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Beelam Grog is currently taking a leave of absence from the Montreal
Beelam Grog is currently a Medical Officer aboard the [[USS Astraeus]]
|NAME = Beelam Grog
|NAME = Beelam Grog
|SHIP = USS Montreal
|SHIP = USS Astraeus
|RANK = Ensign
|RANK = Ensign
|PIPSTYLE = Default
|PIPSTYLE = Default
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[[Category:Montreal PCs]]
[[Category:Astraeus NPCs]]
[[Category:Healers and doctors]]
[[Category:Healers and doctors]]
[[Category:Medical Officers]]
[[Category:Medical Officers]]

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Beelam Grog is currently a Medical Officer aboard the USS Astraeus

USS Astraeus
Grog Sickbay.png
Beelam Grog
Position Nurse
Rank Ensign
Species Trill
Gender Female
DOB 236805.28
Age 28
Birthplace Trill


  • Height: 5 foot 5 inch
  • Weight: 120lb
  • Hair: Shoulder length dark brown red
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Petite


  • Likes (hyper focuses/Special interests):
    • Nursing
    • Time travel
    • 21 century Terran TV Shows
      • Medical drams
      • Time travel
    • Holodeck programs and novels
      • Nursing
      • Western
      • Ballet
  • Dislikes: Piloting
  • Goals: To be as helpful as possible; maybe even head nurse one day.
  • Fears: Making a fool out of herself.


  • Mother: Jex Lamb
  • Father: Heim (He-limb) Lamb
  • Siblings: 1 older brother, Orul (Or-rule), who she doesn't talk too much.
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Family nickname/academy nickname: Bee

Third Host 236805.28 - Present Beelam Grog Starfleet nurse with minor in physiology.Grew up on Trill. Beelman was always a happy child, she studied hard in school and loved to take walks in the summer and fall to bird watch. Her parents Jex and Heim were your average supportive parents and where happy with her decision to become joined before going to Starfleet medical school to become a nurse, which she always knew she wanted to do. She went through the process to become joined at age 20 and became joined at age 22 then went to the academy for 5 years.

Beelam Grog/Medical Record


  • First Host 226805.19-235806.01 Jedal Grog:

He was a security officer in Starfleet. He mostly kept to himself completing his work or relaxing alone. He later retired, in his late 70s early 80s, when his memory started to fail him. Before that he was always seen as being stern, he took no nonsense. He lived to age 90 and was able to marry his academy sweetheart; they had no children other than a baby daughter that didn't live more than an hour. The birth had caused complications killing them both wife (Kaylee) and child. He married an un-joined Trill as he did not want to run into his wife, with a new host, in his future lives and still have feelings for them.

  • Second Host 234011.23-239012.23 (Joined when she was 18) Tigan Grog:

She was a musician, ballet dancer, singer and stage performer. Tigan loved attention and being in the spotlight. She was always overly excited and talking. She never married or had children. She died at age 50 after her health took a turn.


  • Does not do anything to do with dentistry
  • Favorite bone/joint in the body: Hip joint.
  • Favorite species to have as a patient: Humans
  • Least favorite species to have as a patient: Klingons


