yard from an attack by Breen renegades, a conduit near Looryx exploded. He was severely injured during the accident and died shortly afterward, but not before he was able to eject the warp core...saving the ship. Bendix was returned to Trill where the Symbiont was transferred to Ashton.


2379-Present - Ashton is the current Bendix host.