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DATE POSTED: 239112.27
ASSIGNMENT AT POST: Chief Of Security & Tactical
SHIP: USS Darwin-A
VESSEL CLASS: Horizon class

Ben was exited but at the same time disheartened, he’d worked hard to get his rank of Major to end up having to lose it for a bit and take the rank of Lt. Commander. He’d been assigned to the USS Darwin-A as there chief of Security & Tactical, he looked forward to the challenge but still felt out of place wearing a fleeter’s uniform. Not long after arriving he was restricted from carrying weapons due to his eye damage, though he disrobed that medical order when the ships main bridge became under siege.

About My Time On The Darwin-A

Ben’s time on the Darwin-A was interesting within the first few days he had to deal with a hostage situation as well as being restricted by medical. He love the new challenges and some of the people but he was a marine not a fleeter and felt slightly isolated from the crew.

After a few months he requested a transfer back to earth and was offered a desk job, it was not very exiting but at least he’d be back in a green uniform.

Firends & CoWorkers

Due to the lack of time on the ship he never really got to know any of the crew well, he met each in the day to day routes but he tried to keep them at arms length.

Greir Reinard, Captain USS Darwin-A
Notable Simms

Ben receives a message from Karolina Cranford while having some down time. [Downtime]

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