  • What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement...I really can't say. This host, me, Beelam, hasn't done much. The others though, Jedal would say his greatest achievement was marrying his wife. for Tigan it would have to be dancing Juliet on stage.
  • What is your idea of perfect happiness? Perfect happiness I find doesn't exist or in other words is very hard to find. Being in good health can make one very happy which is usually the best place to start.
  • What is your current state of mind? Frazzled.
  • What is your favorite occupation? Being a nurse I am very partial to the whole medical field of Starfleet; without strong healthy officers nothing would ever get done; well it might just very slowly.
  • What is your most treasured possession? I have a very special place in my heart for security officers as Jedal was one.
  • What or who is the greatest love of your life? Currently, I don't have one.
  • What is your favorite journey? To boldly go where no man has gone before!
  • What is your most marked characteristic? When I get excited I either dance a little or shake. I shake quite a lot and flap my hands when I feel lots of different emotions. It's a uniquely me thing to do as it is not an inherited trait.
  • When and where were you the happiest? I find the holodeck a great place to relax.
  • What is it that you most dislike? I most dislike causing a scene. I don't mind attention but situations like this make me an even bigger center of attention that makes me uncomfortable.
  • What is your greatest fear? I find that making a fool of myself can be quite embarrassing so I try to avoid doing it.
  • What is your greatest extravagance? I have an extensive collection of holodeck programs and novels.
  • Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Well, the character is not much of a hero per se but I have always admired Juliet from the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. You see my second host Tigan danced as Juliet in the ballet.
  • Who are your heroes in real life? I really admire the late Trill Dax. I do hope that they are out their somewhere. I also admire the late Kathryn Janeway and her admirable strength in getting her crew home.
  • Which living person do you most admire? Anyone stupid enough to join Starfleet.
  • On what occasions do you lie? I only lie when it's for the betterment of my patients.
  • Which words or phrases do you most overuse? I tend to most overuse the word prophets. I had a friend back at the academy that was Bajoran, I guess somethings just rubbed off on me.
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? The way I react to things.
  • What are your favorite names? There are a lot of names that I like. If I were to have any children, which so far I haven't, I might consider the names...
  • How would you like to die? I always that think going out in a blaze of glory would be nice. My first host Jedal died of old age and the second host Tegan died of illness, not much to reminisce about in later life. I would love a good story to tell.
  • If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be? It is a known fact that when I die that the Grog symbiote will go on to another host. When it does I hope that it's another male host to balance things out. All I wish is that the next host learns from all the previous mistakes made as well as having a better time expressing their feelings.
  • What is your motto? But it's all an adventure, That comes with a breathtaking view.


USS Montreal & Astraeus


German Galven
Close Friend

Beelam Grog became best friends with science officer German Galven when he first came in for a medical appointment in 2395 a few weeks after Beelam came on board the Montreal. They soon became close friends despite a few arguments. German Galven was there when Beelam lost control of Grog, being one of the last people to see her on board before she went back to trill. Before Beelam's accident German Galven presented her with a new pair of pointe shoes as well as the promise that they could share the purple heart he was awarded for getting injured during the crews first mission during 2396.


Lael Rosek

Lael Rosek as First Officer on the Montreal steeped up when Beelam had her first meltdown in sickbay in early 2396. Beelam wished they could have had the change to talk more outside of a professional relationship. In 239603 during shore leave Beelam invited Lael as well as Galven to watch her perform Romeo and Juliet in the holodeck.



Beelam and Stennin only began a friendship when the two of them had tea and talked about Shakespeare. Beelam wasn't sure what to think as her self confidence at the time was rather low but she hoped they could become friends.

Sheila Bailey.png

Sheila Bailey
Something More

Beelam Grog has known Sheila Bailey since the academy. It was their that they learned to help each other through their struggles. More importantly they were there for each other when they needed it most, bringing out the others best qualities.

Notable Events

  • In 239603 Beelam Grog lost control of the Jedal host resulting in memory loss and some time spent back on the Trill home world.


  • Theme song for Jedal: Married Life from the Pixar movie Up
  • Theme song for Tigan: Once Upon a December from the Broadway version of Anastasia
  • Theme song for Beelam: Tightrope from The Greatest Showman
Friends in high places
Friends in high places
It's all in the details
It's all in the details
A face for the name
A face for the name
It takes two
It takes two
It's part of the job
It's part of the job

Professional History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239512.10 - 239603.29 USS Montreal
Ensign 239606.11 - Present USS Astraeus

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239512.10
Starfleet Academy
Graduated from Starfleet Academy
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 239512.31
USS Montreal
Helped save Padix's life
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239603.18
USS Montreal
Enemy of My Enemy

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Commanding Ofc.
First Officer
Lael Rosek
Tiria Helm.png
Chief Ops Ofc.
Tiria Hamasaki
HCO Ofc.
Strategic Ops Ofc
Tal Tel-ar
Tkatt dugoras.jpg
Chief of Sec.
Kawakame Shin
Marcus Wrader.png
Marcus Wrader
Lt. Cmdr Galven.png
Chief of Science
German Galven
Science Ofc.
Ensign Awatto.jpg
Science Ofc.
Solasta Awatto
Chief Medical Ofc.
Sheila Bailey.png
Medical Ofc.
Sheila Bailey
Chief Engineer
Carter Greyson
Melody Delri'ise
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