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Ben was born in San Francisco to two loving parents Neil & Martha Edwards on 234811.23 a nice early Christmas present. Over the first few years he hardly seen his parents he was looked after by a nanny. When he turned 3 his mother gave birth to his sister Lisa. The nanny stayed on to look after Lisa while Ben started schooling, he was sent to a private school that his father paid for. He stayed there only returning at weekends and holidays. He missed most of his sisters early days due to this. At the age of 5 his mother gave birth to his brother who he did not get to see for several weeks as when he came home his parents where off visiting. He was looked after by his old nanny who had now moved into their home now. The next several years just continued as the last his mother never had any more children. He was treated as the special outcast by his brother and sister as they never attend a fancy school.

He went through senior school getting very good grades in his studies and excellent ones in his mechanical studies. He planned to try join an independent shipping company as an engineer and work his way up to captain one day. After he left school he did join an independent company but it was not the sort he expected. He got the job as an engineer on an old transport ship or so he thought it turned out that most of the time they were smuggling people and goods from outlaying systems.

After being on the ship for a few month he started to get let in on some of the sneaky dealings. He found out that the crew extorted and robbed planets that had not even learned to fly never mind travel through space. He always sent some of his illegal earnings back to his family in the way of gifts. Over the next few years he started to build up the chain on the ship and had managed to make it up to the helm officers and second officer after the last got killed in a bad robbery. He now starting to get a name in the underworld of crime. He was also wanted on several planets.

On his 27th birthday he was arrested and put on trial back on earth. His father heard this and with help of his friend managed to get him off the hook of a sorts. He was given two chooses either 6 years at a penal colony or join the Marines. He was basically told by his father to take the marine path because he could get out after a year if he liked. He also told him that he would not do this again so if he went back to crime he was on his own.

So after the hearing he spent a week with his family catching up with them. The following week he entered the Marine HQ and sat the test and passed it. He was then put through basic training which he passed as well.

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