Beelam Grog/Psychological Record

Starbase 118 Ops / USS Narendra
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Beelam Grog
Position Nurse
Rank Ensign
Species Trill
Gender Female
DOB 236805.28
Age 33
Birthplace Trill
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Beelam Grog

  • Serial Number: BG - 605 - 206
  • Current Assignment: Nurse
  • Current Posting: USS Astraeus
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Telepathic Status: T0/E0
NOTICE: This personnel record and any attached reports are confidential and intended solely for the use of authorized officers of sufficient clearance. Violations of confidentiality are subject to punishment under the Federation Uniform Code of Justice.
  • Condition: Meltdown
  • Counselor: XO Lael Rosek; (Witness)
  • Counselor Notes: Beelam Grog became upset while conducting a medical evaluation on Lieutenant JG Kawakame Shin. Grog did not tell witnesses why such upset, later referred to as a meltdown, occurred. The 'meltdown' resulted in one thrown and smashed medical tricorder and later one burnt hand as Grog had poured hot tea on it (her's) in order to avoid/end the conversation she was having with XO Lael Rosek in the CMO's office at the time. During this time a weighted blanket was replicated.
    • "Our newest ensign nurse had what she termed a “meltdown” in Sickbay while on duty. I included all relevant details in my report to her direct superior, Doctor Skyfire, who has agreed to set up a counseling session from Ensign Grog with the counselor. Lieutenant Cattan, Doctor Skyfire, myself, and Commander Mei’konda if he’s able to be present, will discuss the findings from the counseling session and any medical examinations to determine how we should proceed regarding discipline as well as measures to reduce the likelihood of such outbursts in the future." - First Officer's log Stardate 239601
    • Counseling appointment was not kept.
  • Medical Notes: None; treatment for burns
  • Condition: Meltdown
  • Counselor: Lieutenant Femi Cattan; (Witness)
  • Counselor Notes: Beelam Grog had another meltdown while on duty during a mission. The distress was caused by hearing the news to put Crew Member German Galven in a medically induced coma after passing out. This resulted in yelling at a superior officer, crying and vomiting. The disciplinary result was suspension from duty and time spent in crew quarters where she wrote a letter/personal log dictating her feelings about her second meltdown.
  • Medical Notes: None
COUNSELOR REPORT: SD 239603-239606
  • Condition: Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Counselor: Trill Medical Officer
  • Counselor Notes: Patient arrived on medical leave from the USS Montreal. Upon receiving patients medical record and giving sufficient time for memory recovery an assessment of sensory processing diagnostic qualifications was given. Patient was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder as most of the documented issues stemmed matched up the diagnostic criteria for that. INFORMATION MAY CHANGE OR BE EXPANDED UPON
  • Medical Notes: No medication was prescribed for sensory processing disorder
COUNSELOR REPORT: SD 239603-239606
  • Condition: Anxiety
  • Counselor: Trill Medical Officer
  • Counselor Notes: Patient notes feeling anxious due to not wanting to lose control of the symbiont and/or memory again. When patient feels anxious they tend to looks around as if they don't know what to do. May start asking for their weighted blanket. It is best to intervene before anxiety becomes a meltdown or sensory overload. INFORMATION MAY CHANGE OR BE EXPANDED UPON
  • Medical Notes: Patient was prescribed an anxiety medication. Slight shaking does occur.