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DATE POSTED: 238902.30

Ben transferred to the Marine Testing facilities on stardate 238902.30 as a Test Pilot, it was like a dream coming true. He’d wanted to flight all the new shuttles and fighters since completing Marine Pilot School and getting his wings. While at the Base he made some good friends and few enemies, and met his true love Karolina Cramford. His biggest and proudest moment was flying the new Valkyrie MkII Fighter.

About My Time At The Base

On stardate 238902.30 Ben walked up to the main gate of the Marine Test Facilities and started his new post as a Marine test pilot. Once he got settled he started work the following day testing new engine setting for the Argo class shuttle, over the next few months he tested several setting and had a few crashes nothing to bad, just a couple of cuts a bruises.

On stardate 239001.23 Ben was promoted to Marine Captain with the privileges and responsibilities of that rank. He also started to learn about the Engineering side of the Crafts he was testing as a side hobby and it helped to improve his knowledge of the ships and there capabilities. He also met his new wingman Karolina Cramford they got on great he treated her like she was just one of the lads.

After several months of testing ships they got the chance to fly the Marines new Combat fighter the Valkyrie MkII it was the most advanced fighter built to date and the first wing was due to go the USS Apollo. The first flight test were easy and with very few problems over the next few weeks they completed 56 tests flights without leaving the hanger. The final test the week before the fighters were due to transfer to the Apollo was good they did the live fire and flight tests over the dessert, on the way back to the base he pushed the engines above normal safety limits he blown out the main engine and had to make an emergency landing at the base but this time did not smash the landing pad.

After the test Ben found out he was being promoted to Major and due to transfer with the Fighters to the USS Apollo. Ben and his crew mates went out for a few drinks, while out something happened and Ben noticed Karolina as a women for the first time and fell in love with her. They had fun and decided to give the love thing a try.

Firends & CoWorkers
Karolina Cranford, Tactical/Security USS Apollo-A
She was his first wing-man when he joined the test school. They had formed a really good bound and friendship over the time they had served together at the test school. The week before he left he had started to get some stronger feelings of friendship towards he and was a bit scared to tell her as he know he was transferring to the Apollo. He fell in love with her and they started to get more intertwined.
Notable Simms

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