Bear No Evil (USS Eagle)


After being dispatched to bring bio-neural gel packs to the first Federation colony in the Aavaro Wilds on Saldhada, the crew of the Eagle has to contend with more than than just the unique energy conditions.

Important Characters

Admiral Byrn Valcose
Head of the Special Investigation Office based at Starbase 821.
Francis Sikes
Major Statis
Major (Vulcan) in charge of a Marine Rapid Response Team assigned the Special Investigation Office headed by Admiral Byrn Valcose.

Plot Summary

Part 1

After an uneventful journey to Saldhana, the Eagle traversed the less-than-hospitable atmosphere of the planet to land on its surface. LtCmdr Drex and Lt Collins noted and began close monitoring of a large and rather unpredictable storm in the distance while the rest of the crew readied themselves for any possible situation. Security apprehends an intruder, Sikes, attempting to gain access to the ship.

After the successful delivery of modified bio-neural gel packs to the colony's surface and explosion rang out just as the Eagle personnel returned to the ship, enveloping the colony, destroying all structures and leaving a crater in its midst. Almost immediately Admiral Byrn Valcose of Starbase 821 contacts the Eagle and declares the incident to be the work of Oddas' incompetence, and relieves her of duty, confining her to the brig. As she is confined Lt. Commander Shayne begins his own investigation before setting the course back to the Starbase.

Part 2

Sikes, disappears, only to re-appear on the Starbase and in the Admiral's office - clearly having taken orders from the Admiral himself. Lt. Commander Shayne has ordered the Eagle to remain externally docked at the Starbase, to keep Starfleet investigators from ransacking the Eagle's computer. The Admiral, incensed at the defiance, shuts down the Eagle computer, power, and other systems and sends in a team of Rapid Response Marines, led by Major Statis to get the information he needs.

The Eagle crew has planned a ruse to make it appear a warp core is breaching even as an inexperienced member of Major Statis' team has instigated a firefight with the Eagle security forces, much to the Major's surprise and consternation. Sickbay is dealing with unknown and confusing cases.

Evidently a nest of Altirian Spider Birds have taken up residence in a Cargo Bay.

Part 3

Spider Birds are everywhere, and the team of Marines has laid siege to the Auxillary Computer Core in an attempt to get the information wanted by the Admiral. The Eagle crew, in an attempt to rid themselves of both problems, sets off their phony warp core breach. Luckily for the crew, the team of Marines sent to the Eagle is loyal to Starfleet and once they have the information needed, which contradicts the 'official' story, goes back to the Admiral for 'clarification'.

Aboard the Starbase Valcose, sensing that his plan has begun to unravel, he begins to act irrationally - culminating in his using the station's weapons to target the Eagle. Major Statis, the commanding officer of the Marine Force, finding the Intelligence Suite locked down orders the facility breached and in the process exposes Admiral Valcose's Cardassian physiology.

Part 4

The Eagle, lowering the temperature of the environment and some very careful shooting by the security staff, cleans itself of the Spider Birds. Admiral Valcose, outed as Fharinos, a Cardassian spy, is shot by SB821 personnel and Sikes finds himself on the run through the use of a very illegal molecular transporter. Quick thinking by both the Major and the Eagle crew let them track his runabout, leading to his capture.